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HAH still, works once you fix the wrap. This is awesome.
This is a game changer.

Inspired by Mice and also the urge to expand on levels revolving around powerups after my KLDC 2021 level, this hack will feature 5 difficult, long levels. Each level will focus on the IDEA of a vanilla powerup but with liberal chocolate changes to fit each powerup theme...like this!

Shot's Fired has one more room planned before the boss, but I need to polish it so it isn't included. Also included is an updated/nerfed/fixed and final version of my KLDC level which will be used as the star level.

Demo Here

Full hack later this year. Enjoy!
Originally posted by Koopster
I hope to see this being applied on something other than ultrastars, like come on guys...

Excellent work! This is one of those things I'm surprised no one's done before and I'm glad exists now. Truly a lot can be done with these.

Ultrastar ONLY, sorry lol
Oh whoops hahah those supposed to be 25. WIP still, I'll update the patch. Thanks y'all.
I don't trust le4che around pee balloons.
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