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...not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid. That's the message I get when I try to start EggVine. I know there is already a forum dedicated to this problem, but as I am very new to SMW Central, I can't find it. I have Windows Vista, and when I click on the link to download the missing piece, it just gives me a page full of mixed-up letters, numbers, and symbols, without even a link or button to click on. Does anybody know how to fix this???
When I try to start editing in EggVine, it says "Component ‘COMDLG32.OCX’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid." I did a Google search for this problem and found that there was actualy a forum right here in SMW Central that dealt with it, so I went there. Well, when I clicked on the link to install the repair for the missing file, all I got was a page full of garbled symbols, without even a button to click on! I would really like some help on this; I even tried to start a new forum about it somewhere else, and I can't find it. (My computer has Windows Vista, if it helps.)

Also, when I try to insert ExGFX into my copy of Lunar Magic, nothing happens. In fact, my ExGFX folder is empty, so there isn't even anything to extract. Do I have to download other ROMs (such as Super Mario Bros. 3) to get some extra graphics? This isn't quite as important a problem as the EggVine one, but I would appreciate a reply.
What do you mean by "put them into" the folder? And what map16 page?

By the way, once I install a patch and put it in the System32 folder, what do I do then?
1) Is it possible to have more than 12 bosses in a game (7 Koopa Kids, 4 sets of Reznor, and Bowser)? If so, how?
2) Is it possible to edit the boss rooms other than Wendy and Lemmy's?
3) What will happen if I put Koopa Kid sprites in a non-boss stage? 4) Is it possible to change the number of hits it takes to defeat each boss?
5) Is it possible to make a boss room NOT trigger completion of a stage (for instance, if I want Mario to fight all 7 Koopa Kids in Bowser's castle)?
6) Can I insert bosses from other games, such as Mouser from SMB2 or Tap-Tap the Red Nose from Yoshi's Island?
7) This isn't quite the same topic, but you know the platform Mario walks on in Bowser's boss fight? Is this in the object queue so I can insert it into some other stage (such as another castle)?
Thank you! I'm really glad both you guys replied, especially so soon. I appreciate the help. For question #1, do you mean I have to tell you what the exact circumstances of the boss fights are? (For instance, I am making a hack that has a fifth fortress in the Special World. If I chose stage, say, 137 for the fifth fortress, and the boss door led to stage 30, would I have to copy one of the other Reznor boss fights into slot 030, and since it is linked to 137, it would trigger the proper event? I'm not even sure I know how to copy a "Cannot Render" stage.) For the hex editor questions, do you know where I could find a good hex editor and, equally importantly, a good tutorial, since I really have no clue about the whole process? (In fact, I can't figure out how to use any of the things I've downloaded from SMW Central, such as patches. I have Windows Vista, so that might be part of the problem.) I hope I'm not coming off as annoying with all these questions, but on any website, I can never seem to find who to talk to--or how to contact them--if I just have general questions to ask...and lots of them.
By the way, I'd like to know where you found the rotating hypercube. I want to put something like that in my stuff!!
I hope I'm not being rude by asking, but does anybody have a good story about how they chose their username? I know I do.
So how do I put a fifth Reznor fight or duplicate Koopa Kid fight into my game?

I guess I can't immediately think of any more questions, although I will very likely have some in the future. Thanks again for the help.
Maybe some of you are wondering, how did I choose a username like "imamelia"? (And no, my real name is not Amelia.) It comes from something that happened a long time ago...I was playing Mario Kart 64 at my cousin's house, and I noticed that when you choose Mario as your player, he says "Mama mia!" Well, when I heard it, the way he said it made it sound like he was saying "I'm Amelia!" so now, 10 or so years later, I thought that was an interesting enough idea to use it as my username.
How do you make secondary exits? I ask this because in stage 2B, I have an exit to stage F1. Now, F1 has a regular entrance, but it also has a secondary entrance, #02B. For some reason, every time I try to exit from stage 2B to F1, I end up at the regular entrance rather than the secondary entrance. I have no idea why. Something similar happens in stage FD with an exit to stage 16 (FD is a bonus area that leads back to 16). Does anybody know what's going on here and how to fix it?

Also, what's the deal with the infamous "level 24"? I know this is Chocolate Island 2, the one where the coins and time change what screens you get next. Is there any way to access the screens that aren't listed in the level queue? Is there, in fact, any way to give ANOTHER stage this unique sequential property?

Finally, is there any way to change the palette of the switch palace tiles? No matter what foreground palette I use, the ground is always that specific shade of blue.
I don't really have a clue how to put custom sprites, custom blocks, patches, ExGFX, tools, or custom music into a Lunar Magic file. Are there any step-by-step instructions for these processes floating around anywhere? (I have Windows Vista, if it really matters.)
Is there any way to use more than one sprite or object tileset at a time? (For instance, if I want both Volcano Lotuses and net Koopas, or both four-sided ground squares and diagonal ledges.) I would ask this in the "ask anything" forum, but I already asked something there today and it won't let me double-post.
Thanks for the help!

To any administrators or moderators who are reading this: Please do not delete this forum, because I want to refer back to it until I have the routine down pat.
1) I'm pretty sure I have it positioned properly. I just tried to change the exit in 2B to a secondary exit, and now it's forcing it to be a secondary exit to level 0. (Argh!) Do I even have to use a secondary exit at all? Shouldn't the presence of secondary entrance #02B automatically redirect the screen exit in level 2B to that entrance?

2) I already looked at SMWiki before posting, and it didn't say anything useful. If I can figure out how, I would like to keep the "sequential" property of level 24, and I might even want it in other stages, but I don't now how to do this or how to edit the stages not found in the level queue. Don't tell me...this requires hex editing, right?

3) For once, this worked perfectly. I'm glad you told me. Now I won't be able to resist making all kinds of custom palettes...

Thank you for the help! I appreciate it.

Ooh, I just thought of something else:

4) Is there any possible way I can customize the "level tile destroy" settings? It's really annoying having to build an overworld around specific numbers. On a similar note, will the cutscene after a castle still work if I change its level number? I read something about this messing some people up...
I am still a beginner, but I have what I think is a really cool idea for a hack. It goes like this:

Queen Eris, mother of the Koopa Kids, is tired of her husband constantly getting beaten up, dropped into lava, or bopped on the head, so she takes control of the situation, kidnapping not only Princess Toadstool, but also Mario and Luigi, so they can't stop her. She even steals seven of the kingdom's fabled Triskadeca Mushroom 30-sided power crystals to increase her own power. The only remaining person who might be able to help is...

Enter the Royal Sorceress Emma Amelia Toadstool, more commonly known as Plum. (She ALWAYS dresses in purple.) She is Peach's cousin, so of course, she is devastated at what has befallen the kingdom. So she sets off to find the crystals, her cousins, and her plumber friends, to defeat a whole new brood of Koopa Kids, and to counter Bowser's evil Koopa magic with her own special brand of colorful homeopathic Mushroom Magic (no pun intended), striking a blow for feminism.

The theme of the game would be "chaos", which would be reflected in the title (though I haven't come up with an actual title yet). Plum would have all new powerups, and if I could figure out how to pull it off, each Triskadeca Crystal obtained from a Koopa Kid would increase Plum's power, enabling her to, for example, shoot more...uh, whatever her equivalent of fireballs would be, like four at once instead of two. I would probably give one of the secret worlds an elemental theme. Though I don't know how I would number the levels and phases (which most people would probably refer to as worlds and levels), I would make a lot of phase names puns, such as a bridge phase called William Shake's Pier, a fortress called Fort Eewinx, or a phase set in a dark canyon called Sar Chasm.

I would prefer that nobody actually use this idea until after I create my own version of it a year or two down the road when I am more experienced in the world of SMW hacking, but if you really want to use it, YOU MUST a) credit me for the idea and b) not accuse me of plagiarizing if I should happen to make my own version of it after somebody else has already used this idea. If I admit defeat and actually post a message that this is too complex a project for me to be undertaking, it's open to the general public, but until then, anybody who wishes to use this idea should follow my rules.
Does anybody know the exact number of seconds Mario is invincible after touching a Star (both in real seconds and the game's "seconds")? It doesn't vary depending on environment or how Mario gets it, does it?
1) Actually, I figured it out on my own. My mistake was putting the destination number in the Secondary Exit box, rather than the stage the exit is actually in. Oh well, at least I know now...
2) I surmised as much.
3) Yay! I'm assuming you have to use different palettes for different types of stages (like if you want to turn the ground of a plains stage a color not in the original palettes).
4) Well, I figured out the cutscene part, but I'm still confused about the tile destroying. In the "Level Tile Destroy" box (the castle with the white flag, 15th from the left or 9th from the right), it only gives you certain event numbers for destroying a tile. You're saying that these actually change when you change the event number activated by passing the castle (or fortress, or switch palace)?
I asked a question in another forum "Questions about bosses", and nobody has answered yet, if you care to.
What about downloading other people's hacks (like Super Demo World, Mario's Keytastrophe, Brutal mario, etc.)? You can't buy the original version of those.
Oh. Well, now it's working okay! I wonder why it didn't work before? Anyway, thanks again for the help.
How does one add more boss fights to the game? If I want more than four fortresses, or even an extra Koopa Kid battle or two, how do I insert more Reznor or Koopa Kid battles into the game? I obviously can't copy the ones that are already there; Lemmy and Wendy's boss rooms are the only ones that do not say "Cannot Render" on them. The previous poster already admitted he couldn't help; does anyone else know how to do this? (Although, Magimario, thank you for trying anyway.)
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imamelia's Profile - Posts by imamelia

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