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Is it possible to make the path to a stage in steps? In other words, if stage X activates event M and stage Y activates event N, can I make half of the path to stage Z appear on event M and the other half appear on event N, so you have to complete both X and Y to get to Z (whose path may well lead off of somewhere else, such as stage W)?
So all I have to do is make the road in two parts? That seems too easy... What about the fact that because neither of the events are activated by stage W, I can't set the "enable [direction]" for stage W? How can I be sure Mario won't get stuck?
Okay, so I downloaded a hex editor tutorial, and the way the person explained it made it seem like hex editing IS actually fairly easy. The problem is, though, when I checked out SMW Central's ROM map, I noticed that most of the entries didn't say what specific digits I should enter in the place of the originals. Take offset 0C72C, which controls what happens when Mario touches a star. If I want to change it so the star goes into the item box instead of activating immediately (or, for that matter, make it depend on Mario's current state), what do I change the hex values to? Or at 0C781, which controls how long the star lasts, if I just type random numbers into the column of digits in the right place, how do I know what time they will represent? Or, just for the heck of it, imagine I want Bob-ombs' explosions to be bigger. At offset 1028D, I can change that, but what digits do I put in there ti make the radius, say, 1/2 tile unit bigger? Probably most importantly of all, what do I do if I want to use hex editing to produce an effect that isn't even listed in the ROM map, such as making level, say, 137 have the same "sequential" property as level 24?
BlockTool won't work correctly on my computer. The first time, it said it couldn't start because Lunar Compress.dll wasn't there, so I put Lunar Compress into the same folder as BlockTool. When I clicked on it again, it then said "Unable to load required Apollo DLL: SDE61.DLL." What the heck is going on here?
When I look at the ROM map, is there a way to see EXACTLY what digits I need to insert in order to produce a desired effect? For example, is there a way to see exactly what digits correspond to what speed in the timer speed setting, or exactly what powerups Mario will get, or the exact number of sections a Wiggler will have?
I use Windows Vista, I don't know what version it is (although I do know it isn't the deluxe version; it's the one that says "added 2006-04-15"), and no, I haven't tried to download it again.
There should be a block that is like an extended version of the Shop Block. In addition to the mushroom, flower, cape, and star, you can buy 1-ups and Yoshis. Of course, in the case of 1-ups, you would probably need an alternate coin counter, such as the 6-digit coin counter patch, but I think it would be a good idea nevertheless.
When you make your overworld and events, no matter what you do, DO NOT mix the pre-built overworld with a custom-designed one!! I am speaking from experience. I am making a sort of practice hack in which all the stages have the exact same theme as the original game (the layouts are just changed), and most of the overworld is the same...but Yoshi's Island, now parodied as Sushi's Island, is NOT. I made Sushi's Island myself. Well, that turned out to be a BIG mistake...for one thing, my events got screwed up several times. I have fixed all the problems that actually impede your progress in the game, but there are still very obvious defects (for example, the Yellow Switch palace is green, not yellow, and it doesn't collapse when you complete it). I had trouble with the exit tiles for worlds 1 and 2, too. If I had either made my own custom overworld or just left the original one EXACTLY as it was before, this stuff wouldn't have happened. So I'm telling you right now: Do not mix custom and pre-built overworlds. It is harder to deal with a "cross-breed" than it is to deal with an entirely custom-built one. If you really feel you must add on to the original overworld, do it at the end of the Specials, where it won't matter too much. I gave Funky a secret goal and added four regular stages and a fortress after it. I don't know if it actually works or not, because I haven't gotten that far, and in fact, I have never designed an entirely custom-built overworld either, but I doubt it's harder than what I did, though it would admittedly take a lot longer.
1) When I use the floating skulls in a stage, for some reason, they keep going even after the lava has ended, going through the dirt and making the next set of skulls disappear. How do I fix this?

2) In the same stage, my custom blocks don't appear, even though I inserted them the same way I did in another stage (level 105), and they worked fine there. Actually, if I jump at the spot where the block is supposed to be, I still get the item, but I can't see the actual block before hitting it.
1. Well, I haven't tested it, but this should work okay.
2. I would provide pictures if I could, but I don't know how. I would do the same thing with my thread about my event troubles if I did. I set the block to act like block 25 and designed its graphics so that it would look like a purple question-mark block, using palette 7 (I used the same graphics for the star-in-item-box, springboard-in-item-box, and changing-item-in-item-box blocks).
Uh-oh. I don't know about the sprites, but this isn't working for the objects. If I use the Cloud/Forest foreground, so I can get the cloud platforms, and also try to include a bit of the Rope 1/2/3 tileset, so I can have the line guides, it won't work! Instead of being able to use cloud platforms and line guides, I get a bunch of messed-up graphics that do the work of neither tileset. How do I know which files to use? Is this particular arrangement even possible to do without advanced computer programming?
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imamelia's Profile - Posts by imamelia

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