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I tried to find the request thread, but I couldn't. So until or unless I can be redirected, I have a few requests for things I'd like to see downloadable (is that a real word?):

1. Donkey Kong Country foregrounds

I already checked the ExGFX thread, and I was sadly disappointed at how small a selection there was for Donkey Kong Country 1/2/3 foregrounds. There were several backgrounds, but I don't see most of them being much good without the foregrounds. I would like, to name just a small sampling, ship platforms from DKC2, mine platforms and lights from DKC1, riverside land from DKC3, factory foreground and background from DKC3, and beehive foreground and background from DKC2. Pretty much, I would like EVERY available foreground from Donkey Kong Country 3, and the majority of those from the first two games. I would also like to know where to find the music for them; Donkey Kong Country 3 has the best background music of any video game ever, in my opinion.

2. Super Mario Bros. 3 powerups

I can't possibly be the only person who has asked for these. I know there is already a patch that will give Mario certain powerups like these, but I'm pretty sure you can only use one at a time, and it replaces the Fire Flower for the duration of the game. What would work well is to have a question-mark block that would yield a flower, frog suit, or hammer suit depending on its X position, and another one that would give you a cape, raccoon suit, or Tanooki suit depending on its X position.

3. Yoshi's Island watermelons and doors

Okay, I want to say right now that those watermelons did not appear NEARLY often enough in Yoshi's Island. One could make a sprite that would look and act like a Yoshi's Island watermelon, red, blue, or green (which could perhaps be another X-position-determined characteristic). It need not even be usable only when Mario is riding Yoshi; after all, if he can throw fireballs, he should be able to blast streams of fire (or ice, or even little seed projectiles). As for the doors, I just think it might add a little excitement to the rather mundane doors of Super Mario World. It would also make it look less weird to have a door in a stage that is not a castle, fortress, or ghost house.

4. Donkey Kong Country 1/2/3 barrels

It's really too bad that there are no barrels in the Mario games. They just work so nicely for so many situations! If nobody has put a complete set of DKC barrels up for grabs yet, somebody should.

5. Alternate health meters

Who says Mario's health has to depend on his powerups? One could design a health meter that goes by sections (similar to the ones the Crash Bandicoot bosses use, although probably smaller) and make it so, with hex editing, you could change it so when Mario got hit, he would lose health AND his powerup if he had one, or he would lose one bar of health but keep the powerup, or he would lose ONLY the powerup and not lose any health until he ran out of powerups. (I personally would go with the first option.) You could make it so, instead of making Mario big, mushrooms add one bar of health to his meter without changing the powerup he is currently equipped with or the one in the item box. It would also be possible to find "heart tanks" (usually in well-hidden places!), which would permanently increase Mario's potential health by one bar (think of the heart tanks in Mega Man X). Another possible alternate health meter would be one that goes by percentage, and the amount of health Mario loses would be dependent on how he was hit. (Getting crushed by a Thwomp, for example, would take off more HP than accidentally kissing a Goomba.) The heart tanks would not change the meter itself, but would instead reduce the damage taken. An enemy that normally deals 10% damage, for example, might only take off 8% after getting one heart tank. I have a plan for a future hack (when I am a LOT better at this whole thing than I am now) that involves my first example of an alternate health meter.

6. An upgraded "shop block"

I already mentioned this somewhere else, but now I can't find the thread. One could make a block that does two things: 1) it changes Mario's coin counter so he no longer gets a 1-up for collecting 100 coins; instead, the coins just keep stacking up, and when Mario finds one of these new shop blocks, he could use his coins to buy any powerup, be it a mushroom, flower, cape, star, or--you guessed it--1-up. You could also buy Yoshi eggs in all four colors, and maybe even some odder powerups, such as the Super Mario Bros. 3 ones (see item #2 above), but the important thing is, if you want extra lives, you would now have to buy them. Perhaps you could even buy other items, such as springboards, although you would obviously have to design the stages so people couldn't cheat and get somewhere they weren't supposed to.

7. More varieties of Bullet Bills

Although this is clearly at the bottom of the list, it would be cool nevertheless. You could have Bullet Bill Blasters that shoot vertically or diagonally, shoot in two directions at once, shoot at variable speeds, turn 360 degrees like the yellow Bullet Bill in Raphael the Raven's castle, or shoot new types of Bullet Bills, such as the homing red ones in SMB3, ones that explode after a certain period of time, or ones that drop bombs.
1. Darn. I already had a plan for a ship level that uses the foreground of the ship stages in DKC2. People managed to pull off the're sure it isn't at least possible to either build the foreground tile by tile or decrease the number of colors per palette somehow? I suppose I'll have to improvise with Super Mario Bros. 3 and Yoshi's Island stuff (unless somebody's figured out how to do it by the time I'm that good at Super Mario World hacking).

2. Bummer.

3. Hmm...I guess I did see Yoshi's Island doors in the ExGFX section, although they may just have been part of the backgrounds. Should I mention the watermelons to somebody in the Advanced SMW Hacking thread?

4. I will do so.

5. Well, I dislike heart meters for aesthetic reasons, but I imagine it's an easy leap from that to a health bar. I suppose the percentage meter might take a little more work...Again, should I talk to the people at Advanced SMW Hacking?

6. I already know about the coin counter patch and the regular shop block. It, however, does not let Mario buy 1-ups or Yoshis. In fact, if I put the 6-digit coin counter in a game, what will Mario even do with all the coins besides use them to buy stuff from (normal) Shop Blocks?

7. I don't know how to flip the direction of a sprite, and there are no vertical or diagonal Bullet Bills that shoot from one point only, are there? I will look up the other kinds, I suppose.
Um, this is a question, not a suggestion (hey, I just made a rhyme), but how big a flaw is it to have no sprites, backgrounds, music, etc. from other games and use only what is in Super Mario World (or at least use very little from other games)?
Oh. Never mind. I found those Bullet Bills in the Custom Sprites section. There are still a few kinds I mentioned that aren't in there, though...
What about the DKC2 "Bramble Blast" foreground? That was actually in the ExGFX, and it only filled about a page and a half. I can understand why certain foreground, such as the DKC3 riverside or underwater stages, would be too complex, but what about ones that are fairly simple and don't have very many colors per palette, like the lakeside theme in DKC3, the mine theme in DKC1, or (in particular) the ice theme in DKC2? It seems that if somebody was brave enough to do the Bramble Blast foreground, which wouldn't have been one mf my top picks for simplicity, surely at least one or two of the large selection of other themes are possible. That's not to say I don't take your word for it that it would be difficult; I can tell just by comparing and contrasting Super Mario World with the Donkey Kong Country trilogy that the latter are MUCH more complex. But until or unless somebody figures out a good way to do Donkey Kong Country foregrounds, like I said before, I'll make do with Super Mario Bros. 3, Yoshi's Island, and regular old Super Mario World stuff. (Especially considering how inexperienced I am at inserting even simple sprites and objects like the ones from SMB3.)

As for the other requests...I guess I'll put in a request at Advanced SMW Hacking for the barrels (I could swear I saw a hack that actually used those), watermelons, customizable health meter (perhaps with a hex editing address to change it from a heart meter to a health bar to a percentage or health point meter, and then more hex editing to change the size, width, and/or style of the meter), and maybe the new version of the shop blocks. As far as the ASM goes, I think I would like to learn it, but it might be wise for me to wait until summer, when I will have more free time and, it is to be hoped, my own computer.

Side note: What are my choices for lava foregrounds and backgrounds? I want something that looks more like a Mario-game or Donkey Kong Country phase, rather than a Mega Man X- or Super Metroid-styled foreground/background.
Sorry. Well, the story behind my username is kind of interesting. I suppose a lot of you guys have played Mario Kart 64? You know how, when you choose Mario as your player, he says "Mama mia!"? Well, quite a few years ago, I was playing it at my cousin's house, and when I heard Mario say "Mama mia!", I thought it sounded like he was saying "I'm Amelia!". So I thought "imamelia" would be a cool username, much more unique than, say, MarioGuy01.
Okay, general consensus here: What is/are everybody's favorite name(s) for one, place (such as Yoshi's Island 1, Donut Plains 2, 1-1 on Yoshi's Island: Make Eggs, Throw Eggs, or Hot-Head Hop in Donkey Kong Country 2), and for the entire...uh, vicinity of the map (such as Yoshi's Island, Donut Plains, all 10 "1-x"s in Yoshi's Island, and Crocodile Cauldron in DKC2)? Personally, when I am talking to people I know personally, I prefer to use "phase" for a single specific place and "level" for an entire area. I do know that my "phases" are a lot of people's "levels", and my "levels" are a lot of people's "worlds". But I just don't feel right using "level" to refer to an individual place, with one entrance and goal. I suppose this use comes from back in the old days, the games didn't have individual "levels" and "phases": everything was "levels", and the "levels" slowly increased in difficulty. I reserve the word "level" for a big enough place that it has several stages or parts, each with its own goal, and the entire "level" has one major boss, usually in a castle, and possibly an intermediate boss or two. However, when I am on a public website like SMW Central, I use "stage" instead of "phase" and "world" instead of "level; this way, I can avoid the ambiguity and confusion.
Does anybody have a good Super Mario World parody to share? Or even a story of one? Or even an aspiration to make one? Right now, I am in the middle of what is basically a parody of the original Super Mario World; to give you a small sampling, the names of the Koopa Kids are Icky, Moron, Slimy, Mudpig, Weird Guy (I couldn't think of a good parody name for Roy), Windy, and Hairy. Of course, I will never actually submit this hack; it has the triple threat of being primitive, glitchy, and unimaginative (with rare exceptions, ALL the stages are blatant edits). It was supposed to be just practice for me, so I could get more familiar with Lunar Magic and all its components. I am probably beyond that level of editing now, but I still kind of want to finish it. Um, taking the spotlight off me and back to the subject at hand...well, does anybody have a story to share about a parody they made, are making, or plan to make?
Is there any way one could somehow pay the company that makes Super Mario World for the use of a ROM?
Personally, I find it rather annoying that we have to be so vague when posting a request in Advanced SMW Hacking. I got a warning for posting a request that involved seven different ideas, each with a paragraph describing the idea, examples of it, and specifics of how it should go. My post was deleted and got a warning. Okay, so the rules did say "request only one item at a time" (although I didn't know that at the time), so it got deleted because it was way too long. Fair enough. But when I did look at the rules, their idea of succinctness really seemed to be that the post should say only what the item is and nothing about what it does, which seemed far to nondescriptive to me. With such a wide area of possibility as that, the only way to get what I want would be to learn ASM myself. Only one request per reply? Fine. But can't we be just a little bit descriptive of what exactly we want?

P.S. To Crys: It should be "you're too lazy" rather than "your to lazy". (Although if you are not a native English speaker, I can understand it. I myself had an experience with an Italian foreign exchange student who confused a word with its homophone.)
How do you use ExGFX foregrounds with a regular Super Mario World background? Every time I've tried it, I just get glitched graphics.

Also, Buu-Huu, thank you for starting this forum in the first place; I really found it helpful! But I think you should mention what you have to do when you save more than one ExGFX file to a ROM. I finally figured it out myself, but it was a pain.
Anyone? Anyone?
First: Um, AlexJS, I'm not sure what you mean. I don't think I'm a good enough SMW hacker to do what you're talking about, and I don't think I'm a good enough forum poster to request...well, let's not go into gory details.

Second: What of the lava FGs/BGs?

Third: I appreciate everybody's input on this. ItsScaryTime, thank you for responding to all 7 ideas of mine, Buu-Huu, thanks for the encouragement, and so on, and so forth. I'll try to start learning ASM as soon as I have the time, but in the meantime, it's people like you guys that lift me up when I'm struggling.

Fourth: Blagga blugga boogoo purple banana pants. (Sorry. I had to end on a light note. I really have to get myself a good quote, humorous signature, or interesting title.)
I know how to use them fine, but I would like to know if there is any way I can change the water level of the low tide. For instance, can I hex-edit it so that it is an inch higher in level, say, 103, and goes halfway up the screen in level...122? I can't just use the high/low tide setting because I don't want the water level to change, and I can't use ordinary layer 1 water because I can't use it with the other objects. (Less importantly, is there a way to set the speed at which the high/low tide changes depths, or how high it goes?)

Also, is there a way to change the tide into animated lava in specific stages? (For example, a ship stage like the ones in world 8 of Super Mario Bros. 3.)
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imamelia's Profile - Posts by imamelia

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