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Personally, I'd like to have custom and presumably 8-bit indexes for graphics, palettes, and ExAnimation (since it's fairly common that multiple levels with the same theme use the same tileset), including separate lists for FG/BG and sprite graphics (maybe even split FG and BG as well), but with the option of overriding them with a pointer to data that exists outside of the sets. That's the way I was doing it for my homebrew. I also hope that the editor eventually supports my alternate spriteset system.
We could still help him with the ASM side of things, though.
Now that the newest ObjecTool is out and accepted, has there been any further consideration about allowing custom objects to be displayed in Lunar Magic?
Good idea. On a related note, I feel like the sprite analysis should list sprites that aren't used as well, with the count shown as 0 like it is for tiles and graphics, and the checkbox option should be available for sprites and music as well.
I've barely even played any games that were released this year. If I'm allowed to count games that were released in Japan earlier but didn't come out in English until 2020, then my favorite would be Trails of Cold Steel 3.
Hey, I had the same idea. I've been wishing for a VRAM remapping option in Lunar Magic for a while. You might have to hijack the code from smkdan's VRAM patch, which somebody should have around somewhere. If that's too much work, maybe it would be easier to move everything else except the Layer 1/2 tilemaps? At least the graphics aren't updated constantly, unless they're animated.
Don't let Lunar Magic hold you back, I say. If it's really that important to be able to convert to .mwl format, either give a warning for settings that won't covert properly or have an external tool for it, or both.

Also, would 8bpp animations (standard or Mode 7) be worth including? And will there be an editor for large-scale palette animations? Doing them in Lunar Magic takes quite a while. For ExGFX support, are you planning on allowing GFX files 34+ to be used? Just 80+? Every file including the original GFX00-33 (and just handling vanilla GFX and ExGFX identically)?
I see. What about 100-FFF?
I remember hearing the port of Infinity Mijinion's stage from Mega Man X6 before the original, then deciding to listen to the original track and really liking it.
If you're working with code to change the VRAM anyway, why not add RAM mirrors for the VRAM-related registers and have code that cares about VRAM use those instead of using the registers directly? That would make it easier to map it however you wanted, either for you or the end user.

(Also, I'd like to see the unused level modes 03-06 implemented and 12-1D actually used, possibly for settings that change the BG mode and/or tile size, but we needn't get ahead of ourselves.)
I choose option 4: throw away both, make the usage of extra property byte 2 bits 6 and 7 more explicit as mentioned, have a wrapper for the original status routine that can be called with a JSL (so that sprites using bit 7 can run default code for just some of statuses), and make it possible to insert a unique sprite for every combination of sprite number and extra bit setting (including sprites E0-FF, extra bit 1, extra bit 0 for the unused sprites, etc.)

Also, would anything from here be worth adding to the subroutines? And would it be silly to make $14C8,x values 0D and above valid but usable for custom code by the user (probably just acting like main, but maybe with an option to add default code for some of them)?
Well, I am really regretting getting a Wii U right now. Every single game I have for it just got ported to the Switch anyway, except Yoshi's Woolly World, which got a 3DS port, and Paper Mario: Color Splash, which I don't care about that much. And there was practically nothing new announced.
Could we have a command to reload all external files? It would be useful when working with things like DSC and MWT files.
You don't have to use the entire dynamic sprite GFX file, just one frame. You can fill each file with as many different sprites as will fit in there.
I'm having an issue with LM3's expanded horizontal level mode system. I have one level that's almost square (8x7 subscreens) with the entrance in the middle, and for some reason, it keeps setting the number of screens in the level to 1, which causes the player to die instantly at level start. Is this a bug?
Ah, that's it. I didn't actually have any terrain in the level, just the entrance (and a Layer 3 background). Whoops.
This is a surprise. I hope the tool design/coding goes well. Some things:

Perhaps you could add "dumper" to the SPC tags?

Do you think it would be worth adding a command to set custom percussion, i.e., replacing the data used for $C8-$D0 with custom parameters in the current track?

Why isn't the shorthand for $F7 $09 just !9?

Changed channel definition to #Track(X). Where "X" is the channel number (1-8);

I mean, okay, but why is this necessary?

• Data Send ($F9 $XX $YY) (Nobody use this)

Actually, that's not true. It's been used to let the SNES know what part of the song is playing for level elements that sync with the music (like the beat block levels in Super Mario 3D World). I think SMWCP2 had a level like that, and I had plans for the same thing.

Now, there are at least two other inclusions I'd like to see:
- Track batching. This would allow for multiple tracks to be in ARAM at once, so switching between them would take essentially no time. Presumably, the samples would be the same for all of them. This would mainly be useful for having different variants of miscellaneous songs, like how Donkey Kong Country 2 has a different death theme for each level track.
- The ability to play different parts of a track and enable/disable commands depending on data that the SNES sends to the SPC. This would be good for levels like the circus levels in SM3DW, where the level music would only advance to the next part once you cleared the current section of the level, or making the music echo or have extra channels when you're underwater, for instance.

Also, if this is such a big rewrite, is it really even AddmusicK still? How much of Kipernal's code are you keeping?
Yeah, I thought that New Super Mario Bros. SNES (shouldn't that be Super New Super Mario Bros.?) looked like a pretty good hack, and I was disappointed that it never got finished. I've considered asking the creator for the resources and possibly finishing it, but I don't know.
I second that. I wonder if it would be worth having a list of sample sets that you could specify?
A minor display note: When the tileset is 4, 5, 7, 9, or D, tiles 70-73 are actually a (static) question block, not water.

On a related note, why does Lunar Magic's display reflect changes in the tables at $05B96B, $05B97D, $05B98B, and $05B999 but not the one at $05B93B?
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imamelia's Profile - Posts by imamelia

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