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Hello! This is my first attempt at creating a rom hack and thought why not start off with a bang and try to make a full sized hack!

Hypernova is planned on being a 15 course hack with ~130 shards to collect.

The story goes: A dark comet crash landed in a far away land and Bowser ran over and took it. He also saw a green comet hurling through the sky and with the dark comet's power he blew it up and its shards scattered throughout the kingdom. Now a red comet looms overhead and Bowser needs time to allow the dark comet to power back up and fire another blast. Mario learns of this and rushes over to the kingdom to try and stop him.

I only have two levels partially done so far with me starting work on the third. I began the project in late May so if I continue to stay moderately motivated I should have this hack finished by spring of 2020 but I am hoping to get done before then but college and work need to be good to me until then...

Anyways here are some screenshots of the first 2 courses:

Hub 1 Planned Courses-
Course 1: Cascade Cliffs 85% done
Course 2: Web-Slinged Woods 75% done
Course 3: Sunshine Archipelago 5% done
Course 4: Musty Mtn. Mines
Course 5: Steamy Sandstorm Factory
Hub 1: Northern Heights 35% done
Bowser 1: The Obsidian Tower

I'm aiming for the hack to be reasonable to pick up, but complex enough that people who play rom hacks will still have a tiny challenge. Difficulty is planned for between star road and star revenge, but probably closer to star revenge.

I'll be updating this progress thread every few months while trying to tread that fine line of showing off what I've been up to and not spoiling everything that's in the hack.

I know I don't have too much done yet but I really wanted to get my name out there and I'd love to hear some feedback on what you guys think so far!

Working on SM64 Hack: Hypernova
Hey thanks! I did have an imgur link for screenshots inside of the post but didn't realize it blended in with the rest pretty well... I made it stand out a bit more now

Working on SM64 Hack: Hypernova
Course 1 takes place on the side of a mountain, it is a fairly vertical level where sometimes you're inside and sometimes you're out of it. Some lore is that Bob-ombs here worship the wind that the mountain gives them and you use the wind to go higher up the mountain in some spots.

Here's an overview of most of the map:

Course 2 is a forest that used to be inhabited by an ancient civilization but now it has been run over by spiders so no lava in sight, I felt like the background and fog colors complement the tree's colors and make it seem that less light is getting in through the forest leaves so I chose to add them in.
I'll share an overview of C2 fairly soon when I can get the final section of the level in place but I'm still trying to make it look pretty right now

Working on SM64 Hack: Hypernova
I'm not 100% sure of this because I haven't tried this myself but I think you need to have Mario spawn back in a different level...
In your case you can have him respawn at the end of the last linear level where you can immediately go back into the new level you just died from.
In the open world hacks I've played, whenever you die and respawn in the same level you kept all your coins and whatnot so I assume objects aren't reset until you actually reload the level by exiting to another level and reentering. Hope it works!

Working on SM64 Hack: Hypernova
Recently I've been working on part of the first overworld where its planned to be split up into 2 sections: 1 part with the first 2 courses with 2 secret levels and the 2nd part that requires some stars to get into that houses 3 courses and the Bowser entrance.

I just finished the base of the first part so it isn't completely polished yet but here are some screenshots of my progress so far:

Overworld 1:

My plan for all the overworld stages is for it to act like the overworld in an older rpg along the lines of Tales of Symphonia or FF7 where there is heavy fog and Mario is substantially bigger than the his surroundings.

This game will take place all in one continent and some surrounding islands so I wanted it to feel like you were walking around a big piece of land and the environment changed based on where you went rather than a ton of varied places in a small piece of land.

There will be shining spots on the ground that show where Mario can enter a level or a subsection of the overworld. An example of the subsections would be when you approach the castle to the left of the spawn you will see a section of ground spewing out light and when you stand on it it will shrink Mario down to the size he should be so you can then approach the castle on the bridge and talk to toads or read signs that you couldn't see when you were big.

I haven't had too much progress the past month because I have been trying to figure out how to switch over and set up the Kaze Patch with Rom Manager and have been severely struggling so far... Now that I've successfully given up for the time being though I should have more progress in creating the actual levels soon!

Working on SM64 Hack: Hypernova
Hello, I am trying to convert my rom hack from SM64 Editor to ROM Manager and I seem to have forgotten exactly how to apply Kaze's More Objects patches onto my rom without having it crash.

All of these errors happen on SM64Editor as well too.
If I ppf patch before or after putting into ROM Manager and don't update checksum the rom is stuck in a permanent loop
If I ppf patch before or after putting into ROM Manager and do update checksum Project64 crashes.
If I try to extend rom before adding ppf patch then open in ROM Manager it has an error and won't open rom.

The default memory space on Project64 is 8 for every rom and the rom I have is 8,192kb.


Is there anything obvious I am forgetting to do when preparing the rom that you notice? I need to start fresh on a new rom for me to upload areas into levels because my version of SM64 Editor isn't compatible with area importers and have been trying to make this work by trial and error or looking for answers on different threads/websites for around 2 months and haven't had any luck.

Working on SM64 Hack: Hypernova
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