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Its all subjective, if your making a hack just to have something you find fun to share you are probably going to care a lot less about polish, such as volumes being even level to level.

Whats nit-picking to you may be what other people considered minimum standards.

That being said, calling a hack trash and not being constructive is just lazy.
Nice stuff here, haven't had a chance to really listen through everything but GG on what I have so far.
an_endless_fm_challenge: 8/10
This is a nice piece, I feel like it packs a lot of meat but nothing gets in the way, my only critique would be its a bit mid heavy in some areas

credits: 8/10
again, very nice piece, cymbals are a bit off IMO and the bass sample sticks out a bit but all in all great job. I enjoy how the synth brass line fits in

lawanddisorder: 9/10
A+ on the intro, great job on keeping a lead that is pretty intense at times in check. I really like this song choice.

secretbase: 6/10
This is nice port but I feel it leaves a lot to be desired and is thin in a lot of areas.

spacewalk: 6/10
This song is a nice port and,
It might be I am not a fan of the original song, but I don't really enjoy the instruments used, everything feels a little out of place.

stone: 10/10
This song feels very polished, the sounds as a whole fits together and it's very memorable.
If there are any tracks from SNES games not already ported that you might like for the hack, feel free to hit me up.
Discord is a good place to start. Being an active part of the community is also good way to get more feedback on your projects. Personally I only have so much time to play hacks and listen to music and I am much more likely to comment on stuff for people I know and recognize.
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