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I'm making my very first SMW ROM Hack and would like to get some feedback about the levels I made so far. I have 5 levels finished and if someone is interested in test it, your name is gonna be in the credits for sure.

Name: Super Mario Harder Than It Looks (this name is kinda stupid. Suggestions are welcome)

Length: My plans are to make 9 levels and 1 boss fight, but I've finished 5 levels so far.

Difficult: Kaizo: Light

edit: for some reason, the screenshots that I put didn't show up, So here an album on imgur

Originally posted by Luziano
I'll give this a try as a beginner of Kaizo hacks, once I complete it, i'll let you know and tell you how many times I died.

I appreciate that. Thanks, dude.
I Inserted two tracks in my hack (Undertale - Megalovania and Crusader No Remorse Rebel Base 1) but, unfortunately, it also changes all the sound effects. Is there a way to use just the song, but keeping the vanilla SMW sound effects? Thank you!
Thank you MarioFanGamer! I get it.
Request: Block that spawns a sprite
Type: Block
Description: a block that act as 1F0 and spawns a blue shell right above it every one second. It's pretty Straight Forward. I'm not sure about the 'one second' thing, I want to be able to change how much time it takes to spawn the shell. Seems easy, but I can't figure it out by myself so I'm asking here, maybe someone can help
Okay,so that was just me being dumb. Thanks, you guys are awesome! I think I can do it
Name: P-Switch that's easier to jump off
Type: Sprite
Description: I think it would be cool to have a P-Switch that's easier to jump off because it's normally a frame perfect trick. I don't ask for much maybe 5 to 7 frames is enough
Name: Terranigma - Prime Blue (aka Magic Rocks, aka Fortune Teller)
Type: Port
Sampled: Preferably

This is a pretty short loop from Terranigma so it shouldn't be a huge problem. Thanks in advance

SPC, Youtube and MIDI
How do i make those koopas that were kicked out of the shell become a normal walking koopa faster. I want to be able to stomp on them but that animation of the koopa sliding and getting up takes way too long. Thanks in advance!
That works. Thanks!
I want a level to be like those SMB2/SMB3 levels where if you go to right side of the screen it teleports you to the left side and vice-versa plus the NES MegaMan mechanic where the screen only scrolls up and down if you reach the boundaries. There are UberASM patches that do both of these things but i can't get it to work together. The closest i got was the MegaMan Vertical Screen Scrolling working properly but the every time i try to go to the right side of the screen there is like an invisible wall that won't let me pass and when i try to go to the left side the wrap kinda works but it kills me right after. I don't know anything about ASM so there's no way for me to figure out what's happening and fix it myself. I also don't know if it's possible or not to make these things work together.Anyway, any kind of help is appreciated. I would really like to make this work

Patches used:

Horizontal/Vertical Level Wrap

Mega Man style scrolling for Vertical Levels
I Am using the Vertical Wrap UberASM but it has a problem where it triggers the side exit function out of nowhere. Apparently this is a known issue and there's even a patch that is supposed to fix it but it's just not working. When I Apply the patch the game crashes when try to enter the level. So I was wondering if there's a way to remove this side exit thing entirely from the game somehow since I'm not going to use it anywhere in the hack. I don't know ASM and I'm having a hard time trying to figure this out. Thanks in Advance!
It's pretty simple. I'm sure there is a way to make throwing a Bomb forward not reset its explosion timer. How do I do that?. Thanks in Advance!
Patches I'm using

Retry System 2.06a
No More Sprites Tile Limit
Block Duplication fix
No Silent Bullet Bill
Green Hammer Bro's Screen Scrolling Pipes Fixes + Gamemode 14 UberASM
Flight Spin Fix
Remove Status Bar
Wall Clip Fix
Classic Piranha Plant Fix

plus some other minor hex edits which I'm guessing it's not relevant

I'm using a couple of custom blocks and sprites too but I think it doesn't matter, right? I don't actually know. The only one that I thought was important was the Screen Scrolling Pipes because of the UberASM and its fixes

I'm not using any UberASM other than the Screen Wrap and Screen Scrolling Pipes

So, what happens when I don't apply the prep patch is that I exit the level randomly but when i use the patch every time I enter the level the screen goes all black and can't do anything but the level music plays normally

Also, I'm using Lunar Magic 3.00
I created an account in this site and started playing and making SMW levels in May of 2018. I was active for some time, mainly on Twitch and Discord, but then, seemingly out of nowhere, I lost interest and enjoyment in SMW Rom Hacking and it sucked. It sucked because I still like all this and I see people who have been active for 8, 9, 10 or even more years. How can you keep interested and passionate about this one very particular thing for so long? I think it's a personality thing or something. I don't think I can learn to be different. Would you agree?
Almost 2 years ago I submitted my first hack to SMW Central. The hack was called Shell's Retriever and it was supposed to be a beginner-friendly item abuse kaizo hack. I didn't put that much effort and thought into it and the making process was kinda rushed (It didn't even had playtesters) but it turned out to be a huge success, with almost 3 thousand downloads including all versions. Almost every kaizo streamer I follow played it and people really seemed to like it, so I decided to finally start making a sequel.

For this hack I am trying to be as creative as I can and give every level a unique feel. The levels are short, just like Shell's Retriever (maybe a little bit longer) with fun and fluid shell tricks that connect from start to finish. The difficulty is higher than Shell's Retriever, but if you have beaten that hack, this one shouldn't be too bad. Here are some screenshots

(This level uses the "Sprites are always on water" UberASM)

(This level uses the Screen Wrap UberASM)

This hack also has a classic pure platforming kaizo level. This one is quite a bit harder than the one in Shell's Retriever

Shell's Retriever had 8 levels, I think I'm gonna make at least 10 for this one. I already have 7 levels finished, so I hope I'll be done with this by the end of the month.

In case you're wondering about where I got the name of these hacks take a look at this. It's name of a weapon from a Zombies map called "Mob of the Dead" from the game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
It is so good to see a kaizo hack made by an experienced hacker who is not part of the kaizo/twitch scene. Nothing against the "Streamer Kaizo" genre, I love it, I play almost exclusively kaizo:light hacks. That said, something different and creative is always welcome. Kaizo is a lot of fun for a lot of reasons, but lately most hacks seem like the variation of the same old tricks. I might even be guilty of that, a little bit. Well, at least we still have Morsel
Originally posted by Sariel
I should definitely try this out when it's done one (and your prequel too) As a kaizo player shells still cause more problems to me than they actually should. I guess your hack could be some great exercise to get more used to their behavior and their tricks. Looking forward to the result #smw{:peace:}

That's actually the main goal of these 2 hacks, kinda teach and make people comfortable with shells
As a brazilian myself, I really appreciate a good brazilian kaizo. It helps to clean up Brazil's reputation in that regard
Oh My God, this is perfect. I hate making overworld, but I need one.
This is my song of choice
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Cartesius' Profile - Posts by Cartesius

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