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Posts by crm0622
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Finished 8th stage!
And I updated my hack to v0.21!
Video :
Updated my hack to v0.21!
Check it now!
Thanks for the replies!
Yeah, after I finished recording 8th stage, I thought I made 8th stage way too difficult and boring...
In fact, I'm not satisfied at all... :(
So, I decided to make much easier (especially first part, and remove some tricky sections of second part, except last part (free-fall) because it's actually intended.)
I'm going to make 9th stage mostly fast-paced and with less death blocks just like stage 5 (except no autoscroll) because some criticisms on 8th stage and I selected fast and intense music (mega man 9 music) for 9th stage.
So, stay tuned for the next stage! :)
(Anyway, NaroGugul, when moderating of my kaizo hack will be complete? Just curious.)
I'm tried to insert this custom sprite for my kaizo hack.
But during the insert progress, I get this error.

Originally posted by GIEFY
D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\asm\include\ (called from D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\snakespawner.asm:20): error: Unknown command. [!$00E4 := $$00E4]
D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\asm\include\ (called from D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\snakespawner.asm:21): error: Unknown command. [!$00D8 := $$00D8]
D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\snakespawner.asm:204: error: Invalid hex value. [LDA $$00E4,x]
D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\snakespawner.asm:205: error: Invalid hex value. [STA $$00E4,y]
D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\snakespawner.asm:208: error: Invalid hex value. [LDA $$00D8,x]
D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\snakespawner.asm:209: error: Invalid hex value. [STA $$00D8,y]
Assembling of "D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\snakespawner.asm" failed...
CFG file "D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal/pixi/snakespawner.cfg" processing failed...

Since I don't know what's the problem of "snakespawner.asm" I don't think I can solve this problem myself...
So, I just put the code to ask for help.

;;  A sprite (DO NOT INSERT AS SHOOTER) that spawns chains of block snakes, which
;;  will always follow the same set path as determined by your block placement.
;;     by leod
;;  EXTRA BIT OFF = Continuously spawns Snakes
;;  EXTRA BIT OM  = Burst-spawns a set number of Snakes, then stops forever
;;                  This variant is best to use with non-despawning snakes (see defined below),
;;                  since not all slots can be filled up
;;  You can edit this sprite's cfg to check "Process when off-screen" if you want it to
;;  continuously shoot throughout the level

%define_sprite_table("00E4",$00E4,$322C)	; sadly, these defines are needed (Y-indexing, meh.)
%define_sprite_table("00D8",$00D8,$3216)	;

!SpriteNumber = $20     ;what sprite number did you insert the bettersnake.cfg as?

!Cooldown = $6F         ;how long to wait between spawning each snake part
                        ;don't use "flat" values like 10, 20, 30 etc.
                        ;use these odd values like 0F, 1F, 2F instead

!InitDir = $01          ;which direction should the snakes fly initially?
                          ;00 = up
                          ;01 = right
                          ;02 = down
                          ;03 = left
!InitSpeed = $01        ;which speed should the snakes fly at initially?
                          ;00 = slow
                          ;01 = normal
                          ;02 = fast

!InitFlip = $00         ;what type of snake to spawn first?
                          ;00 = creating snake
                          ;01 =   eating snake

!Offscreen1 = $A2       ;decides whether the sprites spawned by the normal variant should process
                        ;while off-screen
                          ;A6 = process while off-screen
                          ;A2 = don't
                        ;setting them to be processed off-screen might cause all your sprite slots
                        ;to get filled up quickly, which might despawn other sprites in the level
                        ;it's fine to use this in the one-shot burst variant
                        ;HOWEVER, setting them not to can lead to odd issues with a creating snake
                        ;despawning while leaving its eating partner alive, resulting in pointless
                        ;flying blocks that might cause cut-off, so don't make these too long
                        ;or put failsafe terminator blocks in a few spots, so stray snakes can
                        ;be ended gracefully (creating snakes ignore eating terminators and vice versa)

!Offscreen2 = $A6       ;same but for the burst variant

!MaxSpawns = $06        ;how many snakes to spawn in the burst variant

;don't change these defines.
!FlipBit = !1534      ;flips every time a snake is spawned, to create the alternating types

!Timer = !154C        ;timer to wait between shots

!Eating = !160E       ;depending on extra bit, 0 = creating, 1 = eating

!State = !1594        ;0 = don't bother checking for blocks; 1 = check for blocks and spawn

!Direction = !187B    ;sprite direction, directions are as follows:
                        ;0 sprite moves up
                        ;1 sprite moves right
                        ;2 sprite moves down
                        ;3 sprite moves left
                        ;4 sprite does not move

!Speed = !1602        ;sprite speed

!Spawns = !C2         ;counter for how many sprites have been spawned

; sprite INIT

print "INIT ",pc
LDA #!Cooldown
STA !Timer,x

LDA #!InitFlip
STA !FlipBit,x

STZ !Spawns,x
; sprite MAIN

print "MAIN ",pc
PHB                     ; \
PHK                     ;  | The same old
PLB                     ; /
JSR MainCode            ;  Jump to sprite code
PLB                     ; Yep
RTL                     ; Return1

; sprite main code 


LDA $9D             ;if sprites are locked, Return1
BNE Return11

LDY #$06
%SubOffScreen()	;handle off screen situation

STZ !B6,x

JSL $01801A         ;update x
JSL $018022         ;update y

LDA !7FAB10,x        ; check for extra bit
AND #$04             ; (bit 2 -> %100 -> $4)
BEQ .NoExtraIsSet     ; if not set, skip the following

LDA !Spawns,x
CMP #!MaxSpawns
BEQ NoSpawn

LDA !Timer,x
BNE NoSpawn

LDA #!Cooldown
STA !Timer,x

JSR SpawnSnake


; spawning the snakes code

PHX             ;preserve X

LDX #!SprSize-1        ;#!SprSize times to loop
LDA !14C8,x     ;if any sprite state is #$00
BEQ .freeslot   ;its free

BRA .NoEmpty


LDA #!SpriteNumber    ;set snake's speed to desired speed

JSL $07F7D2           ;reset sprite properties
JSL $0187A7

LDA !7FAB10,x
ORA #$08              ;mark the sprite as custom
STA !7FAB10,x

LDA #$08              ;sprite state 8, deliberately no init
STA !14C8,x

LDA #!InitSpeed       ;set snake's speed to desired speed
STA !Speed,x

LDA #!InitDir         ;move snake in direction immediately
STA !Direction,x

LDA #$01              ;make the snake be active immediately
STA !State,x

LDX $15E9|!Base2

LDA !FlipBit,x
STA !Eating,y
EOR #$01
STA !FlipBit,x

LDA !00E4,x
STA !00E4,y	      ;x lo
LDA !14E0,x
STA !14E0,y	      ;x hi
LDA !00D8,x
STA !00D8,y	      ;y lo
LDA !14D4,x
STA !14D4,y       ;y hi

INC !Spawns,x

LDA !7FAB10,x        ; check for extra bit
AND #$04             ; (bit 2 -> %100 -> $4)
BNE .ExtraIsSet    ; if not set, skip the following
LDA #!Offscreen1     ;edit the tweaker byte about offscreen processing
STA !167A,y
BRA .NoEmpty

LDA #!Offscreen2     ;edit the tweaker byte about offscreen processing
STA !167A,y

It works, thanks!
I finished stage 9 to midpoint section!
Video :
Finished 9th stage!
Video :
May upload file during C3 summer...
Originally, I intended uploading latest version of my kaizo hack to the SMW hack section, not the C3 section.
But since v0.15 is still getting moderating for some reason even after long time passed, and I wanted to preview my hack and get some feedbacks from others, I decided to put my hack here.
Anyway, this kaizo hack is not too much difficult if you familiar to other kaizo hacks (except some stages like stage 4 and stage 8, although former is slightly easier than latter, also latter is much easier than video-uploaded version.)
but can be really difficult (or maybe impossible?) if you don't know kaizo skills like shell jump and key jump etc... (although very small part.)
This version include 13 exits total and during C3 summer time, I will update my hack one more time with one special world stage. (If can't, I will do later and upload video of special stage in my kaizo hack thread.)
Well, hope you enjoy my hack a lot, and don't give up too quickly! :)

Download :
(Edit : Fixed some mistakes.)

Also here's my youtube channel if you want to watch some playthrough of my hack. (It's slightly outdated in some stages, though. :P)

My youtube channel :
I forget to mention that I upload the v0.221 at the C3 summer thread.
Check it now!
Hmm, maybe obscure one. but...
No More Heroes - Stop Hanging DJs (Sampled)
Link :
Castlevania Order of Ecclesia - The Tower of Dolls (Sampled)
Link :
Thanks for the reply, Katerpie!
Yeah, maybe I should reconsidering remove some invisible blocks...
Anyway, stay tuned for the first special stage! (or maybe 10th stage too? because 10th stage is half-completed!)
I finished 10th stage! Check it now!
It's pretty short and straightforward level, though.
Video :
I forget to mention here I finished 10th stage!
Check my C3 thread if you haven't watch it!
Oh boy...
I just try to insert "Seiken Densetsu 3 - Few Paths Forbidden" to my kaizo hack.
During the insert progress, I don't get any errors.
But when I played the level and listen the music, something does not right...
So, is there problem with txt file or something?
Edit : I just changed to another custom music and it work correctly now!
If my previous hack got blacklisted, can I re-upload revised version of previous blacklisted hack? (I'm going to retake some old difficult stages for fit kaizo:Light difficulty. so this is like reboot.)
Because I personally thought some stages of my previous hack have nice level design so if I give up it will be so much waste...
I don't think I can start make a hack from scratch because my time does not allow me that much...
Due to several problems of my previous hack, I suspended (not cancelled!) and decided to start small scale kaizo hack based off previous hack. (Sorry! :P)

This hack have different direction when you compare my previous hack. (Super Mario World Kaizo Paradise - Old name : Super Mario World Alpha)

First, trolls (ex. invisible coin blocks etc...) do not exist.
Second, this hack will have short length than previous hack (currently plan : 5 exits total.)
Third, featuring trick-only level designs (some exception can apply tho.)

Stage 1 - Chuckrounds
Stage 2 - Night Acrobatics
Stage 3 - Wacky Eggthletic
Stage 4 - Mountain Tightrush
Stage 5 - Kaizo Skytower (+ ending)

(Screenshots from stage 1 ~ stage 2!)
(Although, some screenshots slightly outdated...)

Download :
...When I ride on it, It just disappear quickly after few seconds.
However, when I test that on different rom, it lasts forever until it falls.
Is there way to keep line platform forever?
I'm tried to insert this custom sprite!
However, during the insert progress, I get this error...
Originally posted by GIEFY
D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\mpm_start.asm:30: error: Define !7FAB40 not found
D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\mpm_start.asm:63: error: Define !7FAB40 not found
D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\boost_platform.asm:18 (called from D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\platform_megapack.asm:66): error: Define !7FAB40 not found
D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\falling_platform.asm:24 (called from D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\platform_megapack.asm:67): error: Define !7FAB40 not found
D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\drifting_platform.asm:22 (called from D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\platform_megapack.asm:68): error: Define !7FAB40 not found
D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\vwrap_platform.asm:25 (called from D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\platform_megapack.asm:69): error: Define !7FAB40 not found
Assembling of "D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\platform_megapack.asm" failed...
CFG file "D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal/pixi/platform_megapack.cfg" processing failed...

I don't know about define errors, so I think I cannot solve this problem myself...
Anyone can help me?

Edit : I solved this problem! I think it's fine to close this thread?
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