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After completed Kaizo Experiment 1. I considering a lot about making sequel. and I decided to do that!
Like its prequel, this hack features trick-only level design (as usual, some exception can happen.) no trolls etc...
However, difficulty is somehow easier or maybe even harder depends players...?
Anyway, enjoy! :)

Stage 1 - The Basic Trial

Stage 2 - Wild Grinding

Stage 3 / Stage 4 - Deepwater Rising / Road to Fortress

(I will upload screenshots when I have time.)
Hello! (I don't know if this place is right to post.)
So, during some experiments with brown platform + 1F0 block, I somehow discovered something that may useful for another kaizo hackers or not. (I don't know if it is already covered, but anyway.)
For some reason, brown platform just disappear quickly when you put any tile above 1F0 block very closely and ride it.
But, when I added act 26 tile in page 0 (Or any tile that mario can completely go through? The reason I specifically mentioned page 0 is because it seems only work for page 0 tiles.) with tilemap editor, put tons of these blocks above 1F0 block and ride, brown platform last forever until it falls!
Thanks for that, I think I can make brown platform + 1F0 block gimmick with much less restriction! (or any kaizo hackers.)
Here's video of some example of use of platform + 1F0 block gimmick!

(Also, I tried with brown platform + 1F0 block differently before I found what above mentioned.)
Case 1
Case 2
Maybe... If you didn't used page 0 for different reasons, I guess?
I finished stage 2! (except some slowdowns... I will reduce sprites later.)
I set sprite to torpedo.
But for some reason torpado barely spawn from this disassembly generator.
I don't know what's problem of my code.
so I just put code here...
;Bullet Bill Generator Disassembly
;This is disassembly of sprite D5 (Generator 0B) in SMW, Bullet Bill Generator.
;By RussianMan. Credit is unecessary.

!SoundEf = $00			;Torpedo Shoot
!SoundBank = $1DFC|!Base2

!SpriteNumber = $44		;Torpedo

!Timer = $7F			;How long it takes to generate torpedo

	db $E0,$10		;

	db $FF,$01		;Offsets

Print "INIT ",pc
Print "MAIN ",pc
JSR GenBills

LDA $9D				;\in SMW 9D check for generators is before pointers, which is why I missed this out
BNE Return			;/

LDA $14				;\
AND #!Timer			;|Return every (user-defined number) Frames
BNE Return			;/

JSL $02A9DE|!BankB		;\Find sprite slot
BMI Return			;/

LDA #!SoundEf			;\sound
STA !SoundBank			;/

TYX				;
LDA #$08			;\Status = Normal
STA !14C8,x			;/

LDA #!SpriteNumber		;\Set Sprite number
STA !9E,x			;/

JSL $07F7D2|!BankB		;Initial table set
JSL $01ACF9|!BankB		;Random Number

PHA				;\
AND #$7F			;|
ADC #$20			;|
ADC $1C				;|
AND #$F0			;|Set sprite's Y Position
STA !D8,x			;|
LDA $1D				;|
ADC #$00			;|
STA !14D4,x			;|
PLA				;/

AND #$01			;\Set it's X position (low byte)
TAY				;|
LDA $1A				;|
CLC				;|
ADC XOffsetLo,y			;|
STA !E4,x			;/Place it near screen boundaries

LDA $1B				;\Set it's X position (high byte)
ADC XOffsetHi,y			;|
STA !14E0,x			;|
TYA				;/
If !SpriteNumber != $1C
  STA !157C,x			;added check to support normal sprites. ok? ok.
  STA !C2,x			;Set up direction (For bullet bill C2 is direction, not 157C)

RTS				;
I'm pretty sure only three (this included) generator exist my level.
So I think at least it's not sprite limit problem.
Actually I think I separated generators very far away.
But It still barely spawn torpedos for some reason...

Edit : Weird thing is, I tried normal (not disassembly) generator in vertical level and it works quiet well.
Ah, ok.
Then, how to turn generator (I used this, reappearing ghost, auto-scroll special(?)) to UberASM?
Request name: (Almost) Precise(?) bullet bill generator
Type : Sprite
Tool : GIEPY
Description: Based off disassembly bullet bill generator, but it check player's position and try to shoot bullet straightly to player.

(Basically, just bullet bill generator except now with more precise.)
You can customize this with asm file like disassembly bullet bill generator, so you can make like precise torpedo generator etc.)

(Visual indication would be more welcome like lock-on symbol etc.)
Alright, works fine.
But is there no way to manually set when this generator activate other then activate as soon I enter the level?
Name : Street of Rage - Violent Breathing (Stage 7)
Type : Port
Sampled : Yes
Link :

For some reason, I can't find this music in smwc.
I think this music can be used for sort of athletic.
Here's stage 3 + stage 4! (Although slightly outdated... :P)
I completely reworked stage 3 of this kaizo hack!
Stage 5 WIP
First section is almost complete!
My progress getting really slow...
Another preview of Stage 5!
Personally, making stage is very hard to do, but completing stage is actually really fast to do... :P
When I try to insert sonniku's custom reznor, (It's in the C3 2017 thread...) I get this below error.
Originally posted by GIEPY
D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\CustomReznor.asm:1165: error: Label "GET_DRAW_INFO" redefined [GET_DRAW_INFO: STZ $186C,x]
D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\CustomReznor.asm:1050: error: Unknown command. [JSR GET_DRAW_INFO]
Assembling of "D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\CustomReznor.asm" failed...
CFG file "D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal/pixi/CustomReznor.cfg" processing failed...

My understand of this message, It seems like there are some coding errors on this reznor sprite, but I don't know how to fix that...
So I just decided to ask for help!

Here's the reznor's code!

Mod edit: No need for giant blocks of code, see local rule 6.
Late reply, but I still get this error for some reason...

Originally posted by GIEPY
D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\CustomReznor.asm:1050: error: Unknown command. [JSR GET_DRAW_INFO]
Assembling of "D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal\pixi\CustomReznor.asm" failed...
CFG file "D:\giepy_v1.0.2\giepy_v1.0.2\sprites\normal/pixi/CustomReznor.cfg" processing failed...
Oh! I just solved my problem by using method that you just exactly mentioned 1 hour ago... :P
Well, thanks for help anyway!
Because I'm currently making boss fight that end fight automatically if you beat 4 sonikku's reznor.
But for some reason, I can't find level clear trigger sprite...
Actually I need level end trigger sprite (or generator) for my simple boss fight If unclear. (Ignore unkillable sprite)
And what I'm saying is this.
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