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Just to note before requesting, these following songs do not have any current MIDIs or modules, as far as I searched, due to them being recent new songs. Anyways, I hope you may be able to make these songs, since I'm am hoping to use them for a hack I'm currently working on. I hope there not too challenging to do, but thanks if you are able to do them. Anyways, here are the song choices:
Song #1: Turret3471's Custom SMW Volcano Theme
Origin: n/a
Sampled: Yes
Link: Here

Song #2: Super Mario Odyssey: Darker Side Ending Lullaby Music
Origin: Switch
Sampled: No
Link: Here
Originally posted by XenonZED
There's just over 1 week left in the contest! Start getting those entries in!

So, this is pretty much an emotional message. Though ever since I've worked on my entry for this contest, I've found a great appreciation in using the Golden Egg tool and generally developing my own levels. So, I want to thank XenonRED for hosting this contest and allowing me to experience this field of hacking. If this contest didn't occur, I might've never thought of hacking this game in the first place. Even though I am new to the SMWC community and the general concept of hacking, I found participating in level-based contests and expressing your thoughts and ideas in a level-based format generally relaxing and enjoyable. It's a great way to formulate experience and express yourself.

Even with trying to work on this submission, though, I may not be able to submit for this contest due to real-life activities and events taking up for time developing a level. Though even if I don't submit, I generally will remember having fun with this concept, and I hope more of these Yoshi's Island-based hacking contests come up more often. So, thanks XenonRED for hosting this contest, and I hope more contests like these come up in the coming 2019 year. #ab{:)}

I hope you do well. See you soon!
Originally posted by Darolac
"...and I thought that it would be great to ask the community for ideas before cooking the next batch of sprites."

Well, as someone who has been experimenting with the "Yoshi's Island" hacking scene for a while, I do feel that some of the sprites form this game could translate well for Super Mario World. Though they're a lot of ported sprites, a good contender for new YI-based sprite would be the firebars. Unlike those from other games, these firebars move in and out of the playable layer- making it very useful for Layer 2-based custom stages in the "Super Mario World" hacking scene.

Another possible YI-based sprite would be the Mace Guy. These shy guys swing around spiked balls around a certain radius, and could potentially be interesting obstacles in castle stages or kaizo stages. Alternatively, though, a character other than a shy guy could be used for this custom sprite.

Now, besides these sprites, I do have some ideas for true custom sprites. One sprite idea is an Amanitas Mushroom. Based off an entity form Super Mario RPG, these shrooms chase and hurt Mario if he gets near them or dislodges one from a question block. They look similar to a normal mushroom, but with large white eyes, and can be killed with a projectile. Probably a unique substitute for the poison mushroom. Another idea is a Propeller Piranha, a downward-facing piranha plant that floats in midair and rains down fireballs. Could be killed with a jump attack or with a projectile.
Wow... just, wow! #smw{O_O}

This looks incredible! It's almost like this is a fangame rather than a hack! I'm really impressed, LMPuny, and I hope development for this hack goes along well (#smw{:TUP:})! Great work!
Well, I do think Vitor Vilela's thread on tool requests and tool history is worthy of nomination. Besides offering tool request for hacking, it also shows how the current hacking tools have changed and shaped the "Super Mario World" hacking scene. And- in addition- it also showcases the newest tool this user has made: M7 Map. With this revolutionary tool, users can now make and edit Mode 7 tilemaps- and preview how they would look in-game. It's a really cool and expansive tool, and I'm excited to see how people use this tool in future hacks.
Well, a tool for making custom sprites would be useful for the community. Like Kipernal's Blockreator, it would allow users who have little or no experience with ASM to make their own sprites through an easy-to-use interface. This would be especially useful for those wanting to make their own unique bossfights, since many hack developers don't have much experience with coding- meaning the boss options for them limited to either the in-game bosses or the bosses in this website's sprites section- which are mostly overused.
Originally posted by Fullcannon
So the level design contest will be made in January? What will happen there?

Well, in this level design contest, contendents need to develop a level using only the tools found in the SMW Level Editor- Lunar Magic- and nothing else. Though there are a few tool exceptions- for example, YY-CHR- Lunar Magic will be the required tool for this contest. And since the newest version of Lunar Magic came out recently, this level design contest is primarily focused on using this new version of the tool and exploiting its features for the best level.

Besides tools, levels are judged by certain qualities- such as if it's well designed or if it looks good- and are ranked by how much points they earn by the judges. The contest's rules are somewhat more complex than this explanation, though it's a good way to think about the contest.
Originally posted by Pink Gold Peach
"...Hopefully, this is going to be the last demo not only because i might release the hack on the next C3 (probably) but because i'm not going to show much of the last worlds (specially World 16 which i will not show progress at all)."

Wait... 16 WORLDS?! (#smw{O_O})

That's an impressive amount of work that you've been doing. And looking from the demo's screenshots, it definitely appears to be paying off really well. Great job working on this hack, and I'm excited to see the final product! I hope development continues smoothly.
Anyways, great job, and hope to see you and your hack next C3! (#smw{:TUP:})
*takes a sip* neat. Too bad that this hack is canceled, though.

Mabey you could salvage some of these levels for a different hack? Some of these levels appear really good.
To add, I feel that Pink Gold Peach's thread on a new Winter Demo for "New Super Mario World 2" also deserves some nomination this C3. This user has definitely worked really hard in developing this vanilla-like chocolate hack. And noting that the final game has a planned 16 worlds, he/ she really needs credit in taking the time to work on such an ambitious project. It looks really good and is nearly completed- with a planned release for next C3. As a result, I do personally recommend this hack as a lovingly-crafted masterpiece.
Just looking form the screenshots, this hack appears very interesting to play. It's almost like a cross between a difficult hack and a kaizo hack- making the levels look very hectic and unique. I'm sure going to play this soon! #ab{:D}
These graphics look incredible! I'm pretty sure the tilesets and backgrounds took such a long while to make. Defientatily have to applaud you, Falconpunch, for this work! And yes, Fullcannon, I do agree that these "Floating Island" Tilesets looks wonderful. The palettes and details in these sets are beyond outstanding; it's as if this was ripped from an indie game. I especially like the little details- such as the roots on the ceiling and the lighting on each version of the tileset.
Originally posted by Falconpunch

Well, I can say these rips are pretty good. Though besides the backgrounds, I really like the rips of the fonts here. Though there are a good amount of ripped fonts for the SMW hacking community, I do especially like these font rips. A particular one being the ripped font for Yoshi's Safari. It fits pretty well in the vanilla "Super Mario World" style. If I were to develop my own hack soon, I would defiantly use this font.
Anyways, thanks Shiny Ninetales for giving us these rips. #smw{:TUP:}
Originally posted by Shiny Ninetales
Yoshi's Safari:

Originally posted by Tobio
to be honest you can stop everything Sicari related and just do this instead

Agree! This hack's story is much deeper and emotional than what the Sicari series offered! Defiantly a Todd Howard/10!

Story Spoiler:
JK it's not, but i enjoyed it
So, after listening to all 12 of these tracks, I can say that they're old. Though- in all honesty- there's a magic in old custom music tracks for SMW that can be well-appreciated. And- in additional honesty- the port of the track "Kraid's Lair" isn't that bad, and would fit well in any basic cave stage. #ab{:)}
Originally posted by LMPuny
Thanks everyone.

You're perfectly welcome, LMPuny!
You deserve the praise! #smw{:TUP:}
Very impressive rip, MarioFanGamer! #smw{:TUP:}

I hope some more rips from YI come out in the near future. I do have to agree with MarioFanGamer in the fact that this game has some of the most beautiful graphics of the rest of the SNES games, and some of these tilesets and backgrounds can be really useful in making unique SMW hacks and stages. Anyways, great rip, and great job!
Ah, so Banzai Mario World 2 is back in development? That's really good- especially since the level design shown in the GIF's here are really good. I really like the one with the Red Yoshi and P-Balloons; it's a mechanic I've never seen before, and it's really cool. Excited to see this hack continue being developed!
Originally posted by anonimato

Wow, that's some really fluid animation. Good job! #smw{:TUP:}
Wow, these backgrounds look really... interesting. I do like the abstract appeal, though- especially these backgrounds. They look very nice, and could be used for some form of abstract castle or temple.
Originally posted by Darkbloom
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