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Thank for this awsome tutorial!
I want to know how I can change the gomba.
I want to jump 3 time on gomba.
Whit asm^^

I want to know how I can putt asm code to
jump 3 time on my custom sprite.
Then I want to putt this code on mousser
And thank!XD
I know is hard code but
if you help me I will so
You need to use the tile...
Exemple you chose the tile 89e...
Then you putt in graphic routine!
Take example of the moussuer and birdo...
You will get some basic of tile
Hey went the démo im one of the big fan of your hack!
Do you have a link for the duke nuts?
And why you dont flying whit the cape?
That gonna be the BEST HACK EVER!
Very awesome the vidéo!
I c'ant wait for this hack!
But when you will post a démo or
the hack?

Hey roy what that?
LDA #$1F
STA $0701
LDA #$00
STA $0702

Thank man!
Hey hi people!
I need your help that make 3 days I try
To do something and It fail all the time.
Ok I want to take the mousseur sprite and
change the sprite when you throw Bomb
He make like the lakitus boss the sprite take
it.Then you need 3 times to touch like lakitus.
I try these line:
JSL $018032 ; interact with other sprites
JSL $01A7DC ; check for Mario/sprite contact
BCC NO_CONTACT ; return if no contact
LDA $1490 ; \ if Mario star timer > 0 ...
BNE HAS_STAR ; / ... goto HAS_STAR
LDA $154C,x ; \ if sprite invincibility timer > 0 ...
LDA #$08 ; \ sprite invincibility timer = $08
STA $154C,x ; /
LDA $7D ; \ if Mario's y speed < 10 ...
CMP #$10 ; } ... sprite will hurt Mario
MARIO_WINS JSR SUB_STOMP_PTS ; give Mario points
JSL $01AA33 ; set Mario speed
JSL $01AB99 ; display contact graphic
LDA #$28 ; \ sound effect
STA $1DFC ; /
LDA #$01 ; \ Set stunned state
STA $C2,x ; /
LDA #$20 ; \ Set stunned timer
STA $1564,x ; /
INC $1534,x ; increment sprite hit counter
LDA $1534,x ; \ if sprite hit counter == HIT_POINTS

LDA #$04 ; \ write frame to show
STA $1602,x ; /
LDA #$02 ; \ set sprite status
STA $14C8,x ; /
STZ $B6,x ; no x speed
LDA #$10 ; \ set y speed
STA $AA,x ; /
RTS ; return 

But it always fail!
If you dont understand my request just
ask me again.
Thank to all people will help me in my request!
The sprite is not assembly correcly...
Can somebody help me!
Is not there?

Hey it the music of your notpad.
The music is wrong and create a bug....
I have find the error...
Ok then I need to putt the smush sprite...
But the line I was posted are good for my request?
I try to check my request:
I want when we throw bomb to mousser
The mousseur sprite take hit...
Like lakitus boss...Then we need 3 times...
But Im not sure my line is ok?
Try the Carol addmusic.
Same but whiout more bugs.
Check in the patch directory.
A patch xkas that we can édit mario
and luigi separate Gfx.
Ok well you can edit the palette.
I remember a japan guy made it.
Im gonna try to find how.
But Im not sure you can édit pall.
But try whit lunar magic.
If you want to change pal. of mario that will
change pal. of luigi.
But I d'ont have other solution.
Maybee asm.
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