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I have this problem with GHB Pipes, I tried 2 times following and redoing every step in the guide attached to the files but it's not working, the rom has some patches (it works fine without the patches, tried on a clean rom) but it seems strange that everything else works and trying the pipes with the angle to turn softlocks the game.
(in case the attached image doesn't work)

Originally posted by Cryses96
This is strange.
Did you patch the fixes.asm and apply Gm14 with UberASM ?

Maybe you doesn´t list all of the Custom Blocks that comes with the List.txt file.

Which patches do you have ?

So I patched fixes.asm and it's still broken, I applied the gm14 (I did all the things in the readme), I also should've listed all of the custom blocks, the patches that I have are:

- Time Up Fix
- Block Duplication Fix
- Ballon Cloud Clipping Fix
- Retry System + Multiple Midway Points
- Feather Autoscroll Freeze Fix
- No More Sprite Tile Limits
- Layer 2 Bouyancy Optimize
- Cape Turnaround Fix
- Framerule Fix
- Infinite Lives
- No Midway Powerup
- Throwblock SpinThrow Fix
- LR Screen Scroll Disabled
- Wallclip and Noteblockclipping fix
- Reznor Bridge breaking
Request Song: Deoxys Emerald Theme
Sampled: Up to the porter
Type: Port
Would it be hard to make a goal sphere orb that attacks the player and needs to be hit 1 time with a shell to be collected?
Hack Moderation Log: Atari2.0

Hack Moderated: 97

Accepted: 50
Super Herbihalt World by OEOTeam on 11/03/2019
Super Mario World (Super Mario Bros. 4) : A Trip Full Of Fun! by Dark Prince on 12/03/2019
Mario Saves Spring Break by izaguirrefermin28 on 18/03/2019
Mario Rescues the Golden Mushrooms (v1.1.2) by Green Jerry on 22/03/2019
Krack The Hack (v1.3.0) by Daizo Dee Von and Mellonpizza on 26/03/2019
Super Mario Fooland by Fullcannon on 03/04/2019
Super Mario World - Some Random Adventure by TheSpeedyJay on 05/04/2019
The Mario's Greatest Adventure by Brutapode89 on 07/04/2019
The Hunt for the Chocolate Egg by Green Jerry on 14/04/2019
Classic Mario World 2: The Great Alliance by bandicoot on 17/04/2019
Super Alicorn Sisters: Return of the Tantabus DEMO 0.05.2 (A My Little Pony hack) by DPBOX on 20/04/2019
JUMP½ by JUMP Team, Lazy, Sixcorby, aterraformer, lolyoshi on 23/04/2019
Super Mario World Hacks 101 by Tails_155 on 10/05/2019
Super Sponge World by Jascha on 19/05/2019
Krack The Hack v1.4.0 by Daizo Dee Von, Mellonpizza on 20/05/2019
BRMVR Demo by Enan63 on 08/06/2019
Just Another Vanilla Hack 2 by niko on 01/07/2019
Super Mario Travellers by Stiviboy on 06/07/2019
Technicolor Mario World by Green Jerry on 07/07/2019
Super Enan World by Green Jerry on 08/07/2019
BRMVR Demo by Enan63 on 11/07/2019
Just Another Vanilla Hack 2 by niko on 12/07/2019
A Journey To Save The Yoshis by Yoshivert99 on 12/07/2019
Super Mario Another Retro - C3 Demo by Infinity on 14/07/2019
A Journey To Save The Yoshis by Yoshivert99 on 18/07/2019
Luigi's Misadventures 3 - Recipe for a disaster by Roberto Zampari on 22/07/2019
Mario Saves Spring Break by izaguirrefermin28 on 22/07/2019
Mute's Christmas Quest by Daizo Dee Von, scooter102089 on 24/07/2019
Super Kekcroc World 2 - A Croc Throughout Time by Knucklesfan on 26/07/2019
Super Mario Infinity 2: The Cursed Gem by Reading on 13/08/2019
Krack the Hack (version 1.4.1) by Daizo Dee Von, Mellonpizza on 28/08/2019
Super Enan World by Enan63, Green Jerry on 05/09/2019
Under the Rose by Cianureto on 13/09/2019
Uma Adventura Xalabaias by MaxwelHacks on 15/09/2019
Super Mario Endless World by Haithius on 18/09/2019
The Mario's Greatest Adventure by Brutapode98 on 18/09/2019
Same Sprites, Different Levels by eltiolavara9 on 8/10/2019
The Halloween Island by Green Jerry on 01/11/2019
A Lenda do Herói (Songs for a Hero) by OhMuramatsu on 10/11/2019
Tithered Mario by SAMPLE on 10/11/2019
Toadette's Adventure by I don't know a good name. on 10/11/2019
Toadette's Adventure by I don't know a good name. on 14/11/2019
Super Herbihalt World 3 by OEOTeam on 15/11/2019
Much Ado About Eggs by Diego on 27/11/2019
Super Luigi Land by Gamma V on 30/11/2019
New Super Mario World 2: Around the World by Pink Gold Peach on 10/12/2019
Super Mario World: Christmas Edition by Nowieso on 24/12/2019
Mario Saves Christmas by Green Jerry on 24/12/2019
Mario Rescues Santa Claus by Green Jerry on 24/12/2019
domenyX Christmas by LucasMegaStriker,domenyX on 28/12/2019

Rejected: 47
Super Mario sports and video game clones (Swedish edition) by akumie on 11/03/2019
SUPER MARIO by The Factory, TheEvilKingBowser on 12/03/2019
EASY PATH by KeullerJhordan on 13/03/2019
Mario in eggplant land by OEOTeam on 13/03/2019
PEPS Super World by JackoTheCartoon on 19/03/2019
Mario Rescues the Golden Mushroom v1.1.1 by Green Jerry on 22/03/2019
Mario Dies at the End by Sokobansolver on 26/03/2019
A Vanilla and Chocolate Hack Demo by Enan63 on 28/03/2019
Super Bepis World by PlasmaCore1219 on 31/03/2019
Super Mario World: Vanilla Quest (DEMO) by LiquidX on 01/04/2019
Super Mario Fooland by Fullcannon on 03/04/2019
Under the Rose by Cianureto on 07/04/2019
Bad Mario World (Demo) and Aziz Für Venendit by OEOTeam on 13/04/2019
Le avventure bizzarre di Alfred by Alfio on 20/04/2019
Super Mario World: Advance Update by Erableto on 20/04/2019
Soup Mar Worl Version 0.2 by ModernKiwi on 26/04/2019
BNBM 0.3 by OEOTeam on 02/05/2019
BNBM by OEOTeam on 13/05/2019
Waylin`s tricky World 1 by Waylin7 on 06/06/2019
Mario and the search for the Oreos by alby01 on 11/06/2019
Yoshi's Summer Home by ReverendDouglas on 16/06/2019
Super Mario CERN by Evernn on 29/06/2019
My best hack ever by xyz600sp on 08/07/2019
The Worst SMW Rom Hack Ever by CB3743 on 08/07/2019
Marios Grand Adventure (demo) by Haithius on 10/07/2019
Super Mario Land 3: Super Luigi Land by redgamer2100NX_ on 10/07/2019
Super Mario World Festive by Ethiundo on 13/07/2019
Super Herbihalt World 3 by OEOTeam on 26/07/2019
SMW Paper Hill by FimishHACK on 31/07/2019
Super Mario World. Chapter One -Yoshi's Islands (v.1.2) by AyGaAlPa on 02/08/2019
SMW Paper Hill by FimishHACK on 06/08/2019
Pandemonium Fortress 2 by Caracc [submitted by SpagX] on 12/08/2019
Super Mario's World by tomato jonson on 27/08/2019
New Super Mario World 2: Around the World by Pink Gold Peach on 30/08/2019
Mario and the 4 stars by TheTinkerer on 08/09/2019
YOU CAN'T JUMP by TheTinkerer on 08/09/2019
Bowser's Cidadel by arthur4727 on 25/10/2019
Super Toad Planet by Jacko Price on 14/11/2019
Kekcroc DASH! by Knucklesfan on 26/11/2019
Mario's Moonwalk 2 Beta 2 by GamecraftOriginal on 27/11/2019
Super Sweg World by ElSturge on 27/11/2019
Super Mario Sunshine Snes by Miles Tails Power on 14/12/2019
Undertale Bad Time and Popyros and Flowey by Miles Tails Power on 14/12/2019
Super Mario World de Volta ao Jogo by Darkwoon on 20/12/2019
Fennekin's Kaizo world (v.5) by zefennekinfan008 on 21/12/2019
A New Adventure Starring Mario by CrashFC by CrashFC on 30/12/2019

SRAM Moderated: 33

Accepted: 31
Terminus by Nexus15 2/4/2019
Quickie World 2 by Nexus15 on 2/4/2019
Things.smc by Kiatus on 14/07/2019
Bunbun World by Yagami on 14/07/2019
Panga's Kaizo Kindergarten by randomdude999 on 14/07/2019
Super Mario Wornilla by Lazy on 14/07/2019
Elephants and Snakes and Crocodiles by SammmUuU on 31/07/2019
Technicolor Mario World by Green Jerry on 31/07/2019
Super Enan World by Green Jerry on 31/07/2019
The Hunt for the Chocolate Egg by Green Jerry on 31/07/2019
Monty Mole Island 4 - Gamma Archipelago by Green Jerry on 31/07/2019
Jigoku Mario World Remastered by Nexus15 on 12/08/2019
Ninja World 2 by Nexus15 on 12/08/2019
New Super Mario Pants World by Nexus15 on 12/08/2019
Mario, Luigi and the 7 Eggs of Peace by NinjaBoy on 28/08/2019
Super Kekcroc World 2 - A Croc Throughout Time by kaitri on 28/08/2019
Super Mario Another Retro by Green Jerry on 28/08/2019
What's the name of this hack? by kaitri on 28/08/2019
Uma Aventura Xalabaias by rvx on 18/09/2019
Captain Barry's Treasure by Deakula on 18/09/2019
Mario Rescues the Golden Mushroom by Green Jerry on 18/09/2019
Super Enan World by Green Jerry on 18/09/2019
Tsunami Island by K.T.B on 18/09/2019
Wario World: Between the Dimensions by K.T.B on 21/10/2019
Under the Rose by Dark Prince on 21/10/2019
Same Sprites, Different Levels by Flippn'Fences on 15/11/2019
The Quest for the Candies by Green Jerry on 15/11/2019
Buzzy's World Tour by Kiatus on 15/11/2019
A work project thing... by Kiatus on 15/11/2019
Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized by Brutapode89 on 15/11/2019
Super Mario World: The Megaman 29th Anniversary Adventure by Brutapode89 on 15/11/2019

Rejected: 2
Super Kekcroc World 2 - A Croc Throughout Time by kaitri on 31/07/2019
SMW Piranha Island by Pitchin Luigi on 15/11/2019
File Name: Super Mario sports and video game clones (Swedish edition)
Submitted: by akumie
Authors: akumie
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 18 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: 18 exits if you include DO NOT ENTER and the yoshi house

Since my learning Swedish hack was rejected I made a smaller hack with the best part from that rejected hack where I made levels based on sports and video games
I kept the original Swedish in the hack

-16 sport and video game themed levels
-The baseball level is based on Shinobi on the NES
-Sports have the Swedish names

As a bonus add up the numbers found at the end of each level just to prove that you actually beat all the levels

Play on Youtube with commentary
This hack is basically your old "Language learning Swedish" hack with less levels and some modifications. I played the whole hack. The levels are confusing and poorly design, there are a lot of the same obstacle. Not to mention that the glitched graphics and the difficulty spikes mentioned in Noivern's thread are not fixed. The hack presents also a lot of cutoff and a vanilla unedited overworld.
Please use the forums to get other users' opinions on your hack and adjust it accordingly before submitting.
Submitted: by TheEvilKingBowser
Authors: The Factory, TheEvilKingBowser
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Difficulty: Easy
Description: IN THIS GAME YOU PLAY THE ROLE OF SUPER TOAD MAN PERSON AND MUST PLAY THROUGH 902375847623846708436783267843 LEVELS OF VERY LONG AND [insert edgy garbage here]
Please, for the love of Toad, don't ever play this.
This hack has a nice atmosphere but it lacks the core values to be accepted. It only features about 3 minutes of gameplay and all of that is mario running right without any other thing to do. It should be creepy/joke but the only things that are present are some message boxes with criptic messages and nothing else.
File Name: EASY PATH
Submitted: by KeullerJhordan
Authors: KeullerJhordan
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 12 exit(s)
Difficulty: Easy
Description: hey, this hack is called easy path
and she has 12 exits nothing special, and no secret exits.
she is also very colorful,
and the levels are not very long.
I have not used custom blocks and enemies.
Thank you for playing, have fun.
This hack has too many negative points to be accepted:
-A softlock in the boss fight in level 1, forcing to wait 200 seconds. Softlocks are an absolute no.
-The level design is not there. A lot of the levels are just run right and jump, with blind jumps, bad enemy placement and Lunar Magic copy pasted sections just to make the levels longer, try to make the levels interesting and not leave them plain like they are now.
-A not really nice "troll" in the water level, which forces you to wait a lot of time in a pointless fall section.
-Eye soaring palettes and a lot of cutoff in a lot of the levels.
-Final point: the difficulty is all over the place, it starts off kinda easy then gets hard, then easy again. Difficulty spikes are not nice. Try to have a smooth difficulty curve.
File Name: Mario in Eggplant Land
Submitted: by OEOTeam
Authors: OEOTeam
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: Mario in Eggplant Land.

There are purple levels, sweet enemies.

There are too many SML sprites.
This hack has some major issues that prevent me from accepting it:
-The overworld is the vanilla one, with a changed palette. Please create your own new overworld and delete the vanilla overworld first.
-The checkpoint in the last level doesn't work. This is caused cause the original level midway point is not moved, you moved the midway point only in the subleves but it doesn't work like that.
-The midway placement is super weird, most of the time the first half is way shorter than the second. The 2 sections of the level need to be of the same difficulty and length roughly to not have jumps in the difficulty.
There are also some minor issues that I'd like to see fixed:
-Missing level tiles from the overworld.
-General lazy level design, try to do something interesting with it.
Lastly, I suggest to not submit hacks when you already have a hack in the waiting section and to wait to submit instead. You could also instead of making 3 small hacks, just make a big hack, to avoid having to submit all the single small ones.
Yeah Lazy is the name of the moderator. It wasn't a comment on the hack. Judging from the screenshot it looks like you've modified the graphics for most of the game. In my opinion, if you make an original hack with those graphics, a nice overworld and some good levels, your hack is more than welcome on the site. However not in the current state, since modification of the vanilla Smw are not accepted.
File Name: PEPS Super World
Submitted: by JackoTheCartoon
Authors: JackoTheCartoon
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Difficulty: Easy
Description: A ROM hack of Super Mario World.
You play as James. You also play as Jave if you're playing 2-Player mode.

The demo ends at the castle.

WARNING: This is just a beta. Expect some things to be unfinished.

This hack is lacking the core values to be accepted. First of all, this demo is too short, uses vanilla overworld and all of the levels are blatant vanilla edits. Since Levels are made from scratch, excluding translation hacks is a core value, I'm not able to accept this.
Another problem is that most of the background graphics is not that good looking. Please work more on your hack before submitting another demo, try to have more ORIGINAL levels (not vanilla edits).
File Name: Mario Rescues the Golden Mushroom
Submitted: by Green Jerry
Authors: Green Jerry
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 42 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: STORY:
The Golden Mushroom was stolen by Bowser! Mario must defeat him and retrieve it to return to the Mushroom Kingdom!

This new version of the hack has 5 worlds and 42 exits.

I've been working on this hack for over 2 years.
I was gonna accept this hack because it was very well done and it was clear that it had a lot of effort put into it until the final world cause it only had a few minor problems that weren't a reason for rejection but then 2 big problems arose in the 2 final levels so I had to reject this. Below there's a list of all the problems I found, starting from the overall problems, then going over the reason for the rejection and finally a list of all the little errors that I found scattered throught the hack.

Overall problems:
-The flashing HDMA that happens sometimes when loading a level is pretty annoying, especially because it happens a lot and if someone has problem with flashing stuff it can definitely be annoying. If fixable I would prefer this to be fixed, if not, it's fine.
-A lot of the levels have some very big (sometimes max distance) jumps where you can't see where you are landing, thus making a lot of them blind to the player. I would really like to see them changed, play throught your levels and every time you feel like you need to scroll to see what's ahead, make the jump smaller, try to think with the player's mindset, not the creator one.
-I had a major problem with the lives in this hack, I game overed 3 times (2 of which on the final level) cause you start Mario with 5 lives and they are just not enough. I managed to find only about 3 extra lives here and there. Maybe add 1-UPs to increase the playability of the hack.

Major problems (aka reasons why I rejected this):
-There is a softlock in the first autoscroller section of Lava Mountain 5-5, at the end, just before the pipe, you can jump over the tank and get stuck up there until the time runs out because the autoscroller stops.
-The final level is a huge difficulty spike compared to everything else in the game, it contains various rooms without checkpoints, a lot of which are very long and not feasible to beat the first time you get to them, forcing the player to lose lives, either make them shorter/add 1-UPs/add powerups/add checkpoints.
-There is a sublevel in Spooky Land 3-2 that you can enter but then you can't exit unless you die cause the end pipe is not an exit-enabled one. I believe this was accidental by you and it's a very easy fix.
-If you go to Clawgrip's castle early with the shortcut, then beat it, then play throught the rest of the game going back and doing it the normal way, you won't have a save prompt up until the final level, I noticed this when I was on the final level, I game overed and it sent me back from 40 exits to 27 exits, which is pretty unfair. I would add a save prompt somewhere in the last world or maybe in a ghost house near the end.

Minor problems:
-There is a lot of lag in a bunch of levels, due to too many sprites on screen at once, these are the instances when it happens, please fix them, it makes the game in those points not enjoyable:
-lag with the rotating platforms in Grass 1-3
-Lag in Grass 1-4
-lag in Cherry Forest 2-2
-Lag in Beetle's castle
-A lot of lag in main level in spooky land 3-2, in the place with the 4 flying paragoombas
-A lot of lag in the sublevel in spooky land 3-2, the one for the secret exit with the disco light
-The on/off blocks graphics in Cherry Forest 2-4 are broken, it's an easy fix, especially since you aren't using the fishing boo in that level, it's not a big deal but it would be nice to see it fixed.
-There's a weird difficulty spike in Spooky Land 3-3 in the fishing boo section. I would make that section easier, again, not a big deal.
-Where's the secret exit in spooky land 3-3? I searched in the level a whole lot, but I couldn't find it. I even looked in Lunar Magic after having beaten Bowser and I couldn't find it. My save file was at 41 exits. It's either an error with the overworld saying that there's a secret exit when there's not one or you indicated the number of exits wrong.
-There's a wrong platform placement on the line guide in Clawgrip's castle which makes the jump a lot harder than it should be.

With all of that said, the hack is for sure a great one and deserves to be on site if it wasn't for that softlock. You're more than welcome to resubmit it once you fixed it! Excited to see your future work!
File Name: Mario Dies at the End
Submitted: by Sokobansolver
Authors: Sokobansolver
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 14 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: Exactly what it says on the tin. Bowser is so fed up with losing, he makes the final stage unwinnable (something he literally could have done any time he wanted), forcing Mario to be unable to rescue the princess.
Featuring some creative design inspired by the DKC series.
The reject reason is that every level is unbeatable because the goal posts are not working, most probably due to a LM3.0 known bug. I tried reaching you (sokobansolver) with PMs, please update this as soon as possible, I played some of the levels using LM and it's a shame to see a hack as fun as this get rejected cause of a goal post bug.
My vote goes on to Storks, Apes and Crocodiles by the evil genious himself. I played almost all of the hacks that got nominated and I have to say it was a tough battle but storks won my heart, just overall great level design, tough obstacles, without many trolls and bringing overall a revolution in the kaizo design, considering it created ideas for other great hacks like invictus and such.
+1 for storks
File Name: A Vanilla and Chocolate Hack Demo
Submitted: by Enan63
Authors: Enan63
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: Whats this!? a new hack by me!? if you said so then yes! Note: the reason why this hack is vanilla and chocolate, hack its because some levels, use the original SMW Graphics, and music witch makes it vanilla, and some levels use ExGFX, and Custom Music, witch makes it chocolate, theres also Custom Blocks, in this hack!
I have to reject this hack cause level 2 is unbeatable due to the green blocks (that judging from the message box should break with charging chucks) that don't break, thus making it impossible to progress, I'm linking a GIF below to show exactly what's happening. What's happening?
I suggest to test the hack fully before submitting it.
File Name: Super Bepis World
Submitted: by PlasmaCore1219
Authors: PlasmaCore1219
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 12 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: This was a mistake!

This hack includes seven "high quality" troll levels, designed to both hilarious and quite annoying. Six of these levels hold a secret somewhere within. It also contains 4 small switch palaces, which together unlock the final level!

I'm rejecting this for a few reasons:
-Troll/joke hacks need to be *extra* interesting to be on the site, this one is some nice mechanics mixed with generic stuff.
-A lot of the trolls are map16 edits or really confusing blocks and asm, which make the levels really hard to figure out, even after dying various times to obstacles, the hack feels well made but most of the levels are extremely confusing.
-1 or 2 levels are just dying to blind stuff until you figure out what to do, 1 is even a pick-a-path, which is not really a great design choice.
-On the aesthetic side of things, it doesn't really stand out that much, it's got some pretty bad palettes at times and some cutoff here and there, in short, the levels don't feel polished overall.
It has one pro but it's not enough to make it approvable, which is the overworld, that's pretty well done, unfortunately it's missing the core values of level design for troll/joke levels on the site.
P.S. Also fyi, there are no required P-Switch jumps in this game.
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