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good luck with your work.
overworld needs to be working a little more
hi good job
update 2.05 fix glitch castle entrance ?
yes we can't download and the images don't appear
we have to wait, it's not the first time it's happened.
it was deleted by the author
he's coming soon?#wario{:scared:}
cool level man .
good job
super yoopi world is a big project I'm setting up I just started it.
the difficulty curve is very hard /kaizo light.
I'm going to mix his 2 difficulties there will be very hard levels and kaizo light levels.
I'm working alone on this project I started about 15 days ago and I'm working hard to make a mario fun to play by offering challenges and challenges.

story mode:
the princess peach seals the dinosaur island and prepares a gate to an unknown land, but an army prevents the door from opening and teleports them to a dangerous land called.y.o.o.o.p.i island.
stronger than ever to eliminate them they will have to face a brand new enemy more dangerous than ever.

the overworld

world 1 in the process of being created

That's all for now, I hope you'll like this project.
super y.o.o.o.p.i world should be released in early 2020.

I will add more information when the project has progressed better.
cordially yygdrasil.

demo coming soon!
ok thanks
tomorrow update of the overworld and a new level.
Hi everyone, I've got a huge bug with the retry system patch. When I die 255 times, the castle entrance animation plays, but after that, everything works normally again.
How can I fix this? Thank you all!
thank you thomas
coucou tout le monde.
je me pressente je m’appelle Yggdrasil je suis un gros fanboy de ce jeu.
moi ma méthode est pour faire mes niveau est simple je prend une feuille et je dessine car je trouve pas d'inspiration depuis lunar magic.
je dessine des carré un peu partout j'assemble tout un peu comme des lego et la base de mon niveau est construite.
je commence toujours par me faire un sol plat après je construit le haut.
je place des ennemie aléatoire dans un coin et réfléchi comment le niveau pourra être construit.

je pas de but précis quand a ma conception.
et je peut recommencer 10 foix un niveau si le résultat ne me plait pas quand je suis satisfait je passe au suivant.
je construit de manière random.

je me suis un joueur francais du kaizo!
cool d'etre sur ce site a très bientôt.
all the blocks are 1 life which makes the rom slow down I think too much sprite makes you try to delete the 1 life block by a 1 piece block.
if it still doesn't work you may have to use the restore point or at worst copy and paste the levels and overworld to a clean rom.
sorry my English is bad
yes, you have to do it all over again in my opinion, maybe also a use of too much incompatible patch or another good luck I already had this problem always make a copy of his rom!
good job is beautiful
please don't put such a large image on it.
I would like to test bps the link of your hack
Currently Available
I accept very hard and kaizo light only
hack tested 0
send me a message if you have a hack ready to have me tested.
I am very perfectionist on the details.
I'll test it and you'll make a report.
the first level there is nothing but a key and a lock I am waiting for a complete level to give me a better opinion.
the 2nd is the same as no enemy it is just a slope made an effort to design a complete level.
and the other level and the same as the original.
if you would have submitted this hack it would have been refused.
good luck with your future level.
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