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overworld main map 25% completed
@EwanGreen4: here's what I don't like!
and the pipe on the left we can glitched easily in my opinion we have to fix it!

tahix edit: 4 months late but fixed the table stretch
I want to test I practice a little kaizo hard.
send me the hack and I'll give you my opinion.
the level is a little short and a little empty.
the difficulty is easy.
The level design is not bad.
good luck
I prefer to make levels rather short because making long levels requires being creative over the length of the level which is not obvious.
for me it will be a short level.
short levels can be fun too the length means nothing if it's to add a 10km long ground with nothing on the side and without creativity it's useless.
send me hack please
bps link please thanks you
I think there's a video section to put trailers of our hack in progress.
and the best section and Works in Progress
or you can put a trailers[when your hack and move on]
nice good luck#wario{<3}
I give my opinion it is not useful to have a chat on the site there is a discord to discuss.
and why is the site threatened to close?
possibility to see the custom sprite.
an option to edit a background without having to do it yourself.
on clik and the background goes up?
the images are too large.
and don't show screenshots of lunar magic
THE sp4 you rename it example: ExGFX80
the other two files you put in the sprites folder.
pmhammer.cfg you right click copy and put it after your list.
example: 30 pmhammer.cfg.
and you insert it with pixi.
Here I think that's it and touch insert in lunar and you take the sprite 30 if you put it like that or another number.
no problem good luck
possible 2 code uber asm per level?
example i want reload room.asm and lightning for level 105 possible or not thanks.
I want to keep my retry moment for all my levels
thanks you
update image level 1 and 2
	JSL reloadRoom_init
	JSL Lightning2_init

	JSL reloadRoom1_main
	JSL Lightning21_main


I would like to have its 2 code for level 105 but it doesn't work because file list I can only put 1 code how can I do it?
here is my list.txt

; Level list. Valid values: 000-1FF.
105             Lightning2.asm             
106             reloadRoom.asm                   
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