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Hello, friends of the portly plumber.

I've been lurking the board for a tad, along with and and was hoping I might be able to pose some questions and get some additional guidance with respect to a romhack I'm working on for NBA Jam TE. My personal goal is to simply tidy it up by getting some answers or guidance for the questions that follow... and perhaps if I were able to tidy it up enough, maybe some folks or a group would be eventually interested in taking that hack and developing an annual NBA Jam update, much like is done for Tecmo Bowl...

...But that's perhaps a future dream...

For now, I'm hoping I might be able to get some directions with respect to a handful of items.

1) I'd like to change the Rookies' uniforms such that they look like Olympics uniforms, reason being last year I hacked the team and replaced it with the 1992 Dream Team. Running through the game, I think an easy fix would be to reset the team's uniform reference to that of the Detroit Pistons (the white and blue alternate uniform, presuming there's only one option for the palette/color; otherwise both uniform types). If the fix is this simple, I'm wondering if anyone can guide me to where perhaps the pointers would be to the uniforms such that I could swap out the Rookies uniform reference for the Pistons one. SOLVED!

2) I'd like to set up the team select screen such that two buttons cycle backward through the various player combinations. Currently, A, B, X, and Y all cycle forward; I'd like to set X and Y to go in the other direction. This would require an ASM hack, which I don't have enough knowledge of to pull off (much of my work has been direct hex editing and use of TileMolester). Is there code someone would be able to walk me through that would accomplish this? I'm playing with xkas and injecting some simple assembly here and there, and I'd like to learn about the various commands required by such an ASM hack, so if you were willing to provide me a quick tutorial and maybe answer a follow-up question or two on the whys of coding, I'd definitely appreciate it.

3) I've read of a bug in the original game where players who beat all 27 teams don't get their initials in the Grand Champions screen (I've now playtested my own hack more than enough times over the past year to verify this). If there's a bug fix, is there a simple hex edit I can do, or does it require an ASM hack? SOLVED!

4) Injuries - There looks to be another bug where the injury values for a two person team used in game 1 will extend to the first quarter of game 2 if the same team and same player combination is selected. It may be a tad more than this, as I did some cheat code searches using SNES Geiger and thought I saw the player two injury value reset from previous game Q4 injury value to zero at new game tip-off, and then jump to another value (in one game, all the way to 14). I think I found the 4 values in RAM for injuries, one for each player on the court via that search and some breakpoint attempts, but I don't quite know where to go from there. Looking to see if there's a simple fix here, or - again - if there's so tutelage I can get, such that the injury value resets properly to zero for all players at tip-off of each new game. SOLVED!

(Building on that one, I'd love to figure out how to ramp up that max injury value from 25 to perhaps 50 or 99.) SOLVED!

Thanks to all who read and especially to those who reply!

P.S., Mattrizzle, you don't happen to be active on the board and have a moment or two to provide some thoughts, do you?
A little "quid pro quo", in case someone can help with the above questions, or just to pay it forward to others...

With a big shout-out to phonymike for helping me find team values, I provide below some assembly code that should mimic the current order of teams in Jam TE.


org $CCFDB2
	dw #$0007	;Mavs
	dw #$000A	;T-Wolves
	dw #$0015	;Heat	
	dw #$001A	;Bullets
	dw #$0019	;76ers
	dw #$0006	;Kings
	dw #$0008	;Nuggets
	dw #$0013	;Bucks
	dw #$0012	;Indiana
	dw #$000D	;Atlanta
	dw #$0001	;Clippers
	dw #$0018	;Magic
	dw #$0011	;Pistons
	dw #$0000	;Warriors
	dw #$0014	;Celtics
	dw #$000E	;Hornets
	dw #$0002	;Lakers
	dw #$0016	;Nets
	dw #$0010	;Cavs
	dw #$000B	;Spurs
	dw #$0017	;Knicks
	dw #$0004	;Blazers
	dw #$000C	;Jazz
	dw #$0005	;Sonics
	dw #$0003	;Suns
	dw #$000F	;Bulls
	dw #$0009	;Rockets

Here is a disassembly and translation I did for a part of the ROM. This particular portion would allow anyone to change the maximum amount of injuries that can be accumulated in the game.


;Injury Max Disassembly
org $8085E6						;PC address $0005E6
	LDA $1677		;AD 77 16		;Load into A the P1 injury value stored in RAM ($7E001677)
	CMP #$0019		;C9 19 00		;Compare value in A to #$19 (25 in base 10/decimal)
	BCC #$06		;90 06			;Branch if Carry Clear (goto a label (06?)) if injuries < #$19; otherwise...
	LDA #$0019		;A9 19 00		;Reset A to the max injury value of #$19
	STA $1677		;8D 77 16		;Store that max injury value into RAM
	LDA $1679		;AD 79 16		;Load into A the P2 injury value stored in RAM ($7E001679)
	CMP #$0019		;C9 19 00		;Compare value in A to #$19 (25 in base 10/decimal)
	BCC #$06		;90 06			;Branch if Carry Clear (goto a label (06?)) if injuries < #$19; otherwise...
	LDA #$0019		;A9 19 00		;Reset A to the max injury value of #$19
	STA $1679		;8D 79 16		;Store that max injury value into RAM	
	LDA $167B		;AD 7B 16		;Load into A the P3 injury value stored in RAM ($7E00167B)
	CMP #$0019		;C9 19 00		;Compare value in A to #$19 (25 in base 10/decimal)
	BCC #$06		;90 06			;Branch if Carry Clear (goto a label (06?)) if injuries < #$19; otherwise...
	LDA #$0019		;A9 19 00		;Reset A to the max injury value of #$19
	STA $167B		;8D 7B 16		;Store that max injury value into RAM	
	LDA $167D		;AD 7D 16		;Load into A the P4 injury value stored in RAM ($7E00167D)
	CMP #$0019		;C9 19 00		;Compare value in A to #$19 (25 in base 10/decimal)
	BCC #$06		;90 06			;Branch if Carry Clear (goto a label (06?)) if injuries < #$19; otherwise...
	LDA #$0019		;A9 19 00		;Reset A to the max injury value of #$19
	STA $167D		;8D 7D 16		;Store that max injury value into RAM

Please forgive any syntax errors, copy/paste errors (players 1 through 4 have the same 5 operations, just hitting 4 different RAM addresses) or transpositions.
Here is one solution to the injury bug. ASM below.

The Issue:
In the original game, there appears to be a bug whereby, if two games are played sequentially, with the same team selected, and the same line-up from quarter 4 of game 1 selected for quarter 1 of game 2, the first game's injury stats do not reset to zero in game 2, so you come off the bench with a potential handicap.

The caveats to this code:
1) I didn't necessarily consider SEPs and REPs, i.e., the 8 v. 16-bit status in the accumulators. It ended up not causing an issue and thus created more efficient code (because I didn't add in those SEP and REP commands), but...
a) If one were to hack the game and increase the timer from 180 (decimal) seconds to 256 or more, I suspect the game will crash.
b) If one were to hack the game and increase the maximum injury value permitted from 25 (decimal) to 256 or more, I suspect the game will crash.
2) I believe the bug is in large part due to the ram values for the visual injury stats not properly resetting, but to be safe, I'm resetting those to zero AND the actual injury values in ram. It's incredibly likely that more efficient code can be written to solve this bug, but this particular hack does the trick.
3) I'm using expanded rom (i.e., I expanded the rom to 32Mbit -- it's originally 24). So, one would either need to relocate where they're putting this code or expand their rom size for this to work.

;NBA Jam Injury Bugfix
;Written by eskayelle
;Proofread/debugged by phonymike
;General Idea - If the Timer is 3 minutes, check the quarter value
;Then, if the quarter value is zero, zero out all the injury stats
;Otherwise, leave those injury stats alone

org $A7F429			;Need to find a place around tip-off to move about 4 bytes of original code into the hack below so I can create this JSL
	NOP #2			;Taking 6 bytes, since 2 commands will need to be moved to fit the 4 byte JSL $E08050 command
	JSL $E08050		;Jump to the subroutine at $E08050 (the injury bugfix hack); hex code will be 22 50 80 E0

org $E08050			;Goto expanded rom
	PHX			;Push X onto stack in case it's in use
	PHY			;Same for Y
	LDX $0D95		;Load quarter value (seems to increment from 0 to 3 at start of each quarter, no matter the game) into X ($7E0D95)
	LDY $0D89		;Load timer value into Y ($7E0D89)
	CPY #$B4		;Timer always starts at 3 minutes (unless hacked), or 180 seconds, at start of quarter, so compare Y to this - needs to be 8 bit 
	BNE +			;If Y <> 180 seconds (B4 in hex), goto +; otherwise, move on to next step
	JSR Timer
+	PLY			;Pull back Y from stack like nothing happened
	PLX			;Same for X
	LDA $07D8		;First 3 bytes of the original code moved here to make up for putting in the JSL above
	CMP $1756		;Last 3 of the original code - like we never moved it...
	RTL			;Return to original code (RTL goes to the most recent JSL/JSR executed (i.e., the original code)

	CPX #$00		;Value in $7E0D7B in Q1 is zero, so compare value in X to zero
	BNE +			;If X <> zero, goto +; otherwise, move on to next step
	JSR Quarter
+	RTS			;Return to above subroutine

	STZ $1677		;Player 1 injury stat in RAM; accumulator bit size is not an issue as long as max injury allowed < 256
	STZ $1758		;$1677 is pulling from $1758 in the code (below where I injected this)
	STZ $1679		;Player 2 injury stat in RAM
	STZ $175C		;$1679 is pulling from $175C in the code (below where I injected this)
	STZ $167B		;Player 3 injury stat in RAM
	STZ $1760		;$167B is pulling from $1760 in the code (below where I injected this)
	STZ $167D		;Player 4 injury stat in RAM
	STZ $1764		;$167D is pulling from $1764 in the code (below where I injected this)
	RTS			;Return to above subroutine; disassemble $A7F429 thru $A7F4A9 to see the injury routine

Hoping this might prompt any takers to peek at my initial questions above and perhaps provide some thoughts/guidance?
Based on everything I've learned about the ROM so far, here is my current end product.

Please feel free to provide constructive criticism or tips on my questions previously provided.

Thank you!
Thanks for the kind words! The game was originally published in the early 90's, so I wanted to keep to that theme and not change too much on the players side. A current year update would be a bit too lofty a project for me alone, and there's already a pretty sweet NBA Jam 2k17 hack out there. I was going more for putting back in some players that deserved the Jam treatment back in the day, and making some more interesting secret players than the original game had. And then my wish list started to grow, and my revisons started to get a bit out of hand... :-)

Thanks again!
Hello, all. I'm currently dabbling with a proof-in-concept for the SNES game, NBA Jam TE. I'm not versed in SPC / sound editing for the SNES, so I'm hoping someone might take me up on the request below.

Tl;dr version: Looking for help finding the pointer table in the SNES ROM, NBA Jam - Tournament Edition.

Currently, I'm looking to take two sound clips (I may be off on the numbering, but approximates are 33.wav (Supersonics) / 34 in SNESSOR and 64.wav (Bullets) / 65 in SNESSOR) and replace them with sound clip 65 / SNESSOR 66 ("AHHHHHH!" sound). Looking for help in one of two ways (hopefully neither is much of a time commitment):

1) I haven't had any luck finding a sound pointer table to locate the sounds such that I can simply change the pointer for these two sound bytes to the "AHHHHH!" sound clip. If it's as easy as this, and someone can help me locate that pointer table, I'd really appreciate it!

2) Eventually, I may want to replace the sound clips themselves. Acknowledging this will require clips of lesser or equal size, and that I may need to pull them from other ROMs, currently I'm just looking to see how a sound clip (such as "AHHHHHHH!") might be extracted to raw BRR data and reinjected into the ROM to replace the noted sound clips. If someone can instruct me on how this can be done, it'd be a huge help.

(Note that I attempted to replace the sound clips via SNESSOR, including changing speeds to both slow down and speed up the sound clips. The resulting ROM either provided no sound when the clip was to play, or it played some brief noise.)

Please let me know if you can help. Thanks to all of you who read this.

(Credit will be generously provided to those who can solve my issue.)
It's been a while, but I've managed to drop a few NBA Jam romhacks, based on everything I've learned.

If anyone's interested in checking them out, including the documentation with all the "how to"s, I've got quite a few items here:

Thanks for reading!
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eskayelle's Profile - Posts by eskayelle

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