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Did u mess with layer 3 in the level? if so u might of put the layer 3 (text) behind the bg which puts it behind the black box.
Is there a way to change music around in Yoshi's Island, basically, I want to change the intro music of a boss battle to the final boss music (because I don't use the Kamek cutscene for my boss, the music doesn't switch to the default boss music, so I would just like that song replaced with the final boss music instead)
I don't normally enter events and such so i'll keep it brief, This is just a level in Things.smc (Full version) that I wanted to show to you guys, nothing big, but I just think it's pretty cool, and yes, I did make the main gimmick of the level in blockreator (i'd tell you what it is, but you'll see as soon as you enter the level). This file also has all my other levels on it that I made so far (that's why the file is so large) but I kindly request that you don't open this in lunar magic, as the hack is not done yet, it would just be too much of a hassle to delete everything else because this is such a large hack.

Download it here

I also made a Yoshi's Island Kaizo hack, from what I know, this is the first Yoshi's Island kaizo hack that got finished and is more than 1 level.

You can download that here
This is gonna be a weird one, but i'll post it anyways and give as much detail as possible

Basically, I want to have a pokeball that can catch enemies and then throw them out to use as something to jump on / throw

So, the details are this:
I would prefer if this is an UberASM type powerup, that way I could use other powerups with it

So, you can throw out 1 pokeball at a time using L or R (basically use the fireball routine for it, I can just change the GFX from a fireball to a pokeball later) And you can only have 1 out at a time.

If that pokeball hits an enemy, it stores it for the next time you use the button to toss out a pokeball, except next time you use it, it shoots out the enemy you caught instead (Doesn't matter how far, as I can edit the X or Y value it tosses at later)

After that it goes back to the regular pokeball routine, hopefully I made this simple to get the idea of what I want, and thank you in advance.
Just another level from my upcoming hack Things.smc

Click the link below to endure 25 rooms of madness.

I know it's been a while, but rest assured progress on Things.smc never stopped. To show you evidence of this, enjoy this trailer!

Click Here to level up!

(MSU-1 is NOT required, only preferred)

Clear Video
If you know what geometry dash is, you know what this hack is, if you somehow don't know what geometry dash is, well, good luck!

Super Geometry Dash World:

This demo features 3 levels that are basically completely done for the most part, and they're gonna take you quite a while to complete.

I recommend using savestates and clear videos to practice/learn the levels (similar to how it is in geometry dash), I do plan in the future to implement some ASM to allow for an in game savestate system like geometry dash, but for now, you're just going to need to use savestates.

This hack REQUIRES MSU-1! It's a rhythm based game, so if you want to play you must need it.

If you don't know how to setup msu-1, just keep all the files in the same folder with each other, that's basically it, if you're on SD2SNES enable cart audio in the menu of the Super NT. You need to use sd2snes v1.55+, bsnes v155 or an FXPAKPro! (No Higan, Jailbroken Super NT, or ZSNES support, sorry!) IF YOU'RE ON NT MAKE SURE YOUR FIRMWARE IS UP TO DATE!

Anyways, if you're just an observer, or actually trying to beat this, here are the clear videos of the level (slightly outdated due to some minor changes, but basically the same)

Level 1: Geometry Dash World

Level 2: Born Survivor

Level 3: Electroman's Adventure

Click HERE for the demo! Good Luck!
Hold up, a new level just dropped.

Don't forget to give the video a thumbs up!

You can enter the other levels with a frame perfect input, give it a try...

Ty Abdu, NewPointless, and FamilyHuggies 4 testing
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