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Yeah I am not a moderator, so there is a risk that this submission is rejected as too easy. My argument is that it would benefit the community enough to be worth it.

I chose colors 4D and 5D because I used them in an overworld I worked on recently, and I didn't see any problems. However it wasn't a full-scale overworld. What uses those colors?

As for the vanilla colors, my original idea was to leave them unchanged so that it would be consistent and save exanimation space. How is it less of a pain to overwrite those colors?

Finally, it's hard to tell for sure whether those colors would be good without seeing it exanimated on an overworld, side-by-side. I will leave it to you as the artist to choose what colors you think are right. One thing I would ask is that the colors don't confuse people with red-green color blindness which is very common .

I submitted a fix for Super Mario Challenge

Edit: it's been accepted.

We've updated this to version 1.1. Here's a list of additions:

+New levels:
Cloud Storage (World 5)
New test to replace Air Catch Cove (World 6)
Yoshi Sticky Fly (Yoshi world)
Yoshi Slow Fly (Yoshi world)
Cape Phases (Practice room)

+New rooms:
Getting a feather with P speed (World 3: Misc. Takeoffs)
Consistent facing when on the back of a net (World 4: Vines and Nets)
Manipulating a sprite with a ground pound (World 5: Triple Taps)
Getting slide state off p switch or note block (World 7: More Item Fly)
Keep flight with forward throw (World 7: Midair Throwing)

+Various changes to levels, messages, and aesthetics

Happy caping!

Title: Sprites Are 1derful (Demo)
Exits: 21
Tags: Vanilla, Music, ASM, Traditional, SA-1
Patch: https://bin.smwcentral.net/u/35216/SpritesAre1derfulDEMO.bps


No term invokes more contempt. It's artificial difficulty. It's lazy. It's uninspired. And now... it's what this hack is about.

Should you choose to play, it will challenge your perception, prediction, and reaction like never before. It will expand your skillset without resorting to unintuitive ASM.

Is it fair? Not entirely, but I think it's more fair than people give it credit for. The only consolation I can give is that I designed and tested everything without save states.

Some other characteristics:
+All vanilla edit levels.
+Uses SA-1 and dynamic spriteset system.
+Lightly decheesed.

If you are interested in using the Dynamic Spriteset System, please read the wiki thoroughly and respect the creator's wishes. https://github.com/TheLX5/DynamicSpritesetSystem/wiki

+Tools: Asar, GPS, UberASM, Pixi, Lunar Magic, AddMusicK
+Thanks: KevinM
+ASM: Alcaro, Arujus, Darolac, Ladida, lx5, KevinM, lolcats439, Mandew, p4plus2, Romi, Tattletale, Vitor Vilela, xHF01x, yoshifanatic
+Music: Atma, Dippy, EDIT333, FPI, HaruMKT, Hooded Edge, LadiesMan217, musicalman, NewPointless, Ruberjig, Torchkas, Vitor Vilela, Wagokoro, Wavee
+Playtesting: Kezcade

Woah, very cool. How would you describe the Kaizo 3 style? How did it influence you?

I think that honesty is the best policy. It draws the audience that would enjoy my hack the most. But I am still proud of this hack. I think it's a lot of fun.

the cutscene patch looks like a real game changer, and it's always great to see disassemblies for quality SNES games being developed.

Originally posted by Anorakun
Huh. Took long enough for people in kaizo to use the DSS, but this looks promising. I won't able to play because of my skill level, but good luck with the project. #smrpg{:3}

It took some doing to get instant retry to work with DSS, so that may have something to do with it. There was a KLDC level that used it.

Originally posted by Rykon-V73
@NewPointless: Be careful. The retry patch, while great, may lead to weird things if not used right. Your hack looks good.

I haven't noticed too much weird stuff in testing but I'll keep an eye out.

Really delightful drawings 👌

"Imagine a geoguesser game but with smw hacks, where you guess the hack based on a random screenshot." -gbreeze

Welcome to the GeoBreezer guessing game! I will post some screenshots, and you guess where they came from. I will cover new and old, Western and non-Western, kaizo and standard, on- and off-site. I might even trick you? Let's see who can guess them all.

Below are the screenshots. PM me your guesses (here on SMW Central), and please keep the number of messages to a minimum. Your chance to guess will end when the time for posting threads is over, and I will announce the results soon after. You can collaborate or use references, because this is just for fun, but don't post your guesses in this thread or give any hints whatsoever!

On judging: Some hacks have official names, while others are known by a variety of names. You can give me either one, but I can't guarantee I've heard of an obscure nickname. I will do my best to judge fairly, but I won't give credit if your guess is mostly right.

#1: Super Mario World: Return to Dinosaur Land (RAGB)
#2: Super Kuso World (Volpey) No one got this one. Work on your key jumps, people! #smrpg{:D}
#3: VIP 4 (collab) You had to say VIP 4 to get this correct. This is the famous "Metroidvania" castle from the ice world.
#4: Super Ninji Land (Idunno)
#5: Watermelon World (MIRANHA)
#6: Super ASPE Mario - All Stars Performance Edition (collab)
#7: The Pit of Death (Moltov)
#8: minidumb (OEO6)
#9: 100 Rooms of Enemies (Daizo Dee Von) I think this had the most correct guesses.
#10: Super Mario Bros: Vanilla Islands (Gamma V)
#11: The Muncher Run 2 (Ersanio and Bad Luck Man) A very unique and old kaizo hack
#12: Mario's Keytastrophe: Rebirth Edition (S.N.N.)
#13: Super Mario Bros. 1X (Koyuki)
#14: Combo Killer: Ultra Alpha Turbo HD Remix, Arcade Edition [Doownayr89]
#15: Super Fugumannen World (Team D****) No one got this one.
#16: Brutal Mario (carol)
#17: Buzzy's World Tour (Stivi)
#18: Jumpman Returns (Big Brawler)
#19: Kouma (Scarlet Devil) Mario (PYUA and THFTT)
#20: Super Mario World (Nintendo)


Second place: TheOrangeToad with 10 correct!
Third place: GbreezeSunset with 8 correct!
Fourth place: bebn legg with 7 correct!
Fifth place: Ayami with 6 correct!
Sixth place: Insanit with 4 correct!
Seventh place: CourtlyHades and le4che with 3 correct!
Ninth place: animeloverxX93 and Rykon-V73 with 2 correct!
Honorable mention: JamesD28 with an incorrect guess #tb{DX<}

And finally, the name you've all been waiting for...

MiracleWater with 16 correct!

Very impressive! For your sagacity and knowledge, I award you this crown:

Please don't post any hints or guesses. It ruins the game. You can PM me your guesses.

I love your fun and quirky ports. Good job.

Yo I love to hear Modern music in the SMW community. Really cool remix.

Originally posted by Darkbloom
Move over EXGFX! If I werent' super far into my hack I'd use DSS myself. How hard wasit to set up?

For me it was tough lol. I have never used SA-1 before, so it was hard to figure out if the problems were SA-1 or DSS. I was getting graphical issues on overworld transitions. Also, I think I'm doing it wrong because all the sprites are invisible in Lunar Magic. I just press 5 to display the hex data. #smrpg{:D}

Also, for those wondering how to make it compatible with Instant Retry, you will want to replace the SA-1 freeram defines in retry_table.asm like this:

; *** in case you're using SA-1 *** (if not, you may skip this)
!freeram_SA1 = $40C700              ; 12 bytes, changed from $40C000 at KevinM's behest
!freeram_checkpoint_SA1 = $40C70C   ; 192 bytes
!freeram_custobjdata_SA1 = $40C7CC  ; (!max_custom_midway_num*4)+1 bytes (33 bytes for $08)

The graphics have really nice vibes, and the Mega Man sprites will see some use I'm sure.

I feel like this hack will not only make me happy, but it is my destiny and complete fulfillment.

I hear this guy claims to make really unethical kaizo but he's actually a really soft creator #smrpg{sick}

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