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Tested on: bsnes 115
Save states used: no
Completion: 12/16

I am not really a fan of your death block graphics. They look too similar to solid blocks. Also, many players can't distinguish between green and yellow. 10% of men are color blind.


The Way Home:
Aesthetics are really well done. Use of contrast to bring out the foreground makes it very playable.

The setups are designed very skillfully. There's zero blindness, and this suits such a precise level style very well.

This setup where you wall run onto the blue koopa and then arc over the muncher is too tight imo. You have to carefully control your speed going into the setup to get the right momentum.


Sometimes third piranha plant is in the wrong place because it spawns, despawns, and respawns during the player's motion to the on/off switch.


Wesley Pipes:
I've thrown this pipe to this point. Sometimes I throw the pipe too far, and it hits the sprite destroyer, that's out of my view when thrown. I think I'm doing this setup wrong though. I just throw the pipe straight up in the air, warp to it, then jump grab as high as I can and throw it right.


It seems odd that you've excluded so many things from your hack for being annoying, like shelljumps, but these pipe levels have so many jump grabs. Reducing the number of jump grabs as much as possible will make this level a lot less tedious and less of a grind. This is not a good early level to throw at the player before they're really invested in the hack.

Every obstacle in this first room with the green pipe is extremely blind.

I would put a ceiling of death blocks here, because you force the player to go fast, but if they throw the pipe up too early to get a spinning grab, it can hit the conveyer and ruin their timing.


Nothing to stop me from just warping up here and surfing on this pipe.


On/off switch placed off screen


The second room is a big improvement. I enjoyed that one a lot.

Secret exit is a little too far in the room for my taste, but the bigger issue is this offscreen sprite destroyer that kills the pipe sprite when I throw it up to this platform.


Beginning of secret exit, it took me a second to figure out that this was a screen wrap level.

Sometimes when I step onto this skull platform, it moves me a pixel to the right and I hit the muncher. I find this a bit frustrating.


I can stall here quite a while. It's not clear what timing I need to take.


Even though this section is not as blind as I thought it would be, this muncher floor here is problematic.


Fetuccine Bros. School for Clowns:
I don't enjoy doing this tedious intro section just to learn the behavior of these balloon sprites in a tight environment. After dying to the carryable balloons a few times, I actually still don't know what inputs I need to get the right jump off of it. I think this beginning section could be shortened to just 1 or 2 donuts to speed things up.


So I don't think this obstacle is designed very well. I jump off the carryable balloon, and then I regrab to get a big bounce on the big balloon, but instead of what I expect to happen, I grab the carryable balloon again and immediately jump off, getting a small jump and failing to reach the next balloons. (I guess the solution is to full jump. I feel like this setup was constructed without a full understanding of what inputs the player might attempt to complete this obstacle.)


At this part, I understood that something would fall on me above the !, but I wasn't expecting the second death block to the right. This feels like a troll, but not a very funny one. Maybe add a second ! above and to the right of the other one? Still not very fair, but it would be an improvement.


Here it looks like I need to get the koopa's shell and shelljump to progress, because the balloon I bounce on later spawns from offscreen to the right, after I can see the column that I need to jump through. Some players (because of language barriers or just not reading your readme or hack description) might not realize that this hack doesn't have shelljumps.


So after this bullet bill obstacle, which is pretty tough to read and feels die-to-learn, I have to time my jump from the blue balloon to the green one at a certain time, or else the balloon pops before I have a chance to hit the on/off switch.


Overall, the first room is fun to execute but painful to learn.

So the start of the next section is very hard to figure out and tedious to execute. What I do is float slowly down onto the "koopa", bounce as high as I can, and grab the shell as I'm floating down again, throw it in the shell, and then jump onto the on/off block. This takes a while and isn't terribly interesting to play through.


At this part, the disco shell goes offscreen. Since its speed is pretty chaotic as it bounces against the on/off block, this part is relatively blind.


If I land on this platform while it's too low, it's impossible to jump to the balloons. Feels like an unfair placement of the sprite.


The ending is fine. Not a particularly fun level.

Had a lot of fun with the first section. Very intense.

Sorry no screenshot for this, but the part where you jump to the first thwimp breaks the flow of the level. Up to that point, the player is allowed to move at a casual speed, not forcing any long waits but not forcing any super fast movement. Once the thwimp appears, it is gone almost right away.

Second section, I feel like this would work better as the first section, because it introduces the custom sprite earlier. Otherwise the player has to progress halfway through the level just to learn its movement and timing patterns.

Sometimes the slope at the beginning eats my jump.


This jump into the falling mushroom is outrageously blind. Holding jump just a little too long, even before the mushroom is on screen, will make me go over it. I would recommend just placing it in a place that's easy to reach, not moving.


Immediately after getting bumped by the Bumptee, sometimes I can't jump because Mario's speed is too high. You can go into the sprite ASM and decrease the speed that the Bumptee gives you to fix this. This might force you to reposition some of the munchers or ledges.

The problem with this level is that I'm forced to make inputs before I see where I'm going or moving to. So I am making precise inputs without visual input about where I am going or what I am doing. Most of the jumps are like this. Also there are a number of issues with jank that disable my jump inputs, due to the handling of Mario's speed.

I didn't complete this level. It's very poorly designed.

The indicator arrows in this level look really good. Also, most are completely unnecessary. Some kaizo players will count it against you for using them, but I don't consider them an issue.

Very fun level. Excellent use of chocolate gimmicks. Setups are well-designed.

The Neon Demon:
Again keep in mind that some players have difficulty distinguishing colors. Some are totally incapable of distinguishing colors, so this hack will just not be accessible to them.

I would recommend putting this blue coin closer to the air jump block


It would be nice to have a blue coin after this jump


There's a lot I don't like about this level. The fact that I can die on the cyan blocks while spinning if I hit them from below. The difficulty in wrapping around the walljump blocks and touching them from the other side as I'm falling. How the magenta blocks register Mario's feet easily but not his head. The camera is all over the place.

On the other hand, this level was probably the most fun for me. It was strangely addicting, and perhaps these issues aren't worth the trouble of dealing with or designing around.

There are flashing lights at the end of the level during the goal walk, and I'm not sure how people with photosensitive epilepsy would react to this. There are definitely people with this condition in the community.

I have some serious problems with the beginning of this level. This part at the beginning with the double regrab on the blue koopa is forcing me to stay in the air so I get the distance I need for the spring. But if I stay in the air just a hair too long, the spring is destroyed by the sprite destroyer. I'm able to get it pretty consistent eventually, but I feel like I am creating my own setup with an annoying and frustrating degree of precision.


I'm not sure what the green coin is here for. I tried to grab a shell, but the koopa flies away from the shell too fast. I can get over the crest to the spring, JUST BARELY, by building momentum into the koopa and bouncing over. But then, unfortunately, the spring dies to the sprite destroyer. Same issue as before. This forces a degree of precision that moves it past "expert Mario" and into a tedious exercise in getting the perfect movement through training of muscle memory.


OK, after a lot of attempts, I see now that I have to hit the koopa while it's still in midair. This isn't forced very well at all, and having the koopa right above the first spring is very blind. I think this setup needs to be redesigned.

At this dolphin part, it's very hard to see the dolphin. Sometimes I see the very top of it, but only after I've been stalling in the water for a while. This part doesn't flow properly.


Sometimes the rip van fish falls asleep here and I'm not sure why. Is it checking my distance from it after a long timer elapses? This could be a big issue for some players. IMO precision should have ZERO jank.


A spinjump indicator coin would be helpful here. Also, I noticed that sometimes I've already missed the rock, not because I spent too much time in the waterfall (which is reasonably obvious that I have to go fast), but because I spent too much time on the final spinjump on the rip van fish. This is really blind and unintuitive. Also, sometimes I'm taking too much time because the rip van fish falls asleep...


Good secret exit placement. I think it's smart to have it at the beginning of the level in a precision hack. This secret exit isn't related to the main level aesthetically or in its gimmick, but that's not a big issue with me.

This part feels like a troll. First time I've seen something like this in the hack. I was allowed to pause at other points in this room without penalty. Maybe give the player more time to react if you want this to feel fair.


Showdown at House of Blue Leaves:
If I wait too long on this second leaf, then the next obstacle looks like it might be possible, but it isn't. You should put a spike floor to force a faster jump.


These leaves seem fine in theory, but there are some major issues when they're used in kaizo especially. Their hitboxes are misleading, so they can appear over the spikes, but actually they will land you on the spikes. Also, it seems like they can eat your jump, or else Mario is running off the edge of the platform. It's practically impossible to tell. These ultra precise jumps you have don't suit this sprite very well.

This leaf sometimes spawns late, and I can't get to it.


There's also spawn dependency with this spiny ride. Sometimes the way the poison leaf is swaying and the positioning of the spiny make it impossible to progress.

What are these arrows?

I think this level is going to be a major issue with players. I didn't finish this level

I know you haven't finalized the music, but the music does sometimes stop when I pause this level. Try updating AMK to the latest version.

Way Home II:
With the constant movement of the camera and the brightness of the background, this level causes eye strain which is uncomfortable.

I really appreciate the diversity of movement and inputs that you use in your design, without straying from your precision platforming focus. I've noticed this in a number of your levels.

When I first saw the last obstacle in the first room, I knew that I would have to prolong my time in the air until the bats move left. As I struggled with this obstacle, dying over and over, I slowly realized that the amount of movement optimization that I need to do is really overwhelming. I think this obstacle's tightness is problematic because it doesn't convey the movement and technique that's expected of the player. A simple solution would be to lower the high muncher just before the pipe.


This muncher above the bat is really annoying, because it's preventing me from getting started on the level. As I death loop over and over, I am just playing the same obstacle, and this quickly becomes frustrating. On the other hand, I eventually became somewhat consistent with this obstacle by learning to barely touch the corner of the bat's hitbox.


I see that you have a coin trail to an offscreen hammer brother platform. It would be more elegant if you would force the player to run off of the carrot lift with a vertical log coming down from above. It's also possible to make it to the spiny without using the hammer brother platform, so this can be confusing for players.


Fun level. Very hard.

I wish the part where you jump off the spring and dash onto the dolphins lined up better to one-cycle.


It's not very elegant how you have to go off screen at the part with the reflecting fireballs. The indicator helps, but it doesn't tell the player exactly where they are and how fast they're moving.

(sorry no screenshot)

A blue coin here to indicate a spin would be a nice gesture.


The coins at this part don't indicate very well what to do here. I think it would make more sense to have the coins in the air leading up to the place where the platform appears. Make the player judge how to get the speed to jump that high.


The dash doesn't work while ducking, and there's really no reason for that. It would be a quality of life improvement if you could modify the ASM to allow dashes while ducking, so the player doesn't die from an accidental down input.

The Pillar of the Earth Stand in Hell:
I love the way this level starts out. A gargantuan saw is barreling towards Mario. The player evades the hitbox, which is God knows where. But wait, as he slowly gains P speed, the saw is inching towards him. It's a bit tedious to get the timing consistent, but I think it has too much drama and action to leave out.

There's lag at this part where the second big saw spawns.


So there are a number of small design issues with the second room. For one, the beginning is pretty tedious to get Mario to angle between the saws and then creep forward. Dying over and over is quickly frustrating because it repeatedly takes the player out of the gameplay. I find that it's a lot easier to control once I am situated between the saws. My suggestions would be to make it easier to fall between the saws without much input from the player.


The trick with the donut block is pretty neat, but it is, obviously, very blind.


Finally, I've despawned the saws by jumping left once at the right arrow sign.


59 Times the Pain - The Recap -:
This level is definitely a departure in style from all the other levels, which I can respect. The trickier item-based platforming is going to raise eyebrows and even exasperate some players with the jump grabs, but it's well-designed.

Neon Demon room, you really lean into the issues with the hitboxes on these spinjump only blocks. Touching the MarioCorner here is really frustrating.


Please patch the spinthrow patch that makes you throw from the center of Mario. This trick is inconsistent.


Also I recommend this patch to make hitting an on/off switch with an upthrown item more consistent

org $0195A5	
db $00

After dying to this obstacle about 20 times due to jank, I quit the level.

Don't Hate the Layer, Hate the Game:
Masterful precision platforming level. Excellent use of chocolate and vanilla mechanics. Good balance of intuitive and complex design.

Not sure why you allow me to jump up and right to the other moving platform here. Misleading level geometry.


Sometimes these koopas spawn differently. It probably has to do with which way they face when they spawn.


I can regrab off this spiny into the spike ceiling above it. This is a major design problem. If you raised the spikes one tile, you still wouldn't be able to control jump there.


I keep dying off these platforms to accidental down inputs, and I never was required to use that feature. Why not just replace it with a normal layer 2 ledge?

Now I'm on the boss, and there's a lot I dislike about this.

+It's unoriginal.
+The hitbox is incorrect.
+You put the reflecting fireball in the arena, and disabled spinjump, which creates unwinnable situations.
+The way it tracks your movement and has irregular speed is incredibly unfair at times.
+Mercifully, hitting the boss is automatic, but it takes away the satisfaction of dealing damage.

I got to 3 hits before quitting.


Overall, things I like about this hack: section length works well with precision. Mostly fair setup design. Good aesthetics. Storyline looks funny and interesting. Few trolls.

I think that this hack will find an audience with the German kaizo community. I can't say for sure because I'm not too involved there, but I understand that there are a lot of precision players and creators there. I think that it will draw some criticism from non-German players, where precision is a dirty word.

I think that the precision style is fun and satisfying, as long as it's in the realm of "expert Mario." When a precision setup is precise + blind, or precise + jank, or precise + unintuitive, it quickly becomes frustrating. Sometimes a setup is too precise, not because of the accuracy of the inputs required, but because it makes it blind, jank, or unintuitive. I have detailed my thoughts on this above, for each setup that I find problematic.

As a creator that made a successful precision hack, I respect the precision style. None of my feedback is simply, "This is too tight." But I feel that you used emulator tools to bypass your own playtesting. In its current state, this hack might not be accepted on the site, and it suffers from some major level design issues.

The Bumpty level should get extensive work done on it, with ASM and level design to make it less blind and inconsistent. This is by far the most problematic level.

DM me if you'd like a tester

So I just updated my resource pack for Kuso Ecstasy ASM. It now includes descriptive filenames for all the ASM, a list of which ASM goes to which level in the hack, and more accurate comments. I think that this resource pack will be useful to students of ASM that read this tutorial and are seeking examples or usable resources.



This one's on the house. *Slides you a quarter*



I'm currently working on a new project that explores retro arcade games. The focus is on high score gaming.

The demo is just one game. Intended difficulty is standard: normal. The level can't be "beaten", and it should only take a few minutes to see what it's about. It's SA-1.

Please excuse the lack of bells and whistles (title screen, music, overworld, etc.) Since I just released a major hack, I haven't had time to really flesh out this concept yet, but here are some ideas I'm exploring for other features:

+Randomized overworld and levels
+Different game modes (adventure, endless)
+More score mechanics like coins, dragon coins, bonus games, etc.
+Original soundtrack

My current plan is to have 10 games, each with a sibling level that creates some kind of twist, like a different level, enemies, gimmick, or direction.


+Playtesting: Heraga
+Thanks: AmperSam, Heraga, lx5, meatlof, Runic_Rain, TheBiob

Post your high scores

+Glitchcat7: 159,400 (in 5 lives)
+NewPointless: 18,200
+Nicoke42: 10,600 points (in 1 life)
+Lungfish: 10,000 points
+Idealiter: 20 coins (at least 4,000 points)

Thanks for waiting #smrpg{:D}

I love the Medieval style of this music. It is mesmerizing in a way. Thanks for your contribution!

The "Dragon!!" port is a bit shrill for my taste, though.


I love the groovy vibe you have going here. Good use of silence to create rhythm and divide up the phrases.

I assume that your hack "Comedy" will feature some humor that is too spicy for the general audience? I wish you the best on your hack. #smrpg{y}

Yo I checked out your screenshots. It looks really cool. Doryu's boyfriend is REALLY ADORABLE. Best of luck with the hack #smrpg{y}

Thanks for pushing your ports into experimental territory. I really like all these artists, so keep it up! #smrpg{y}

Wow, I remember hearing about this at a previous C3. Congrats on drafting your homebrew NES game! It's very impressive.

Stunning rips, as always, Brutapode! I've used your graphics in some of my hacks, and I appreciate the work you do #smrpg{y}

wow this soundtrack is really stunning. I wouldn't expect anything less from you, Kevin. Great work! #smrpg{y}

Wow, what a wholesome post and story. The hack looks really cool, and I hope the kaizo veterans find as much joy in it as you do! #smrpg{y}

I also like Prelude Woods. It's so smooth and listenable. A lot of your compositions have a really rhythmic and melodic quality that I envy. Cheers! #smrpg{y}

I can't wait to see people play this. I think this is gonna make a big splash. Congrats on your release! #smrpg{y}

After perusing these facts, I have developed a sneaking suspicion that some of these may be untrue. Don't be alarmed, but I've brought this thread to the notice of Magician. I'm sure we'll all appreciate your cooperation in ending the scourge of fraudulent C3 threads, that have plagued this community for far too long.

Woah, your skills keep increasing! #smrpg{haha}

Looks really cool, keep it up! #smrpg{y}

Nice stream #smrpg{y}

woah this looks really cool

1 is the possible level progression for SMB1. I suspect many of the other graphs are possible overworld progressions or something of the sort.

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