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I was inspired to use the "Present if all Palaces Beaten" custom block, but upon being ready to assign GFX to it, I realized that there would be no way for it to replicate an actual switch block's behavior. Aka, being transparent with a border and going solid once the flag is present.

I am aware that this requires SRAM and ASM to do, yet I am not experienced with either, so I wanted to ask for help.

How/Where would I edit any of this, and could I be pointed to appropriate tutorials for this? Would anyone know exactly what I would need to do?

Thank you so much! I apologize on the lack of a link. I didn't think of it.
While UNKO uses Asar, I presume that you don't use Asar itself as it's a specialized process. I presume you write it and push it through UNKO
. . .The object insertion tool he linked.
Custom objects are useful in many circumstances. In mine, I have a block that I want to be able to switch between GFX and if its solid or not, like a normal palace block. However, I cannot do that with tiles, as there's no way it could ever change with those conditions.

Objects are also useful if you have complex layouts that you would like to remember, etc.
I feel like an idiot. I keep doing ctrl, shift, and page down (which I have to shift for on the number pad anyways) and it will not show me any sort of map16 data for sprites. I read about it several times and I cannot seem to find what the problem is. I know I'm a noob but I cannot for the life of me understand whats not working right. Is there any way to manually enable it? Why is it hidden as a key combination anyways?
It's weird because no matter what page I am told to be on, I do the combination but nothing at all happens. Could having Lunar Magic 3.1 be the problem? I don't think its my keyboard's fault because individually all keys work
After hitting a bunch of random keys with control and shift, and then hitting pgdown on 9A, it unlocked. Really weird. But resolved.
I know this is a very dumb question. I know that purging is only done because a sprite is inferior or not needed. And I know that means that it is likely permanently removed. However, there were a couple that I did find personally useful, and I wanted to know if they were ever hosted externally, can still somehow be accessed, or for some reason someone has them.

I think this belongs here because it isn't specific to hacking "help"
Upon looking at this, these were what I was talking about. While they're unnecessary and don't need to be converted to PIXI, would I just follow the guide for Romi to PIXI to do so?
Thanks! I saw a few I wanted that haven't been because of how it could be suggested to 'do it yourself', so I will.
Exactly what the title says. I got an idea (that's certainly been done before) of having a switch palace be a "Switch Fortress", that will have one of the four events activate after normal level completion, which in this case, would be after defeating a boss (causing the level to end).

I have no idea which events are what, and I'm sure there's some post somewhere that my dumb inferior brain managed to miss.

Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Tysm! I really appreciate it :D
Hello. My rom appears to be perfectly fine in terms of functionality in Lunar Magic and other programs, yet when I attempt to add blocks with GPS, I'm given an error. Specifically "Error on line 29: Missing space or acts like seperator."

My rom managed to survive in the midst of an external program deleting a bunch of crap, but it was unmodified and wasn't deleted, so no data should be modified. What's going on? Is there a repair I can do?

Using the debug option in command prompt gave the following information.
ROM Information:
SA-1: 0
ROM Size: 0x400000
Header Size: 0x200

Error on line 29: Missing space or acts like seperator.
Sure, absolutely. There are no duplicate numbers, and there are no missing spaces that I can see.

The line that would be in question would be "41B:130 solidpswitch.asm" though anything I put in its place also has the same error.
Huh. I'll try that right now. I'm not really sure what gave me the idea in the first place, but it always seemed to work beforehand.

Edit: This worked! Thank you for the help! Somewhere along the way I must have gotten things mixed up, as I'm unsure what led for me to do this before. Everything worked perfectly. #tb{:>}
Hi! I looked through this guide on ExAnimation and unfortunately couldn't find much on block animation. I designed the Launch Pad block to look like a springboard. I designed two other phases for the block when it's "jumped" on.

Is there any way to make this block go to a different Map16 tile when Mario makes contact with the top of it? I know that the behavior of this block launches you across screens very fast so you'd barely see it, but I'd like to try and do this for aesthetic reasons, as it bothers me seeing it behave entirely like a cement block.

Since it launches you immediately, concern over the block switching to anything like an air tile isn't necessary, unlike something like a stationary P-switch
Thank you both for the replies! Aside from the patch, are there any tutorials on where I can begin with this? I'm no advanced coder but I can eventually map things out through tutorials.
Apologies for such a dumb question, but I looked around and couldn't find an answer. While I know that a graphics file must be 4 kb, why must it be this way? I understand that there's borders to deal with and stuff like that, but why can't this just be expanded? I don't have a problem with ExGFX, but there are limited slots for ExGFX, and my room for custom graphics in a single level is limited.
Hi. I read a long while ago that the site was planning on converting to GIEPY from PIXI, however, I haven't seen that happen yet, and I'm still seeing new sprites be created, but with PIXI format.

It's just a tad frustrating because there are super awesome custom sprites made for both tools, and quite a few aren't compatible with PIXI, and the ones that are have an older version.

Is there a formal tutorial on how to convert GIEPY to PIXI? Will it ever be possible to have a program like Trashkas that converts these sprites between each other?
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