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The whole deku nuts thing has always kinda seemed weird to me because when Link throws them they move in a straight line like a torpedo. I was just thinkin wouldn't it be cooler if they were arrows instead? Then you could make the deku nuts act like mario's fireballs, but instead of killing an enemy it would stun them like it does on ocarina of time. It could even make that same noise as OoT and turn the ememy blue. This is just a thought. I'm not trying to tell you how to run your own hack, it's just that the deku nuts bother me. Other then that though this is a great hack an I can't wait to play it. And about the demo. You said you don't have levels right? You could just release the gameplay of one fighting scene and mabye a fake boss. Well thats basicly it ICB.
Three questons:
#1 Does Link have to find 5 heart pieces to get 1 heart container like he does on Twighlight Princess (because it seems more reasonable since there is only 7 total hearts) or four like the other zeldas?
P.s. I've seen your heart video on youtube, I was just wondering if you were planing on changing it.
#2 Can Link duck and look up like Mario does on SMW?
#3 Since this is a deku themed hack, is there going to be a level when you go into the Deku shrubs kingdom like Link does on Majora's Mask? And are they going to attack you? Would the kingdom use the the same art as it did on MM?
Thanks for all these awnsers. You know ICB you're really good at anwsering things without relly spoiling anything. I respect that. Nice job with the hack by the way, it's looking great ....... dang I can't help it. Is Link gonna have a sheild? :)
That does make sense Sind, but ICB wants to have Link receive a heart container at the end of every dungon.And if there are 8 dungons that means Link will end up with ten hearts including the two extras.
I'm not trying a hack or anything, I just want to listen to some of the custom music. How do I do that? When I download it and try to open it, it just says: "This file is invalid for use as the following:
PKCS #7." I also want to know how to look at custom sprites. Any Help?
Can you guys tell me specificly tell me which tool to use just to hear the custom music because I'm a noob and have no idea what y'all are saying to me right now......
Have you found a way to change some of the SMW sound effects? With an exception to the jumping sound, that ones cannon. While other sounds like the ones you hear when you collect a ruppee need to be changed.
What the last three guys said!!!!!!!! ^ ^ ^
Hey quick question about fourms:
Q. How do you post what another person said and what you want to say?
Ex. What "Qhj" and "Mario_SMW-Style01" did.
I might as well ask because theres a bunch of people here and I don't want to have to start a whole new thread. So just Pleeeeaaase awsner anyway!!!!!!
Originally posted by Count Crotchula
To Jakester: Find the Quote button on top of the person's post.

Thanks! :)

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Dang it!!!!!!! ^^^^^
I screwed up!!!!!!!!!!
You should have the SMW Central website be a level, and Mario could be running all over our posts!!! XD
Originally posted by MatthewPZC
Okay, guys, quit getting off-topic. NOW. Get back to discussing the hack before I have to start handing out bans. It's amazing how you people are trying so hard to derail this thread with stuff you coulda asked in your own thread or in a PM. Stay on the topic, please!

I was about to get back on topic but it would not let me double post, so I appoligize for that ICB . Well anyway back on topic; Are you going to use the other soilders from A Link to the Past like the way you used that one as Chargin Chunk? If you did, would these other soilders be kinda like the hammer bros. Like some would throw bombs, others would shoot arrows? Would some even use swords?

Sorry to be off topic again but I can't keep posting like this when I want to quote somoene. How do I keep the person's quote AND THEN write what I want to say OUTSIDE the quote box?

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To above poster ^^^^^ (Sigh) Ok I'm sorry for asking ONE SIMPLE QUESTON THAT COULD HAVE BEEN ANWSERED WITH ONE SIMPLE POST..... Sheesh, I'll make my own thread. It was simple question plus I also asked about Soldiers... oh well bye I'm outa of here, to start a whole new freakin thread for one stupid question!!!!!
Sorry to make another fail thread but I have a question about quoting somone elses post. when I want to quote somoene, How do I keep the person's quote AND THEN write what I want to say OUTSIDE the quote box?
P.S. I know about the quote button
P.P.S. Is there a place where noobs like me could ask these forum questions?
So you're not going to release anything zelda hack related at C3 ICB. Not even a youtube video or a sprite?
just wondering.
I wish I could look at these videos of greatness, but my internet is to dang slow. :'(
You should have some control to make Link do some sort of downward thrust with his sword to destroy jars, weak floors, etc. It would be great for secrets and puzzles!
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