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Hoy Friends,
i'm new here and i'm doing hack based on GB games.
the the name that I chose for him is called



My idea came when i'm playing games type Pokemon,Super Mario Land,Kirby Dream Land,Legend of Zelda and other. came in my head a game with GB aspect, platform, which would have a completely cliché story, but, that would be fun and cool to play. that this when the name pastime.

Story of the game:

the story revolves around a boy calledHERO
(yeah, that's the name.)who ends up
being called by someone who ends up telling him to go to the
king's castle, arriving there, are surprised with 4 group of
skeletons commanded by another enemy kingdom that seeks to destroy that kingdom which is protected by a magical force.
so it's up to HERO to take the 7 elements that cover the magical force and destroy the evil king


Here are some screenshots of the game.
(ps:need news)

Overworld (Improvised):


Level 1:

I hope you have like it.
Since I took too long, I'll put the Sample Level here if you want to know how level 1 will be.
the image format is this way because I don't know
how to change that.but,anyway,thanks#tb{^V^}

Edit:it's fixed, thank you

I'm having some problems about some musics and
i want help. may be small problems but these things are
annoying me(and that you too should have).
here are some problems that I'm having:

1 - This Tool is making me angry because when I put the SPC (and I've read the txt file)
it does NOT READ the SPC, and only by demonstration,
I put a photo to show for you guys what he says:

(And yes I have Windows XP)

2 - I need a perfect tutorial(not to mention much) to create music:
not to mention a lot,
listen to this SNES SPC700 PLAYER or SPC Tool.

Those are some things that I'm having problems with.
if I have more, I'll tell you guys.
here is another error when
I was putting the SPC in the ROM with AddMusicK
(with the SPCtoMML):

(Note: at the time I was putting the music in the ROM,
already ported to MML, the other songs were
successively placed in the place.
Tell me what the problem and what does it mean?)

talking in the other songs, I noticed a change in
the sounds that are appearing in the level,
when the music is sampled it changes completely in the sounds of the level and it is strange because
they have the same sound effects of the music.
sorry for the delay, I really did 1 month without doing anything. but if you want to see my game and make a note for my game, you can play (at least) level 1. and if you happen to want to know why when the Mario pick up the Fire Flower gets kind of bugged, it's because I still will not patch. Later, in beta, I put it.
Hi there!

First, this is The SMW Hacking by Hack on Work in Progress, but if you want to make this a collaboration project like you said, you should make a team to join people to help your hack.
Hi, EmulaDuck!

Okay, this name of the hack is a less good (i don't know) but if you want to put a screenshot of your hack is easy, pick up the URL that you want (preferably from your "My Files") and click on this:

and set to your url files (to submit a thing to your files it just to click on the "Unpload File")
Music:Good Weather

Game: Mr. Gimmick


Youtube [Extended Version]:Here

Samples:to be more Cute, try to make a Arrangement with KDL3 Samples.

Percussion: NES Styled (or KDL3 is fine)

Echo:Try to Make more fancier than the Original.
i swear that this time is now...


So when I was not from here, I was making Concepts of some failed hacks, and one of these is called Super Mario and the Corrupted Dimension (that i will still thinking to make) and i see these graphics (unifinished but beautiful), so i tried to finish these graphics, and that is. I think that was good for people that want a detailed hack.





Have fun using these #tb{:j}
Thanks! i try my best to making this (The bad thing is that I stayed until 5 o'clock in the morning to do this, and i'm not kidding #tb{D'X}) on the next C3 i'll try to make something more creative, maybe it's more interesting by this one.
Could you please make Ma Pignon from Cave Story Plus?(i know that already have, but i want he Big and Customizable)

Here is the Sprite (He is the Purple Cowboy Mushroom)

I Don't know how to tell your Attacks, but i have a Video that simplifies what i'm telling.

And the last thing: want that he lose life with fire with fire flower (and that he have 10 lives).
wow, Beautiful Ports that you made (loved this ports, they are SOOooo powerful, i could make a hack using these ports new ideas for future). Thank you!#tb{:j}
Humm.. Thomas, Is not that risky use the Mode 7 in a level,etc? (i see in Ceres Station from Super Metroid that use the Mode 7, and if you make an uncertain change, can break or corrupt the ROM).
You could Plese make Fox Mccloud? (From Star Fox) (It can be a pose that you want, i don't want difficult you).
What a beautiful music that you have ported!

"Hamlet" (or Stage 2 of Goof Troop) it i'll be good with a Cave, Dungeon, Ruins or Beach Level (or a Movimented Overworld)

Now "Lose my Way" (or Stage 4 of Goof Troop) (which i love it) i'll perfectly with ice, snow or a Shiver Palace (or Overworld, i don't know either)

Well, i see a big potencial with these ports, you should port more things on the next C3, keep it going!
Ok guys, thanks for all of you to like it, i thinking that the next c3 making a Graphics Hack with it, and launch a new demo of my game (that are stopped of 1 year). Goodbye!
Daizo Dee Von, i think that you shouldn't need to pick up so many one-line block for no reason (like on the place that have three blue koopas).
What I'm going to say now is more for a suggestion (that you don't really need to make it). I will begin to talk about the news (that are the BLDC). The Baserom Level Design Contest (or BLDC) is really a good contest that, different of VLDC, you have a chance to use graphics, sprites, powerups, blocks (and other things) that are aren't just in the Original Game, but having more choices and more freedom to make your levels. I have to say that I participated of this contest to see what I can do using the Originals Graphics with the things that are implemented on the Rom (and citing that this is the first time that I participated of a Contest). I'm not saying that this is just a VLDC+, and this is due to the fact that (and for) the Creativity of the peoples that will make the levels (their styles, their designs, on what they were based, etc). In short, it's very good and could have more (in my opinion).
Now for the things I saw (and they were like, A LOT) are that, since that this is new, he didn't get much attention.
Honestly speaking, I know why all that trouble happened on the last day. First of all, I have to say that some peoples wanted to enter on the contest but, they are peoples; they have go to work and study. I know that it have 2 months (and even a extended deadline), but they have a social life, they have to live their lifes, or our life just depends to Hack? obvious that's not. there is a catch about what I just said right now. There are also some people who, besides not paying attention and or reading the rules, make joke, simple or purposely bad levels. that's the thing I hate the most, because, some people who tried to make a good and decent level, end up suffering unnecessarily by that person that not even tried to make it.

Sorry if what I talked right now are useless. Now I will talk what I really want to talk, that are my Opinion and Feedback (which, as I had said, can only be used for a suggestion).
Sorry (again) if what I will say right now can be a bit (or super) rude (please don't see me for a bad guy), but when you are making (or updating) make sure of test, not just one, or two, but three times before you send something. I saw two things (right now) that, since they were not deepened, left the heads of the participants confused, that are the unmodified Mario colors and the SMB3 to SMW Powerdown. I won't even talk about it (because this has already been discussed) and, before you ask, try to install the rom again (if don't have been deleted) and you will see it by yourself.

Now what I want for the next BLDC (if has) is that have

- More graphics with SMW styled.
- More super mario maker 2 tilesets.
- And even SMW Beta Graphics would be good.

As I said, you don't need to listen to me, these are just my suggestions and my opinions, they are not worth much.
Mega Man X: Password Screen

It's have more 23 seconds but still is a good and a simple music to port (i think).

Edit: Sorry for me being a idiot, the song originally have 0:37 of length, and the non-expanded video that i see have 1:23 of length (because of the loop). Sorry #ab{;_;} .
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BootaNoBijuu's Profile - Posts by BootaNoBijuu

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