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Request name: Star Coin (Dynamic)
Type: Sprite
Desc: In this patch, there is a star coin sprite. It would be nice to have an alternate version that uses a dynamic graphics routine for use with the Dynamic Z patch.
There is a patch that recreates the NSMB star coins here. You may be able to use this or use it as a guide for what you would like to do.
Originally posted by GatoSlashFish
in addition to displaying the amount of collectibles you have on the map screen.

with the patch provided, you would have to just read from the relevant ram addresses that were used in the patch, and write them to the screen somehow. in the simplest scenario, you could probably use uberasm to run some custom overworld code to write the number of collected coins somewhere to the screen, or something like that.
i hope (small, possibly) bugfixes are okay...
i cannot get this line guide acts like patch to work with custom line guided sprites like this. i was hoping its a simple fix but since i'm rather new to smw's code its been taking me a long time to investigate by myself. it seems like the games default sprites work fine on other gfx header modes other than the rope ones with alternate tiles but this example does not.

similar with this better platforms patch. it seems like it should work properly with sprites that act like sprite 80 (the key) to move mario when he stands on them, but it does not (example: carryable pipe. this by default acts like p-switch, but i changed the cfg to act like sprite 80 but it still does not work. i even inserted the key disassembly as a custom sprite and it doesn't work with that either.)

i hope this isn't too much to ask. i would appreciate anything to decide to do regardless. thank you.
I'm having trouble inserting multiple dynamic sprites with PIXI.
It's complaining there's not enough space to incbin the graphics file. However, if I use Lunar Magic's 'Scan ROM' functionality, it tells me I have a total of 0x17F482 bytes of freespace available. Further, the largest contiguous free area is 0x19614 bytes. The graphics files in question are 0xFFFF bytes. Is this a known issue, and is there a way to circumvent it?
Originally posted by Thomas
The issue is probably due to the size of the graphics; although each bank is technically 0x10000 bytes large, only the first 0x8000 bytes of each bank are actually mapped to ROM data (in LoROM mapping, at least). So your graphics file can't actually fit contiguously and you'll have to cut it in half.

If this is an SA-1 ROM though, then it is possible to map the full bank contiguously by accessing the data through the ROM mirrors in banks C0-FF (which mimick HiROM mapping).

Thanks for taking the time to reply, Thomas. I've read about the need to deal with crossing banks when dealing with dynamic sprites with graphics files this large. I think most of the dynamic sprites in the sprites section with sprite graphics this large handle this already in their graphics routines, right? Regardless, ASAR's incbin directive should just dump it into the ROM (i'd imagine on a bank boundry) if there is enough contiguous space, shouldn't it?
Anyway, I managed to get it to work. I think the combination of patches and such I had applied broke my ROM somehow and was causing this not to work properly. I tried to remove/reinsert all sprites with PIXI and everything broke. It works fine after porting to a new ROM.
I don't have a name for this yet. I'll get there eventually.

I'm hoping to actually release a 4-level demo tomorrow. These levels take too long to make.

Here's some screenshots:

I'm not sure this really displays how I want it to, maybe they look a little boring. Oh well.
I wanted to go for a 'Mario' feel, still. So far there's a lot of SMAS assets. I like how they look.

Intended features:
Uses SA-1.
+ Exploration. Yoshi coins matter (star coin system*), so find them! But, they are not mandatory, so you don't have to look for them if you don't want to. The intention is to make heavy use of Lunar Magic's new variable level sizes: I think a lot of these levels will end up much larger than average.
+ Multiple Midway Points, to make long levels feel less punishing.
Use of Conditional Map16 to prevent farming item boxes*
+ Extra Powerups; Use Dynamic Z to DMA new Mario graphics.
+ Red Coins as additional collectible*
+ Bonus Rooms count towards % total*
+ Unrestricted Powerups. Yoshi allowed in every level; No level shall force you to abandon him.
+ Screen-scrolling pipes
Sadly, much of this (*) is unimplemented fully at the moment or still contains bugs (nothing gamebreaking). However, I did want to gauge some interest in these style of levels. They are large and my intent is to make the mod rather challenging (hopefully, in a fair way).

Look out for a download link here in the next day or so. I'm trying to clean up and complete some of these levels, still. At the very least, I'll post something where the levels are playable even if they aren't complete.

Thanks very much for looking.

e: Demo is here:
Click to download!

As I note in my post Here, it is less done than I would like for C3. I considered not posing anything, but I figured a little bit (even if rather disappointing) is better than nothing at all. I (finally) took lots of time to fix some of the buggy graphics and other little things that had been piling up for some time, so I guess that's a plus for now.

The ROM is unlocked, but the game name is changed. Please feel free to take a look around. (e: I left some silly testing stuff lying around. Please redownload if you've already downloaded it.)

Thanks again!
Thanks for your replies! I'm glad the aesthetic I was going for agrees with many of you.

Originally posted by Koopster
I think some palette sets could be improved even further - namely the red sky swamp has a rather unfitting foreground color, and the waterfall temple has either a too bright background or too dark foreground.

Thanks for this feedback! I haven't been able to address this yet, but I somewhat see what you mean. I've made a note to take a look at these soon.

I'm going to drop the demo. It's here: Click to download!

I worry that some of you may be disappointed. It's not as done as I would like...It's playable, however. I don't quite have the time or energy like I used to. Check out the readme for some of my notes on individual levels (the third level, as mentioned there, is very not-done at the moment)

I considered not dropping it at all, but I would like to at least get a little feedback on what's there. Sorry if I disappoint any of you.

Originally posted by Koopster
A very nice wall of text, thank you very much

Hey, thanks for this feedback! I think it's really helpful to get some other perspectives.
I'll certainly of your comments into consideration. I think it's too easy to forget that I made most of the levels so there's not much 'exploration' when I play them.
In your specific example
If you stayed on the top level and navigated to the right, there's another switch above the waterfall, so you don't have to go all the way back. But I think the fact that you found you had to is a problem regardless.

I'll give the midpoints some thought too. I think one per collectible is a bit much, but I think I can set them up in such a way that it can be alleviated (I think making them able to be used multiple times might be very helpful if they're placed properly and the levels are designed with this in mind, but maybe that encourages backtracking for safety too much). I'll give it some thought.

Originally posted by Ninja Boy
One suggestion is to make red coins also matter since just getting a nice 100% isn't always enough to get people to explore having the collectables unlock things like special power ups, save locations, extra levels, things like that

Thanks for the feedback! I agree. There's not much on that front in this demo, but I'm planning for it at the moment. I just got the star coins working properly (nearly) with all the other patches so I at least have that going at the moment. I was looking at making some JUMP-like collectables that are unlockable with yoshi coins/red coins or some such at the very least.

Originally posted by Koop the Koopa
This hack is brilliant!
The bouncing shy guys, the graphics, palettes and game play!

Very neat!

Thanks very much!
In the music sections, the music player used to work for me until some time ago. It looks like at that time the site either had a pure javascript implementation or served asm.js as a fallback.
Please consider serving asm.js (or a javascript implementation) if the user decides to not have webassembly enabled.
Thank you.

e: related -- it would also be nice for the error message to be more honest. I know it's probably as-is for the sake of the average user who likely has no idea what webassembly is, but it's disingenuous when using an off-kilter browser (particularly when so much of the web insists on user agent sniffing in lieu of real feature detection)
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