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Hi, I'm blackeagle766 and this is my first post here on this forum (tough I've been reading some topics and posts here for a longer while, and ontop of that I registered almost a year ago =P).

I'm currently working on my 2nd smw romhack. It's my actualy first serious romhack.
It will contain ExGFX, and I'm also messing around with some ASM patches (tough I'm not that good in coding) and the sound banks (by using smws053).
I really want it to become a great hack that will be noticed by many people and is fun to play, and have many ideas for it (Some that I cannot even do yet due to my lack of knowledge of asm and the fact that I'm bad at drawing stuff).
But I will carry on and do my best to achieve what I can.
It's pretty fun to do and I already finished 4 levels.
I'll put up a demo once I've finished creating the first world and playtested it about 15 times (so I can recieve all of your helpfull critisisms or however you spell it to improve my hack, and to see if I'm going into the right direction).

Just got back into romhacking a bit before the summer, so I tought why not starting to use the smwc forums instead of just browsing through them, hmm?

About myself, I'm just a random guy. I can be serious at times but mostly I'm quite energetic.
I got a youtube channel aswell (tough I haven't gotten much video's on it yet). I'll probaly will be posting some levels from my hack later on.

I hope to have a great time with you guys! =)

P.S. I hope I didn't make a too long post here. I seem to be making large posts on youtube lately aswell as other forums.


My Rips/Exgfx:

I want to use an level FG and BG ExGFX that I downloaded in 1 level, but the problem is they both use a different template (custom template, not an normal smw one).

My question is:
Is there any way that I can let my FG and BG use different "custom" template (.tpl) files so I can fit both the ExGFX in 1 level with the correct colours? (I know how you can do it with the standard SMW pallettes, but I have no clue about how to do it with tpl files)

If not, do I have to edit the ExGFX in YY-chr and make my own tpl file to be able to do this?

Or do I have to rip the textures and the pallette from the game itself?
(In the level I want to create, both the FG and BG come from the same game and level).

Or is there another option for this?

And another question:
How do I fix this problem with the status bar? The colours are messed up by the tpl file.
Any way I can let the tpl file not change pallettes on the status bar?


The way I inserted the costum .tpl files was by going to "file>pallettes>Import level pallette from file" in LM.


My Rips/Exgfx:

Ok, I made 2 levels in lunar magic, 1 with the bg tpl file, the other 1 with the FG tpl.
I opened them both in lunar magic at the same time (2 lm's), and copied the FG pallette to the level with the BG pallette...

And it worked, thx alot!
This will really help me out. =)

Tough 1 thing that I probably didn't understand correctly:
Originally posted by Iceyoshi

You can do this with Left Click + Ctrl and then select the appriopriate palette number.

Like a Copy/paste option?
When I pressed left click + ctrl in the lunar magic level > change pallette and colors option on a pallette tile, nothing happened.
Right click + ctrl made my pallette tile I used it on fully black.

So, what I did instead was: I just copied the FG pallette by hand by typing over the colour numbers at the right places of the BG costum pallette in Lunar magic.

Could I fix the status bar the same way?


My Rips/Exgfx:

I would do it for a day, but I would prefer doing it for a week.
Just to see and feel how it is.
For both perverted, normal and educational reasons.

Tough, my brain should be thinking as a girl then aswell so I would get a better image about how it is to be a girl and learn how they feel and react emotionally towards others, the environment, things, objects, things that happen etc.

I think 1 day is actually to short to know/feel how it is to be a girl. I'd prefer a week experience, 1 day is so short. In a week you can atleast find out, research, try out and learn alot more stuff then in 1 day.
That would be a very educational, cool and probaly also a fun experience.

Originally posted by Grishnax
I would go and rob a bank...
What? Nobody would know it was me, because I would look and sound different as a girl.

Lol XD


My Rips/Exgfx:

My worst mistake:
In LM I used alot star roads on my first hack's overworld.
And somehow some warp stars didn't teleport back to the correct warp star (while I filled it in correctly in LM) so you could skip some levels.

I couldn't fix it until a while ago.
I edited the warp star that warp to warp you onto a level tile itself (by putting the star it teleported to onto a level tile and deleting the warp star, it somehow still saved the warp location).
Did the same with the other bugged star and let it teleport to Yoshi's house.
It's the weirdest bug I've seen in LM so far.


My Rips/Exgfx:

Count me in.
Sounds fun to me.
Will be my first, yet unofficial level contest I'll be partaking in.
It will be a good way to practise my vanilla skills, pallette skills and level design skills.

But 3 Questions:
1.Are there any restrictions to level lenght?
2.And does the overworld count too? (As I've seen people on youtube participating last year also making an small overworld).
3.Is it allowed to change palletes for blocks etc by using the map16 pages?


My Rips/Exgfx:

Boring leveldesign: With that I mean flat levels that have almost no/ no enemies (yeah unless its yoshi's house) and there's absolutely no stuff in the level aside from the ground and maybe just 1 pipe.
Dont get me wrong tough:
Flat levels can be fun if filled with some stuff, just look at smb 1 for example.
And levels with nearly no enemies (or even no enemies) can be fun too if they are designed well.

Remakes from SMB 1's level 1-1: First, let me tell you I don't have problems with remakes with remade levels, however SMB 1 1-1 is remade to much.
If you want to remake a level of an original mario game, let it be an level not much people remake.
Like SMB 1's level 5-2 or SMB 3's level 3-2.
If your really want to remake SMB 1 1-1, make an interesting twist to it.
I've seen someone making a very creative twist of it, and it was actually a very fun level to play.

Also, it's a good idea to make such levels optional like TSRPR did with the sml 1-1 remake for example.

Hacks become TOO difficult to play normally at the end:
Just take bowsers starship in TSRPR for example. Tough it was a good level, it was too difficult (also because of the lenght) and made me spam savestates.

Bad use of midway points: Having very long levels like huge castles with a difficult boss, but a midway point that is placed almost at the beginning or worse, not being there at all.
Midway points aren't required in short levels, but if you are going to make a long level then please use 1. Especially if it's a hard level.

To much puzzles: Having some puzzles is your hack is not a bad thing, but it gets anoying if you have to much of them unless your hack is like super puzzle world.
Because if I want to solve alot puzzles, I'll either play a puzzle hack or an other game.

Levels that give you no clue where to go to: If your level has 20 directions to go, 20 pipes to choose from and 10 doors to choose from, atleast give us some clues where to go/ what do.
I don't mind going through 2 rooms guessing which of the 2 doors I need to go through, but I dont like spending 20 minutes on just finding an exit because its in 1 of the 20 pipes.

Getting stuck by using the P-switch wrong: Do I need to say more?

That's all I can think of now.

And 1 other thing I have to say:
Kaizo hacks and hacks that are made to require save states aren't bad. They even can be enjoyable and fun if they are made well.
Tough I'm not a kaizo fan myself. =P


My Rips/Exgfx:

Als ik roy's Layer 3 ExGFX v1.1 patch zou toepassen, zou ik dan 2 BG's achter elkaar kunnen hebben en 1 FG?

Ik wil net zulke effect kunnen creeren zoals ze het bijvoorbeeld bij de bramble blast level in dkc2 hebben gedaan (1 BG met scrollende wolken, 1 BG met de dorens erbovenop en 1 FG).

En is er een object waar als je erin inloopt, je wordt geteleporteerd naar een ander level?


My Rips/Exgfx:

A city level I made. I will probaly make it a bit longer and remove some mushroom blocks. I think I was a bit generous with them.
I also got to shorten the sewers (not shown in the video).
Costum music included. It's my first costum music SMW port.
It's Mirror B's theme from Pokemon XD - Gale of darkness. The Txt is 7,74 kb's. Still gotta use the L command tough.
I might upload it later if you guys want it. Just got to tweak it some.
<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
Feedback is very welcome as I haven't made that much levels with ExGFX yet and this is my first smw song port. And I really want to improve my skills. =)
So if you see anything I should change/could improve feel free to say it (Tough I know that there's a glitched tile at the end + a flying note block at the begin).

@logup: That looks very nice and tropical!

@Hadron: I would love to use that in an ice level. Does HDMA require asm? (I never heard of HDMA before)

Edit: I also noticed there is 1 instrument not syncing that well at 1:26. But I like the effect to be honest.


My Rips/Exgfx:

I cleared it once on easy mode, and once on normal mode.
Now I'm busy on hard mode.

I really like the game. It got a good story, you got alot powers to mess around with (and to kill people with) and you gotta love the freedom too. Some of the challenges are hard tough... (especially some of the "hit the marks in time" challenges).
The game's difficulty goes from easy to hard like a game should (Aside from the challenges). And you unlock new challenges and upgrades after almost each mission.
I also liked the fact you can redo all of the missions when you cleared the game while keeping all of your powers.
I'm even planning on doing a video walkthrough of this game someday in my vacation (if fraps will work the way I want it).

I'll give it a 9/10 aswell.


My Rips/Exgfx:

@ S.N.N : The graphics look great, and so does the level design itself. And I like the fact you don't have to carry a key around. You just pick it up and voila.
Saves time, stress and you can't lose it by accidently dropping it into the lava ;).

@ Dinomar: I like the look of your status bar, and the house, ground and background graphics are nicely done aswell. (Is the bg water animated?)
One thing I would try is changing TIME to green and changing the numbers under it to the same colour as the other numbers.
I think that would fit your status bar better.

Originally posted by Artsy2
The koopas themselves are actually kinda' neat IMO, but the shells are a bit weird, they look like bikes. o_0

They are supposed to be bikers on a bike. Their shells are the bikes. =P
I downloaded it from the ExGFX section. (excitebike)


My Rips/Exgfx:

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>


My Rips/Exgfx:

I vote for the heart-shaped cookie!
I really like it alot more then all the other cookies.
It just sparkles and catches my eye more then the other ones.


My Rips/Exgfx:

@ Dinomar: nice effect.

@ TDL: Looks awesome! I'd love to use that in a level. =P
1 Thing I found odd looking is how the electric wires connect to the pole. But other then that it looks great!
As for ideas for decorations, what about:
- A bus stop.
- stairs
- latern pole with lights off variant
- low fence
- wooden fence
- signs/road signs/orange traffic cones/street lights
- Cars
- Empty/used can's/bottles/garbage on the floor.

Also, these levels from soccer kid might give you some inspirations for your decoration:
Soccer kid city level SNES
Soccer kid city level [Night]

@ demonsul: Nice, I would have never tought of that. Looks fun.


My Rips/Exgfx:

Your levels look nice, and your ow aswell.
I like the level design and music.

1 small thing that caught my eye:

The inner gray inside the upside-down U of the bridge looks cut off (just look a bit above the water and a bit of the right of the hill's left eye).


My Rips/Exgfx:
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