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Having a lot of fun with your romhack Wakana, right now i'm at 59 exits and struggling to find some of the secrets, can you write down their locations somewhere? I'm sure that will be helpful for quite a few people.

Also, did you disable healing in one of the recent patches?
(Level was made overwriting Yoshi's Island 2)

I've always been a fan of the skytree-esque levels ever since Kaizo 3 way back in 2015, i've always found them to be dynamic, fast paced and a breath of fresh air to stale SMW level design. The concept itself of clearing pathways for vines comes from a small section way back in vanilla SMW's special world, on the first section of Gnarly, yet it's seldom seen in SMW romhacks and even less so on non-kaizo hacks, my goal with this was to create a skytree-esque level that would be accessible to players of all skill ranges while still being fun to even the most experienced of SMW players.

Skytrees themselves have a few traps when it comes to creating levels with that theme that aspiring creators need to pay attention to. Namely how easily they create situations where the player will get softlocked. I managed to avert this by not creating overly long sections and giving a high amount of reset doors for the player on pretty much every possible softlocking occasion.

During the making of this level i've looked to follow the overall philosophy detailed on thegamedesignforum about SMW which i feel increases it's vanilla factor by looking to stay true to SMW roots when it comes to design while also following some of the innovations of the SMWcommunity, and a big thing that sets this level apart from it's Kaizo relatives is the far lower penalty to the player, with the much smaller amount of hazards as well as reset doors, unlike the Kaizo variants which heavily penalize mistakes through a large number of hazards and require very high precision from the player, which makes them not accessible to beginners and intermediate players.

Making this level has been an interesting learning experience for me, while i had dabbled with Lunar Magic before, i can say this is the first level i made that i can feel proud of and i hope all of you enjoy playing it as much as i did making it.

Special thanks to my friends Yugianbushido and Linkdeadx2 for their help with playtesting my level and for all their support and advice.
Originally posted by Plasmodium00
- The first thing I noticed is that the intro message area has the Let's Go! level music (I think?). I don't know if that will affect your score but you might consider fixing that.
- The area immediately after the wall run is unforgiving as hell.
- The two thwimps above the grinders don't spawn sometimes (and it got me killed a few times)

Other than that it's a solid level. I don't know if you can say it's for beginners because it's a speedrunners level (and as someone who is training in speedrunning I appreciate the practice), and you really need to be fast. If you're not used to it, your hands will get tired.

The first thing is a quirk of Addmusick. I am aware of that but it should be fine, hopefully.

I am also aware of the two thwimps disappearing at times, i've been at a loss on how to fix that to be honest. They do kill me at times as well, though i think they work well at their intended purpose, forcing the player to have a bit more awareness there instead of just tapping the run button and going for it, just me being a little evil really #tb{:p}

And well, i do say beginners because i've had a friend who's pretty much a beginner at SMW help me playtest it, and while it took him several tries, he managed to beat it with no issues and i felt like he was improving at SMW gradually as i was watching him play it, and that gave me the confidence that the vast majority of SMW players would be able to beat it with no issues and enjoy it.

Oh and the speedrunning factor was intentional, i hoped that players would like it enough to go and beat it again and again trying to do it faster each time just like in speedruns, i suppose that justifies the 'race' bit in the title?
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