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The game looks amazing it's a shame i don't have a Swich but if i had one id buy it no questions asked. It makes me wonder what other games
we could see in the future.
So im currently making a smw hack but i want to remove the lighting and the thunder sound for the valley of Bowser Submap does anyong know how to?
So i was wondering if its possible to change the music for the castle or Ghost House intro music before Mario goes into the castle/ghost house if not is there away to disable the intro for the levels.
Thank you ^^
I was wondering how to add custom music to bosses since it seems to play the old one any ideas?
Thanks again ^^
Hey, so i have an issue everytime i die after 100 seconds/time up
the music for all the other levels are fast as if they are under 100 seconds (even the overworld music) anyone know how to fix this issue?
Ah yup! im using: Super Mario World - Miss (Remix) by HarvettFox96
is there a way to fix it if its a custom death/miss music?
Yeah that worked! Thanks Green Jerry! ^^
I just wanted to know if there is away to start the player with a different amount of lives like 3 instead of 5?
Ah perfect that worked! Thank you Codfish #smw{^_^}
So I'm not sure if this is a major issue but when I choose erase data for my hack now it no longer makes the background darker and has a small black bar at the very top of the screen. Has this happened to anyone else?
For me it'll have to be either Donut plains 2 or butter bridge 1. As others have said donut plains 2 is really annoying with waiting for the slow scrolling and the moving ground. butter bridge 1 suffers the same problem with the scrolling there is times it speeds up but it does not last for long. both of these levels are ones I don't look forward to when replaying SMW
So I recently finished my switch palace level however when the switch palace gets destroyed on the overworld the save feature wont show until I move to the previous level again. Is there a way to make it save without forcing the player to move like in in the original game?
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