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Not sure this is because of the new site scheme or something else, but I can't find the "custom title" field anywhere in my edit profile page. So I can't change it. Any explanations? D:
awesome, thanks Lightvayne #tb{:]}
Friggin' amazing C3 we've got here. Seriously, there have been so many amazing stuff already, but new goodies just keep popping up every time I look! #smw{<3}

VLDC 2014, TSRP2R, tons of amazing tools, ports, graphics..

Too bad I couldn't prepare anything this time :c

btw, is C3 bi-annual now or just annual? I'm not sure what was the last change in this.
Nice. Thanks for the fast answer. :)
The fact that you drew all those graphics totally by yourself is epic. I guess I never really realized how much effort is put into them. The hack looks like an unique professional game, especially with the new character and stuff

Level design seems fine to me. Nothing really complex or mind-blowing, just the right amount of variety. I like that it's much more than just "go right and jump occasionally" though. The little house (toybox?) segment is also great. #ab{^_^}
Camel - Song Within a Song

classic prog song. Around 5:44 it gets so great #w{<3}
this hack made me so high right now

Seriously though, interesting concept. I dunno about you guys, but I think the outlines were fine, I could pretty much see what's going on. It was refreshing to see an unique palette idea for once.

It'd be certainly interesting if you would try to play around with the sound effects, or the music... y'know, for a true kawaii effect...~
@aj: congrats! #ab{:D} What did you graduate in?

So I got a new smartphone this week (the OnePlus One)

this is somewhat of a selfie-test with obligatory hipster effects ofc.
Certainly makes things even more user-friendly. I remember having a hard and boring time making the custom sprites in LM look pretty. Great work! #ab{^_^}
Originally posted by Masterlink
- [S] Seiken Densetsu 3 - Strange Medicine

man I just got reminded how awesome SD3's music was #w{<3} really digging this port (and the others too, of course!).
Originally posted by pikachu101


current facebook profile pic
I look kinda serious/sad on it, though it wasn't inteded... and that's not how i usually look anyway #smw{._.}
New, clean desktop

too much school stuff, too few games #smw{T_T}
Koenjihyakkei - Fettim Paillu

crazy-ass japanese zeuhl #w{<3}

Happy new year everyone, and happy 10th year smwc. Now, go to school and don't forget to eat your veggies, will ya.

Well, it's been a few months since I visited the site, hey people who maybe remember me. #tb{:p} Since it's C3, I figured it would be good to log in and check out a few things and also say hello.

So, in case you are interested, I'm currently in South Korea (Daegu), as an exchange student for 2 semesters, on Computer Science major. It's pretty easy compared to my home university, but still kind of exhausting. But right now, during winter season (until March), I don't have anything to do, yay. First semester (fall) was totally okay, and I will go home in June. The country is kind of crazy huge and cool, very different to what I'm used to, definitely a cool experience overall.

If you wanna check out what I've been doing, here's a link to my Flickr album, where I put some of my better pictures/videos:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums

(captions are in Hungarian, sorry #tb{:p})

I already visited like a fuckton of places, but still have lots of things in mind. Most importantly, check out Japan in february (o yeah, I've got a japanese girlfriend about 2 months ago, yup ).

Sorry for the long post, see ya!
I didn't expect I would hear my SD3 port once used as a map theme, but it was surprisingly fitting, I think. #ab{:)}
Overall, very good job on all the levels, I really enjoyed playing them. One little thing, maybe the castle level's difficulty was set for a bit too hard, compared to the previous levels? It felt like a sudden steep rise in the difficulty curve for me.
Originally posted by Hinalyte
Hadron I miss you.

This seriously broke my heart ;w; I'll try to come up more often, and also check IRC sometimes.

Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg

Hahahaha thiscracked me up, I was wating for this reaction.
Thanks man, you are still one of my top SMW hacking idols, even after 7 years, you know that?

Originally posted by Koopster
It's Hardon :O

Originally posted by Koopster
Too bad your return is probably gonna be overshadowed by the ongoing gambling lol. Nice to see you around though! I know you don't know me but I remember the chill guy/mod you were back in 2012 or something~

Well not like it should be a big thing or something haha, but it feels good, thanks. Yup I remember you were the chill guy/regular user you were back in always~ *runs (it's still a thing, right?)

Originally posted by Katerpie
I'm not sure whether you recognize me after all that time, though.

Thanks! I remember you as miguel #ab{;)}, I just can't keep up with the many name changes I see around now that I checked the forums again. #ab{@_@}
Installed Windows 10 and cleaned up some stuff. Dark theme is my thing it seems ~
Originally posted by Najeraldo
Holy shit! Welcome back Hadron, I hope you will stay with us for a while.

I was going to say you'd probably wouldn't recognize me under this name, but if you knew who Katerpie was then you'll probably figure out who I am.

Hey aj #ab{:LOL:} Well, the spanish sounding name and the postcount kind if gave it away, but after checking your bio it was easy to recognize you haha
Originally posted by Buu
Oh hey dude, boldog รบj รฉvet kivรกnok! Long time no see.

Congratulations with all the good things going on in your life. Been only to Pusan in South Korea, but it was a cool place indeed. Enjoy your time in South Korea! And of course Japan too, once you go. Be sure to visit Osaka if you can, fucking kick-ass place. ;)

Szia! Long time no see indeed #tb{:DD} Aw yeah, Pusan is awesome, I've been there two times, but still have like a billion things in mind I haven't seen yet. Welp, my plane goes from Pusan to Osaka, I will stay there for 2 days, then 3 days in Kyoto, then 1 day in Kobe. It will be a pretty cool ride, yup, can't wait #ab{^_^}
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