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I'm making a rom hack for somebody but i don't know what the palette is for world map mario.
Any help would be great

Hey. Im JJ. Nice to meet ya.
Originally posted by Thomas
By "world map mario", do you mean this one:

If so, it's palette A. Luigi uses palette B.

Be careful about editing that too much, though; those colors are also shared by the green and red Yoshis, as well as the green and red switch palace blocks. If that's an issue, you will have to edit Mario/Luigi's actual graphics to use the second half of the palette (the part that is normally black) and leave the first half untouched.

Thanks, it didn't work at first but then i realised i needed to do a savestate of the game while on the map, and then load the savestate to my palette to get the correct one

Hey. Im JJ. Nice to meet ya.
So I've got the palette, but i wanna change it to the palette of this mario

without the yoshi and palace switches changing.

Hey. Im JJ. Nice to meet ya.
Rom Hack Owner: JJ (JJ The Rom Hacker#1946)
Rom Hack Co-Owner: Golden (Golden#3370)

I am currently "1/3 Palette People"
We need some "ASM People" who can add stuff like adding "Ice Flowers", and "Air Dash".
We also need some level editors, by that we mean, making world 1 flipped, levels flipped, etc.
If you'd like to Collab w/ me and Golden, either do this format in the thread things, or dm me or golden (Discords Above)

SMW Central Username:
Discord Username + Tag:
Palette, ASM or Level Editor?:

When accepted, you will joined to a Discord Group.

Hey. Im JJ. Nice to meet ya.
JJ Official (JJ The Rom Hacker#1946)
Golden (Golden#3370)

Princess Daisy is staying at Peach's. Suddenly! When Daisy was sleeping (like a log), Bowser came and kidnapped Daisy! Now Golden and Stuffy have to save her before Bowser gets to his castle! (the one in Nsmbu)

Who do we need?
Palette Editors.
ASM People.
Sprite Editors.
Level Editors.
Overworld Editors.
Music Editer.
Title Screen Editor.
Status Bar Editors.
SFX Composers.
Powerup Adders.

How To Collab?
DM me on Discord and Show me your work, if it's good enough, i will accept you and invite you to a server.

Hey. Im JJ. Nice to meet ya.
Originally posted by Thomas
As I mentioned, you need to edit Mario's graphics then to use the second half of the palette (colors 8-F) rather than the first (note: you'll have to enable a custom palette on the submap in order to edit those colors). Make your palette there first, then export a .pal file using the #lm{exppal} button.

Now, if you haven't already, export the graphics from your ROM using the #lm{extgfx} button in LM's main window. This will create a "Graphics" folder in the same directory as your hack. Navigate to that folder, and open GFX10.bin in YY-CHR. Then, load the .pal file your exported before by navigating the file menu to "Palette -> Open palette(*.pal)". Finally, switch the graphics format to "4bpp SNES", palette mode to "PAL" (rather than "PAL SET"), and click Mario's palette in the palette selector to the right.

Assuming you did everything correct, you should see all of Mario's graphics on the left side of the window, in Mario's palette. Essentially, what you want to do is remap his colors to use the new ones you added on the right side of the palette. An easy way to do this is to select tiles (you can right-click and drag to select a region) then use the button to remap colors. In the dialog that pops up from clicking this, you'll see two rows of colors. In the bottom row, click the current color (the color Mario normally uses), then in the top row, click the color you want to use instead (the one in the second half of the palette). Do this for all the colors you want to move over there. When you're done, click OK and you'll see the colors swap on Mario's graphics. Repeat for all the tiles, but be careful not to remap any other sprites besides Mario in the process.

Finally, when everything's done, save the GFX file back (if YY-CHR prompts you to "expand the file", say no), and reimport it to your hack with the #lm{insgfx} button in Lunar Magic. So now, Mario and Luigi will use the second half of the palettes on the overworld.

Im new to this Rom hacking buisness so i might need some pictures :I

Hey. Im JJ. Nice to meet ya.
Where do you get the loop predictors?

Hey. Im JJ. Nice to meet ya.
Right. So i've downloaded MarioGfxAlt aka different mario for certain levels. The "Only" Problem is, i don't know where to put the .bin file. any help would be great

Hey. Im JJ. Nice to meet ya.
Originally posted by Thomas
In addition to change the number of these lines, you'll also most likely have change the values of the !Freespace1/!Freespace2/etc. defines. To do that, download slogger and run your ROM through that; it will generate a text file containing all places with freespace in your hack. Find a full bank (0x8000 bytes) and change the !Freespace1 define from $109FF8 to "$xx9FF8" where "xx" is the bank you just found (make sure you use the SNES address and not PC address, by the way). Do the same for !Freespace2, and any other ones you added for your files, but make sure you use a different bank for each one.

This is what i got with slogger

Hey. Im JJ. Nice to meet ya.
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