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Eh. I'm here for hacking. Can't find another SMW Hacking resource site out there, like this.

Yeah. First post. Awesome, I know. :)
Mario called. He wants his hack back. Please change it back. I get a headache from looking at it. ;)
Erm...hello everyone...how are all of you doing?
Do not say Final Fantasy.

Besides FF, what GBA RPG do you like? I plan on getting another RPG, since I have a craving for a GBA RPG game.

I do have a few images of the one I'm working on now.

Zoids Legacy, if you must know. D:
Yeah. When I try to access the Wiki, I get a 403 Forbidden error. Is it just me, or does everyone get it?
Ah. Thanks. Sorry for the stupid question.

I still wonder their main motives in the attack. At least the site is still running.

They look good.

I know what the first row probably is...Koopas?
I dunno about the next two. :)
If you don't mind me saying...in the last two screen shots (Of the castle and the wiring/cage/mesh/etc, it's too hard to see where you can climb, and as for the Cape Mario in the last screen shot, is he walking or floating? If he's walking, you might want to bump up the ledge up a level.


Other than that, looks interesting.

For the second screen shot though, is he still floating? If not, I'd try to move up the land one level. Otherwise, players cannot see where to land.
Originally posted by NintendoGX159

No, he's standing, but yeah I should move it up but wouldn;t seem rather closee to the 2nd spike? I don't have the layer 3 smash on for a reason.

It's better than a blind jump. Do you have any other screen shots besides the castle?
I've been under a tornado warning. A tornado touched down 2-3 miles west of us. We were VERY close to being hit. ;_;
Well, I'm going to be bored, so might as well start my hack. 7 Days of nothing to do.
I use Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE. I do some skinning for a forum software, and I need to check if it's compatible with other browsers.
Red Toon Link. What happens if the Star beats you? As unlikely as it looks, no offense. D:

Also, I can take a guess what happens. It ~probably~ has to deal with death. Or some sort of brutal punishment. Like having to read the long list of SNN's name changes.

But back on topic, looks pretty good, RTL.
I agree about GameFAQs being a warzone. I know a moderator there, (Xenesis Xenon) and we talk on Windows Live. They actually just volunteer. The staff here is friendly, and never extremely critical on a user. Example. "Your hak suks!11!!1!1"
I really don't think it's fake. Otherwise, why would Microsoft be offering a $250,000 reward for the capture of the guy who created it?

Don't forget Post Throttling. I hated that. I really did. =/
Originally posted by Ultimaximus
I suspect rick rolling will increase ten fold during April Fool's.

My thoughts on Rickrolls. Old meme is old. Let it die already.
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