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Originally posted by Supertails
Something like this seems to be happening with most of the recent Wii updates. It's fairly likely, though, that there might just be an update to the Homebrew Channel that bypasses the security settings. It's sort of like a game of chess: Nintendo keeps trying to put the Homebrew Channel in check, but they just move somewhere else.

I do have a question though. Does it automatically update to this version when you play a game that says it needs a Wii Update, or is that something separate?

Depends. Last time I checked, it was only if its a new game. Example:

If you have LoZ Twilight Princess and play it, it won't ask for an update. HOWEVER. If you get a new game, like...just as an example, New Super Mario Brothers Wii, it will force an update on your Wii, to be able to play the games. Pretty much, any new game that you HAVE NOT PLAYED on your Wii, will check for Wii System updates, and if it finds one, will update your Wii, IIRC.
Woo. Back on track. The hack I was looking forward to the most. Anyways, same question as LocoRoo. Do those cubes work like the old ones, back in SMB 3? I'm actually curious.
Also known as SNN. SNN is possessed by a Heavenly Haunter. But will do. Happy extremely early Halloween all.
I pick box 1.5.

Aka, a little of what is in both boxes.

Actually...I'll take Box 1. Because SNN is obviously in #2, and we don't want that. :)
Woo for demotion. Means I won't get Ersanio and Blumiere confused now. Wait. If you are demoting him because he's Australian, does that mean Hach gets demoted as well?
Tales of Elementia. Hands down. One of the best hacks made.

Also, SMW 2+3, and Second Reality Project Reloaded. Oh. I guess I have two more.

Super Mario Omega, and SMB 3X. SMB 3X hasn't been released yet (full game), but the demo so far, is really good. :)
Originally posted by legacy5k
Wall of text here

Okay. First off, what version are you running? Make sure its the latest. Good. Next, float down the right side of the screen, keeping a small distance from the invisible wall. And dodging munchers and Koopas. Finally, it should be on a ledge about 3/4ths of the way down, in front of a tree trunk.
Originally posted by Koyuki

It's both of them but mainly SMB1 castles.

Might want to make that so the castles are more unique looking. Remakes usually aren't taken here. D:
Room for one more, perhaps? As long as these diamonds can be used to overthrow bribe SNN, I'll join.
Originally posted by Absent Ministrator
*wall of text*

Wait. I thought you were ran over by a battleship, and no part of you remained, according to SNN.

Also, yeye. No more newbie section. Tutorial section go go.
If you mean registering an OCX file...

Originally posted by Some Website
Go to the Run item on the Start menum, and type:

regsvr32 <path & filename of dll or ocx>
Originally posted by Gamespot

Philadelphia-area GameFly subscribers asking why their games keep going missing in the mail may have an answer. Local news site is reporting that a former US Postal Service worker pleaded guilty to stealing more than 2,200 games from the Netflix-like, mail-based rental service.

Given the value of the mail theft, Reginald Johnson, 34 (not pictured), now faces 12 to 18 months in a federal prison. According to prosecutors, a surveillance operation found that the former mail handler stole $86,000 worth of games from April to September 2008. The operation, which used test mailings, was prompted by increasing reports of GameFly games going missing beginning in late 2007.

When the surveillance operation ended on September 5, 2008, federal agents moved in to arrest Johnson, who attempted to flee in his SUV before crashing it. Authorities recovered 160 GameFly envelopes from the vehicle, along with three Wii Fits, five "Nintendo Wii Sports" [sic], and an unspecified PlayStation console. Also inside the van were numerous receipts indicating that Johnson had been trading in games to local GameStop locations in exchange for consoles, according to his plea agreement.

The Philadelphia arrest hits GameFly closer to home than one might think. In 2007, the Los Angeles-based company opened a distribution center in Pennsylvania's second city, Pittsburgh, to improve service to the East Coast.

The thefts also aren't GameFly's only problem with the United States Postal Service. In April, the company filed a complaint with the Postal Regulatory Commission alleging that the USPS gives preferential treatment to Blockbuster and movie-by-mail service Netflix.

My thoughts? I can't believe people would stoop so low to steal games, just to purchase consoles. >_>
I'm pretty sure they don't support database transfers, PLUS, sites like those have been known to be "Wiki Farms", aka, if so many people hit there, they take the content, ban that account, and claim ALL the content as their own.
Also, remember that it MUST be submitted in IPS format. Unless you are into 72 hour bans.
Originally posted by The Heavenly Haunter
So, my university graduation ceremony is tomorrow night. I'll actually have to dress up and socialize. Sigh.

At least I'll never have to do this again, unless I decide to go back to school for some stupid reason.

Well congrats. Make sure to get plenty of pictures, so we can make fun congratulate you even more.

But seriously, its only one night. Better than 2 nights. How long is the ceremony?
What's behind door in box number #2? I hope its a Lord Mazon trading card. Totally valuable.

Anyways, *retrieves box*, from Ulti's kick.

Whoa whoa whoa. FirePhoenix played/plays Pangya? Total news to me. Anyways...

Link to my (now) clean desktop. Persona 3. Also, PangyaUS and PangyaJP.
I remember SNN posting somewhere else about this. He stated that Carol's allows more channels or something, but Romi's is easier to use (?), correct me if I'm wrong. Although the amount of channels in both is extremely high, so...I'd suggest Romi's. And what are you having trouble with, exactly?
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Chelf's Profile - Posts by Chelf

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