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Originally posted by Clubs Deuce
Originally posted by Chelf
Does that mean if someone goes into debt, they are "killed" off for a couple of hours?

No - it means you'll owe the bank money. What kind of world would this be if people got shot or lost all of their rings every single time they got a bad run on the slot machine?


I'm pretty sure you guys are running the slot machines here. As such, you guys are gathering a list of people for losing Blackjack. Wouldn't put it past you seedy fellas fine upstanding gentlemen to do the same for slots.

Sounds like someone has played too much Sonic as well.
I want slots. Don't make me get Spade in here. He'll set you damn electricians straight.
And here is Blumiere.

Same. I'll see what you have. I'm curious, to say the least. Might not do much (if anything), but still interested. Email is in profile.
I figured I would say this. I'm going to attempt to get Raocow to LP this, if possible/allowed. I'm not sure of what he thinks of this so far.
Very nicely done so far. Only one little gripe.

Hit detection. It seems too...strict. I died from a Boss Bass, when he was like...below me completely, once or twice. :|
It does seem interesting, but not really 3D, in my mind. More like...2D 7.5. :)
These are simply amazing, Jimmy. No doubt. This is the closest you can get, without having to use a music patch (which doesn't exist). Two thumbs up.
Is there a demo of this hack? I nominate it for best of C3. It will sweep the floor with all the other content.
Originally posted by Yahoo News
WASHINGTON (AFP) – News photos of President Barack Obama bowing to Japan's emperor have incensed critics here, who said the US leader should stand tall when representing America overseas.
Obama on Monday was in China, having wrapped up the Japan leg of his Asia trip two days earlier. But Washington's punditocracy was still weighing whether or not the US president had disgraced his country two days earlier by having taken a deep bow at the waist while meeting Japan's Emperor Akihito.
Political talk shows have played and replayed the moment from the second day of Obama's week-long Asia tour, which set the blogosphere on fire and chat show tongues wagging.
"I don't know why President Obama thought that was appropriate. Maybe he thought it would play well in Japan. But it's not appropriate for an American president to bow to a foreign one," said conservative pundit William Kristol speaking on the Fox News Sunday program, adding that the gesture bespoke a United States that has become weak and overly-deferential under Obama.
Another conservative voice, Bill Bennett, said on CNN's "State of the Union" program: "It's ugly. I don't want to see it."
"We don't defer to emperors. We don't defer to kings or emperors. The president of the United States -- this coupled with so many apologies from the United States -- is just another thing," said Bennett.
Some conservative critics juxtaposed the image of Obama with one of former US vice president Dick Cheney, who greeted the emperor in 2007 with a firm handshake but no bow.
"I'll bet if you look at pictures of world leaders over 20 years meeting the emperor in Japan, they don't bow," Kristol said.
Some said the gesture was particularly grating coming after Obama's bow to Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah at a G20 meeting in April.
The US president's Asia trip comes just over a year after he won election to the White House, and is designed to shore up US power in a region increasingly dominated by rising giant China.
But back home, Obama's bow in Japan seems to have grabbed much of the attention being paid to the trip.
The gesture appears to have touched a particularly raw nerve among Obama critics who said the president has hastened America's decline as a world superpower by being too apologetic and too deferential in his dealings with other world leaders.
While most of the commentary about the bow in Japan was decidedly negative, some political observers, like longtime Democratic activist Donna Brazile, came to the president's defense.
"I think it's a gesture of kindness," she told CNN, adding that the bow appeared intended to show "goodwill between two nations that respect each other."
Meanwhile, an unnamed, senior Obama administration official told the news site that the president had simply been observing protocol.
"I think that those who try to politicize those things are just way, way, way off base," the official told Politico.
"I don't think anybody who was in Japan -- who saw his speech and the reaction to it, certainly those who witnessed his bilateral meetings there -- would say anything other than that he enhanced both the position and the status of the US, relative to Japan," Politico wrote.
"It was a good, positive visit at an important time, because there's a lot going on in Japan."

Yeah. I REALLY don't see why people are overreacting to this. IMO, its stupid to overreact to something as TRIVIAL as this. :(

Originally posted by Kotaku
This week a church in Guam pronounced a man and his copy of dating sim Love Plus husband and, well, wife, and the happy couple will be hosting a reception in Japan that you are cordially invited to view tomorrow.

The unnamed man took his DS and the game to Guam where he said vows with to Nene Anegasaki, one of three virtual girlfriends featured in Love Plus. Tomorrow, the couple will have a reception held on Niconico Douga at around 12 p.m. (no time zone given, check local listings on the site, if you can read Japanese.) The media has been invited to attend; slides will be shown from their time dating up through the wedding.

I've heard of dudes marrying a mannequin before so, this not in fact the most weird-slash-creepy-slash-pathetic thing I've ever heard. But my forced nonjudgment about this really needs its own word. Begrimaced? Bittersad?

Yeah...I'm debating on either laughing, or just outright slapping myself.
Here is my favorite. :)

Little Busters

It flows flawlessly, for the most part.
Question for you guys. Since the announcement about echos and ZSNES, will you guys have to redo some of the ports?
SNN, I hope this typo, post wipe, wasn't intentional. Pervious? Eh. Your typo makes me sad. I thought your grammar knowledge was ALMOST as big as your ego.
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Yeah. This game will be great to have in the US. Best MMO in a long time. Horse racing go. Time to ride dem horses. I have no other comment, other than the fact that I have high expectations for a game of this quality.
Don't forget. There are like 3 or 4 different types of ties. I hate bow ties the most. Seriously. They look ugly. :)
So, ProtonJon is going to start doing Romhacks again, according to his announcement. *shrugs*

He's been looking for a good hack, so I suggested SMB 3X. *shrugs again*
One thing for sure. It doesn't have blatant level edits! I want this hack. Hopefully it will be approved.
PM Sent, Parasyte, regarding the Japanese hacks.
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Chelf's Profile - Posts by Chelf

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