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Wow that's a huge amount of music! Props to you for porting these songs and also for including Mario Maker and GBA tracks, I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy an use them :D
I've just finished making this and since C3 is still open, why not throw it in there? Don't expect anything fancy though |-O

So, a while ago I was trying to make a custom Reznor boss fight for a level and I realized how annoying it was to edit the disassembly and make it work, so I decided to make a more user friendly version.
This is the new update, which fixes bugs of the previous version and adds some improvements (like SA-1 support).
I hope that people will find it useful to make custom Reznor bosses!

EDIT: added mode 7 support #smrpg{gasp}

Here's some cool/horrible stuff that you can do with it:

Also I am not the best at presentations.
Originally posted by Darolac
Surely this seems really good, like all your other asm releases. This will serve to spice a little bit those semi-vanilla hacks for sure. Keep it up!

Originally posted by Sariel
This looks actually pretty cool. Especially the last reznor boss could be perfectly used for kaizo hacks. Editing the original reznors is indeed annoying, so i'm glad, that you made a respective custom sprite.
PS: I don't think you suck on presentations. Your gifs show exactly, what has to be shown. Several new options of creating a challenging reznor fight! #smw{:TUP:}

Originally posted by Katerpie
Finally a Reznor sprite that can be easily customizable however we want and without that old and boring pattern. Good work!

Originally posted by Giftshaven
This is cool to me because it's the Renzor we all know of, but with a twist that makes it much different to what were used too. I like it!

Originally posted by Koopster
I saw this sprite in the removal logs forum and I was instantly in love. In a world with barely any good bosses to use, this is a blessing to everyone's fortress levels. Also to people who want to make Touhou apparently


Originally posted by zacmario
It seemed like a good presentation to me, besides the pictures do all the talking anyway. That is super awesome.

Thank you very much!

Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
I have noticed that you're almost always lurking but I also have noticed that you're skilled with ASM.

Either way, more bosses are appreciated even if they're just "tweaks" from the original game.

Yeah I usually prefer to remain in the shadows when I get into a new community, maybe in the future I'll get more involved.
Thank you as well!
Originally posted by Roberto zampari
Does this boss works with Mode 7?

I removed the mode 7 code, since I felt like it wouldn't be really used, but I could bring it back and make a flag to let the user choose if to have it or not. Other than that, if you want to edit the mode 7 stuff you'd have to do it yourself.
Edit: I'll do that tomorrow, since I have some other minor tweaks to do :)
Edit: took a bit longer than expected, but now it's compatible with mode 7!
Originally posted by HmWhyNot
I was literally going to do this and submit it at C3 as well but i got lazy haha. Yours seems better than what I would have done anyway. :P

Thanks WhyNot, I saw your Reznor fights in Bui Bui world and Invictus so I appreciate the compliment more :D

Originally posted by RussianMan
I remember this spite and it's a very cool one. I think you should bring mode 7 support, because I thought it was neat, though I don't think it'll be used frequently.

Thanks! I fixed the bridge routine, right now I'm trying to figure out why the spinning sign freaks out |-O
Originally posted by 1UPdudes

Which values need changing in the code? I seem to edit the fireballs movement very slightly with the edits I have made but they don't fire directly upwards.

this will make Mario shoot at 90° upwards (sets X speed to 0 if holding up), but the fireballs act weirdly (especially if there's semisolid ground above where you shoot) so I don't know how useful it could be.
Originally posted by Cartesius
Name: Terranigma - Prime Blue (aka Magic Rocks, aka Fortune Teller)
Type: Port
Sampled: Preferably

This is a pretty short loop from Terranigma so it shouldn't be a huge problem. Thanks in advance

SPC, Youtube and MIDI

I submitted it to the music section #smw{:TUP:}
Congratulations to everyone, there's definitely a lot of awesome and impressive stuff that came out of this C3. #smw{:TUP:}
Originally posted by DDC ecil
Request name: Lakitu SFX
Type: Patch
Description: Makes this sound: !Sound = $26 in !SoundBank = $1DF9 every time a Lakitu/Pipe Dwelling Lakitu throws out a Spiny Egg.

There you go: link (I put defines for the sfx and sfx port, the default values are those you asked for).
Originally posted by FailSandwich
Request name: Pipes act as checkpoints
Type: Patch (or UberASM?)
Description: Pipes act as checkpoints. If Mario enters a pipe and ends up in a sublevel, then dies in that sublevel, he restarts from the pipe once he reenters the level.

The retry patch includes this feature in the multiple midways table (set to $02 or $03 for the sublevels that give a CP when entering them from a pipe/door). If you don't want the retry prompt it also has the option to turn it off and only have the multiple midway feature.
Originally posted by FedoraFriday
Name: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - And My Name is Booster!
Type: Port
Sampled: Preferably, but not necessary so long as the jazzy feel is captured.

It's the second half of Booster's Tower, and could really help with a mountainy / deserty / jazzy themed level.

Link to MIDI

AFAIK this hasn't been done yet.

There you go, as close to the original as I could :)
Originally posted by Mystery Cornucopia
Request name: Donut Block
Type: Block
Short description: The falling donuts from YI.
Long description: I thought there was a version of the donut blocks from YI released already, but I guess not.

The block is here, and the falling donut sprite is already included with Pixi.
Originally posted by E-man38
Name: Kirby Super Star - Corkboard
Type: Port
Sampled: Yes
This short tune could work well as an overworld or title screen theme.

Originally posted by duders
NameChrono Trigger - Boss Battle 1

Originally posted by duders
NameChrono Trigger - Robo's Theme

I know there's an unsampled version but it really doesn't sound great. A sampled version of this will bring it that flare.

Originally posted by disco_pancake
Hi! I would like to request an arrow lift (like the one included in the sprite tool), but instead of the player controlling it, it just moves up at a constant rate when the player jumps on it and stays moving even if the player jumps off.

The closest thing I could find was platform #4 in Mandew's platform megapack, which is an upwards falling platform that is 2 tiles wide. My main issues with this are that it falls down a bit and then slingshots back up, it's too fast (I don't know how to change the speed), and I would like to use the arrow lift graphic.

If anyone could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated!

You can use this. By default it changes directions everytime Mario jumps on it, but you can set it up to never change directions and to never disappear (it's all explained in the asm file).
Originally posted by Banzai Billiam
Request name: Ice Water
Type: Block
Short description: Water that hurts Mario after he spends too much time in it.

Kind of similar to the Ice Water from 3D mario games like Galaxy. I tried making it with Blockreator but the timer doesn't reset when Mario exits the ice water. I suck at asm coding so any help here would be really really appreciated!

I made that a while ago, it's here (just set the block to act as a water tile).
Originally posted by Banzai Billiam

Awesome, just getting a bit of an error here...

Processing binary file 'ToxicUberASM.asm':
warning: (W1001): Relative patch file path passed to asar_patch_ex() - please use absolute paths only to prevent undefined behavior!
ToxicUberASM.asm:1: error: (E5016): File '/../other/macro_library.asm' wasn't found. [incsrc "/../other/macro_library.asm"]

Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at UberASMTool.Program.compileFile(String data, String baseFolder, String originalFile, String originFolder, Boolean library, Int32& startPc, Int32& endPc) in E:\GitHub\UberASMTool\UberASMTool\Program.cs:line 597
at UberASMTool.Program.buildASM(String asmPath, Int32 maxItems, Int32 mode, String initTable, String mainTable, String nmiTable, String loadTable) in E:\GitHub\UberASMTool\UberASMTool\Program.cs:line 171
at UberASMTool.Program.Main(String[] args) in E:\GitHub\UberASMTool\UberASMTool\Program.cs:line 1556

I can't really decode this lol although I did check and I have macro_library.asm in the other folder so not sure what the first few lines are about

That's a bug of uberasm 1.3, try using 1.2
Originally posted by TheEvilKingBowser
Name: DKC2 - Klomp's Romp (no SFX)
Type: Port
Sampled: Yes
SPC: I couldn't find an SPC without the SFX/rain, so here's the normal SPC

Basically, it's BrawlBRSTMS3 x's extended version of Klomp's Romp without SFX/rain. Here's the YouTube link.

There you go (I just removed all the SFX stuff from Darius' port).
Originally posted by DDC ecil
Name: Doom Castle (Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)
Type: Port
Sampled: Yes
SPC: link
Midi: link

Claiming this one.
Edit: Done
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