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Originally posted by squawks64
somebody see the loud house i hope
that someone did this characters as enemies
but not the mayn characters but the secondary characters kids boy and girls girl jordan kat sweater qt shy qt etc ...

Originally posted by CalHal

Imagine the 10 sisters as bosses and Lincoln as Mario (the player) who have to fight them. Each sister has different moves.

• Lori will use her phone to text words and attack him.
• Leni will run around hitting walls.
• Luna will attack the player with her guitar creating shockwaves causing knock backs.
• Luan will set traps and turn invisible.
• Lynn attacks him with balls (chuck’s football and baseball).
• Lucy will attack him with bats and fly around.
• Lana will use her frog to attack him and throw tools.
• Lola will ride on her car attacking the player.
• Lisa will throw bottles which dose random things.
• Lily will sit down and throw her toys. The fart cloud blocks the player. He must use the toys to attack her.

Please keep random stuff out of here, this thread is meant for serious ASM-related requests.
File Name: Automatic FireCape Mario 1.0
Submitted: by CenTdemeern1
Authors: CenTdemeern1
Act As: Any non-(fully-)solid block. (semi-solids like tile 100 are OK.)
Includes GFX: No
Description: This is a tile that sends mario flying with a cape, except he also has a fire flower.

In-game instructions:
Hold one run button to keep flying, use the other to throw fireballs.
Just don't release all run buttons.

Due to the way the vanilla game uses it's Mario GFX,
this ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES the 32x32 player tilemap patch.
Unless you want to cut off Mario's jaw, that is.

Read the readme for more instructions and info.
- Your submission only works on SA-1. To make it compatible with both lorom and sa-1 replace "$7407" with "$1407|!addr" and "$73E1" with "$13E1|!addr".
- If you're in the spin jump state when touching the block, you'll get a big floaty jump instead of the flight ability.
- If you cancel your flight and then touch the block again, you'll not be able to fly anymore (it'll just push you upwards). I believe this is related to $1408.
- Using "db $37" without having wallrunning code is just a waste of space, use "db $42" instead.
- Since you always end up having the fire flower when touching the block, you can just set Mario's powerup without checking it beforehand (basically all the lines between "MarioBody:" and "FireCape:" are useless).
- I'd also argue that this falls into the "too niche" category, although this is not why it was rejected.
I like these a lot! I'm biased towards the FF8 one because I love the original, and I think you did a great job considering the limitations with channels and samples. Also, great usage of the SMW samples in all three of them. #smw{:TUP:}
Amazing port, I'm looking forward to the others!
As of last C3, I didn't really plan to do anything in advance for the event. But then I realized that I had a fair amount of (more or less) finished ports so I decided to submit those. I also started making one for the events but I don't think I'll be able to finish it before the event ends, rip.

Anyway, here's the pack: [DOWNLOAD].

What you'll find there:
  • Alcahest: Panakeian Temple and General of the Empire. Jun Ishikawa = <3.
  • Addams Family Values: Blizzard. Very chill and atmospheric song.
  • Secret of Mana: Meridian Dance. Final boss song from SoM. EPIC
  • Trials of Mana: Different Road and Black Soup. I only recently listened to this OST and fell in love with it.
  • Axelay: Silence. Great water level song, turned out surprisingly difficult to make.
  • Sonic CD (JP): Metallic Madness (Past). OK, this is not from a SNES game, you got me.
  • Winter Gold FX: Menus. Very catchy song, it was made for the SGDQ Race collaboration hack. I wish I could do more songs from this game but its engine is a pain to work with.
  • Plok: Main theme. Probably my favorite song from the OST besides Beach. This was a bitch to make.

I'll submit these soon™, and update this post if I ever finish the other song I started. Have a nice day!


A week ago I started an ambitious port, and I managed to finish it in time for C3. Here it is: [DOWNLOAD].
It's Waterworld - Diving, probably one of the best songs composed for the SNES and Dean Evan's masterpiece. It still needs a couple of touches, but I think it's already in a pretty good state. Enjoy!
Originally posted by JP32
hell yeah more Plok! Awesome as always

Thank you! :)
Originally posted by Far
Meridian Dance? MERIDIAN DANCE?!? Can i give you a hug? All of these are great!

Originally posted by Infinity
good stuff ;)

Originally posted by Erik
Overall? Impressive job. I look forward to using some of these.

Originally posted by N450
Great work!

Thanks very much guys! #wario{^_^}

Originally posted by Erik
The Panakeian Temple track sounds so familiar from a hack I've played but I can't pinpoint it.

A lot of hacks used the unsampled version (which is amazing btw), for example it was used in a couple of JUMP levels.

Originally posted by Erik
considering Plok tracks are apparently hard to work with.

Yeah, very much like Winter Gold, Plok's engine is rather different compared to the SMW one. The hardest part was trying to reproduce all the shenanigans with the electric guitar. |-O
Very impressive job for both the script and the OST itself, it sounds great! :O
Originally posted by Ultima
Well damn, didn't know someone was ever going to port a song from Winter Gold anytime soon haha; I listened to the soundtrack a bit a while back, and ngl, for me the Menu theme was a real eyecatcher, so it's nice to see someone also thought the same

The Alcahest, Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3 (yeah, I ain't calling it Trials of Mana or whatever, especially when we're talking about the original SNES game instead, which didn't have that name before), Plok and Sonic CD ports are also very nice as well; doesn't help the fact that I also really love all of the composers assigned to those songs to death as well #wario{:)}

Thank you very much :)

Originally posted by Ultima

tho I think I should probably give a special mention to the Addams Family Values port, because goddamn, it sounds really legit good for SNES #wario{O_O}; the synths in this are so unbelievably good and nice, and the fucking echo feedback modulation AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Yea the echo is used in a really impressive way in this port, and emulating those EFB changes was a pain (I had to do it manually each couple of ticks ugh...).

Originally posted by Ultima

is the game made by Ocean or something? AFAIK, only they really did weird and impressive technical stuff like this on the SNES, and ngl, I'm kinda getting some Dean Evans vibes from this even if I know it's not him that made this track, so yeah, pretty weird :V

Yep, it was made by Ocean, in fact I see the similarities with other Ocean games OSTs like Waterworld (on the engine side of course). I guess Ocean's strength was finding really good composers for their questionable games lol
Originally posted by AntiDuck

Dude, that is absolutely wild! Ocean strikes again! And you just gone out of your way to recreate their crazy modulation effect things! I still really wish AMK could have those kind of effects, and a EFB fade effect would be nice too (it probably would have helped a lot more for you.)

Yea, I guess it wouldn't be too hard to add something like that, considering that AMK already added a bunch of features to the original engine (like remote commands), but I know it's a very niche thing,

Originally posted by AntiDuck

But either way, I've always loved your ports, and your dedication to such complicated ones, and what seems like your use of SPCtoMML and going as far as to straightening out all it's mixups.
Keep up the good work!

Thanks! I'm not very well versed with music theory in general, so I try to compensate by making ports as accurate as I can thanks to the SPC700 player power :)
Originally posted by Atari2.0
All of those tracks are impressive to me.
Great job, especially that Axelay port ;)

Thanks Atari #smw{:TUP:}
You have outdone yourself, great job #smw{:TUP:}
Originally posted by white_moth
Blizzard is absolutely fantastic.
well done

Thank you WM :)
Originally posted by Maxodex
Oh my god. I genuinely thought no one would ever even attempt Diving and you even managed to do a really good job at it. If it weren't for the fact that I know Diving by heart, this would easily look like a 1:1 port (I can give you some of the differences and errors I spotted), but I mean this is a friggin 5-and-a-half minute song and the fact you even tackled it is impressive on its own. Congrats!

Thank you very much! Yea right now I know some of the issues (volumes are slightly off, pitch modulated drums sound a bit off in a couple of spots, vibrato...) but if you want to point something for me I'd be grateful :)

Originally posted by Erik

on my fucking life this is incredible. I can only imagine how hard it was to port this one. I love it.

I appreciate it Erik :) It was a journey for sure haha
Originally posted by idol
diving port is all kinds of fucked up. youre doing the devils work here


Originally posted by Sinc-X
wrong note @ 2:46 in diving - but otherwise major kudos on this port, i know how much effort doing ports from waterworld takes and this is no exception, especially being the longest of them all! giving me some motivation to do mission 3 which ive wanted to do for forever,,

Thanks for pointing that out #smw{:TUP:} Good luck on yours :)
Originally posted by ft029
I've just listened to the diving port for a straight 1.5 hours, and am only stopping to sleep

Originally posted by Giftshaven
Oh my! These are some jammin' ports!

Also damn, Diving is a really long song, but you managed to tackle that song and port it to SMW. Impressive!

Originally posted by GbreezeSunset
Amazing work!! The diving port is really nice, it's a great song and I'm glad you ported it. All these ports are really nice!

Originally posted by westslasher2
Holy shit, you actually ported diving. Definitely gonna smash that 5/5 rating if this ever gets submitted to the music section.

Originally posted by OG_Phantom_
Always enjoy hearing your ports Kevin, they sound great

Blizzard, plok, menus & metallic madness are my favorites out of these by far; you got good taste


Originally posted by Giftshaven
Oh my! These are some jammin' ports!

Also damn, Diving is a really long song, but you managed to tackle that song and port it to SMW. Impressive!

Thanks very much everybody. #smrpg{<3}

Originally posted by AntiDuck

...dude... are you even human?...

Yes, maybe.

Originally posted by Maxodex

Sure thing:

That's all I think. As I said before, extremelly well done sir!

Thanks for this feedback, it'll be helpful when I finalize the song. #w{=3}
This is insane! Thanks for sharing this with the community, I'm sure it will help a lot of people. Awesome job! #smrpg{gasp}
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KevinM's Profile - Posts by KevinM

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