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Originally posted by I don't know a good name.
Request name: Para-Beetle
Type: Sprite
Short description: A Para-Beetle, acting similarly to the ones in New Super Mario Bros Wii
Tool: PIXI
GFX: Buzzy Beetle from the original SMW, with a wing
Long description: I want the normal Para-Beetle and the Heavy Para-Beetle (the big one). The normal one will fly to the left until it despawns. Mario can jump on it. When he does, it will sink a little bit, then rise until Mario steps off.
The Heavy one will act similar, except it keeps sinking until Mario steps off, then it'll rise to it's beginning position. Whether it's normal or heavy will be determined by the extra bit.
If you jump on a customisable amount of beetles in a row (without touching the ground), a customisable sprite will be spawned. This can be disabled.

Isn't this what you're looking for?
#tempoimmunity is bugged in AMK and it doesn't actually work, for the same effect to happen try adding $F4 $07 instead (and remove all the #tempoimmunity stuff).
I'd like to add a small note to what musicalman said: I've sparingly used the "legato spam" trick to remove the small gap between nodes, and from what I've seen it can be achieved with a single remote command, so you don't have to write out every legato between each note. You can do like this:
(!900)[$F4$01 $F4$01]

#0 $F4$01 (!900,-1) / ....

So you initialize with legato on, and then the command will turn if off and on again before each note. The only problem of this all procedure, besides the slowdown, is that it's very prone to clicking when you play it, so use it with caution! I didn't know the q7f trick so I'll have to try that out sometime.
As stated here, you can just put 3 $EA (NOP) at that address, no need to waste freespace for this.
org $00D0D8
NOP #3

Originally posted by K.T.B.
I thought doing this with a simple hex edit would work (changing the three bytes at $00D0D8 with 00), but for whatever reason that just causes the game to crash when you die.

$00 is the BRK instruction, so of course that's the result you get.
It sounds like you forgot to enable sprite buoyancy, it's in the "Change Properties in Sprite Header" menu (Lakitu head button).
You can use this tool to edit the status bar (including removing the life counter).
Originally posted by Darkslayer

I've got interested lately in xenharmonic music (or microtonal music), which includes, well different tuning systems, as for example the equal division of the octave in 17 (instead of the common 12). Just wondering if amk readme, or your experimentations maybe, feature some support for this kind of music, it would be interesting to play with tunings for new song prospects.

I know Exodust has experimented a bit with microtonal music with AMK, so you could try contacting him.
Usually the author field contains the composer(s) of the track, so if you want you can use the comment field for additional info (like "Ported by ..."). You can also credit people for their midis or other resources if you want, with a comment in the txt file or in the port's description if you submit it, it certainly doesn't hurt (although it's not required).
Name: Disable Dino-Torch fire.
Description: makes Dino-Torches never shoot fire (and consequently, never stop walking).

if read1($00FFD5) == $23
    !C2 = $D8
    !C2 = $C2

org $039D41
stz !C2,x
bra $58

Name: Remove cape floating timer.
Description: makes so that Mario stops floating with the cape as soon as you stop holding B, instead of waiting for a timer. (I know this is easy to find in the ROM map, but I've seen people ask for it so I may as well just put this in here).

org $00D909
db $00
Assuming you're using AddmusicK, it should be enough to open the file "AddmusicK/asm/SNES/tweaks.asm" and set these values:
!BossClear	= #$00 ; disable boss/orb music
!StageClear	= #$00 ; disable goal music
!Keyhole	= #$00 ; disable keyhole music

You may also set !IrisOut to #$00 if you don't want the sound effect to play when the circle closes after Mario's victory pose, but pay attention that this may lead to some issues when the music speeds up (after reaching 100 seconds on the timer), in that the speedup effect may still apply after exiting the level (keeping !IrisOut to the original value prevents this).
You insert it with asar, since it's a normal patch. You use pixi for sprites.
That's just how the GUI behaves, if you want to remove a song without the numbers changing you can edit the "Addmusic_list.txt" file manually with a file editor, by just deleting the appropriate line.
Try replacing "#am4" with "#amk 1".
I submit a small update to that block adding SA-1 compatibility, so there you go.
Instrument #instrument Data Values Notes
Guiro @23 $8D $E0 $00 $07 $00 Use with: volume command + volume fadeout + fast vibrato + repeating pattern of single tick notes.
Example used for the SPC:
$DE $00 $2A $2A @30 v255 $E8 $18 $32 [[o3 b=1>c+=1<b=1>c+=1d=1e=1d=1e=1<]]3 ; 8th note
[@30 v255 $E8 $0C $32 o3 b=1>c+=1<b=1>c+=1d=1e=1d=1e=1< o3 b=1>c+=1<b=1>c+=1]2 ; 16th note

I took this from this port by Izuna, so give credit to them.
Make sure that Addmusic_list.txt contains this line:
06  originals/06 P-switch.txt

under "Globals:".
Also check that AddmusicK/asm/SNES/tweaks.asm contains this line:
!PSwitch	= #$06

If that were set to $00, for example, it would make the pswitch song never play.
File Name: Death Bat Ceiling GFX fix
Submitted: by rvx
Authors: rvx
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: No
Bug Fix: Yes
Featured: No
Description: A simple modification that's fix the Swooper Bat Ceiling GFX.
Credit is unecessary.
This is just a simple hex edit that can be found here. Besides that, I don't get why you're also replacing the instruction after that with "STA $FDBB|!addr,x", you got lucky that the game didn't crash or change the sprite's behavior.
Damn that was so close haha I'm happy I won, although Sinc's port probably deserved it more :)
It was cool to participate, since it forced me to use the SMW soundfont which I basically never use and it led to some interesting experimentations.
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