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Hey! I'm Far. Some places i'm called Farolicious or just Faro for short!

Ive been playing SMW for... maybe around 10 years of my 15 years of existence and its one of my personal top fav games. Many people are surprised i prefer older games like N64 or SNES over newer games lol.

Ive been working on 2 different hacks one kaizo one normal and its been a ton of fun! It took awhile to get used to using Lunar Magic over SMM but after a lot of forum post reading and some time i got used to it! I originally started on Super Mario Maker like a lot of people probably have. I believe it was the release of Invictus that really got me to start working on my own hack. It made me think something like "I could do this" lol.

Few Fun Facts. The first game i ever played was SM64 and ive 100% the game atleast 5 times although i still suck at the game. Secret of Mana is my personal favorite game. Ive made a few Low Effort Meme SFM animations.

All in all im excited to be here among people with similar interests! Its surprising how unlucky i have been with finding people with similar interests lol.
NameFinal Fantasy V - Victory Fanfare
SPC fileLink

My favorite Mario game? Thats a tough one...

I think my absolute favorite is more than likely SM64.

If i had to exclude SM64 however, that would go somewhere near Super Mario Galaxy and The Mario Kart Series as a whole. NewSMBWii would go somewhere after those two and then Super Mario World.
Drawing. It used to be near impossible to get me to draw or color ANYTHING when i was younger, now i absolutely love it. Granted im still not... great but atleast i enjoy it!
Meridian Dance? MERIDIAN DANCE?!? Can i give you a hug? All of these are great!
After not finishing my KLDC entry, I was determined.

Here we go.
24th Place il take it! Better than I thought id do. Congratz to the winners!
Well, got this one done before the end of contest :)

Im gonna go sleep now.
You might be asking to yourself "Who is this "Far" guy?" "Where did he come from?". Well, the answer is simple! I came out of hiding and have arrived with something to show!

What Is Destiny's Path?

Destiny's Path is a Kaizo: Light hack i've been working on with Kr00mmi over the last year, give or take a month or two.

Destiny's Path will be a more story and lore focused kaizo hack with cutscenes and explorable story areas. The hack will have 18 exits and feature some chocolate gimmicks and touches here and there, whole lotta custom music, and some custom Graphics.

The Screenshots

I have acquired some screenshots of some levels for showing off purposes. These will not be in the demo, you have to experience those yourself. :)

The Demo

While Destiny's Path is still a ways off from release, Kr00mmi and I both figured it was time to show off the hack more publicly. So, the C3 Demo was slammed together and released.
The demo features 4 levels. Two levels from World 1 and two levels from World 2. Two levels made by me, and two levels made by Kr00mmi. Like stated above, All levels within the demo are not showcased in the screenshots above.

Download Demo

Potential Questions

Is there a set release date?

As of right now, no. I doubt we will ever have an actual release date. As they say, it's done when it's done.

How difficult will Destiny's Path be?

That's one of those hard questions to answer. With creator Bias being the way it is, we don't really have a good way to tell. Our current plan however is for each world to be a decent step up in difficulty compared to the last.

Will story and lore related stuff be optional?

Yes. All cutscenes and story required areas will be skippable with a button combination. Probably L + R so it's harder to skip by accident.

Who are you?

Im Far, been at this hacking stuff for 2 years now I believe. Haven't released anything though unless you want to count my 24HoSMW 12 and 13 entries. This will be my first released hack when it's finished.

The End

That should just about cover everything Kr00mmi and I want to share about Destiny's Path. We sincerely hope you enjoy the demo if you decide to play it. The development of this hack has been one wild ride with its shares of ups and downs. But, neither of us plan on quitting till it's done. Thank you for checking out my C3 Post, I appreciate it.
Before C3 Ends, I figured I should respond to everyone haha.

Originally posted by Alex_X8
Aesthetics looks good and nice to eyes. Nice job!

Originally posted by Redwykelz
but from what I can see in the screenshots, this hack looks pretty, specially the palettes! I like that mix of vanilla graphics with some touches of external stuff.

Im really, really glad you guys liked what you saw! Heres to not disappointing when the full release eventually comes. lol

Originally posted by 1UPdudes
That said for only a month and bit of work this is looking awfully polished so great work on that front!

I think you may have misread the post haha. I said that we have been working on this for atleast a year, give or take month or two. Im glad you still liked what you saw though! And yes, all that cacti does kill you.

Originally posted by K.T.B.
but these designs are still very good! I don't think I've seen your name on the forums before (maybe in the "online" list every now and then?), so I'm especially impressed. Stuff like this is always a nice way to learn of a new user.

Im glad you liked the designs from the screenshots! The online list is more than likely where you saw me. Im not very active anywhere else on the site (or discord for that matter) so its not a shock.

Now with everyone responded too, let me give my thanks. Thank you all for checking out the thread, it means a whole damn lot to Kr00mmi and I. For anyone who has tried the demo, whether you liked it or hated it, thank you for playing!
Im still shocked I won this contest. This was a really fun theme for me personally. Hopefully everyone else had just as much fun as I had!
I didn't see anything in the rules that would disallow this, but I wanted to ask just to be sure.

Are 1-Up checkpoints allowed?

I like the sound of "Horrific" results :)
From the screenshots you posted, Super Mario Adventure 3 already looks like a fun time! I'l have to check it out once it fully releases. Super Mario Adventure 2 also looks pretty good, I'l also have to give it a playthrough soon!

Good luck on the rest of the project!
From the gifs you've shown, this looks like a lot of fun! I certainly love a good Custom Boss so that has me excited. Those Sand Hands look deadly haha

I wish you luck on the rest of this project!
Damn this bangs! Great port brick!

I personally do not find the Xylophone annoying :)
No matter how many times I see it, that titlescreen is just SO GOOD! I can't wait to play this someday.
As always you knock it out of the park with your remixes. Keep at it man! I wish I could give proper feedback, but i'm horrid when it comes to music related things. I just like what I think sounds good. #smrpg{:D}

I look forward to more updates on this thread for sure.

But I do have to ask... why does Cheetah Men work well with Cornered? Like it works too well haha
The plot you came up with this interests me quite a bit haha. Screenshots look clean and it looks like quite a bit of fun. I'll be looking out for this one for sure.
Solid group of ports here! I'm going to be listening to the Ghostbuster one a lot haha. The Sonic 2 ports are great and its awesome to see Hazy Maze Cave here.