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Hello! I'm N450. I would say the same as EarthPhantomTS. Going onto the website looking for hacks to play for a long time. I know how to insert custom music, but my level design needs to be improved. Also I would like to learn how to port music. Finally, if there is a level design contest, I would like to participate. Well, that's all for now.
Nice to meet you!
Recently, I wanted to port songs from other games. I have seen some tutorials but I don't understand anything. I know I have to get a MIDI, AddmusicK, and Anvil Studio (Wakana's tutorial uses FL Studio but Anvil is free, but I suppose it works the same). Do I need a txt file? And what do I have to do with it? And how to make the samples or use SMW instruments? How does Anvil work? Is the tempo from Anvil different from SMW tempo? Sorry, for the inconvenience, I am new at this. Thanks and have a nice day!
Thanks for the help, I will try to understand how this works. However, Wakana uses FL Studio, while I am using Anvil, does it work the same? Are the tempos different? I know I can use Vilelabot to calculate them.
Oh, I understand. And which programme do you use? And thanks for the help.
I know how to edit levels, but that would be better if my hack has a custom map. But I don't know how to change level location on the map and how events work. I also want to change the land formation. Is there any tutorial or anyone who can help me? Thanks a lot!
I think my first hacks were Collection and Bowser Rampages Again (both by Zmann), Combo Breaker by Sokobansolver and Brutal Mario by Carol. I don't know what happened to Combo Breaker and Brutal Mario. All of them were great.
Thanks a lot! I will follow your advice. Just one more thing, let's suppose I want to include ASM in some levels (for example gradient for BGs, those ASM that Japanese hackers use in their hacks or those used in VLDC), how could I insert that? Maybe I should make another thread, but I guess we are in the SMW Hacking Forum.
I have played SMW Yeah, Brutal Mario, Super SIG World hacks, among others. Recently, I discovered 8 powers, made by Mizuno back in 2012, both the Japanese version and translated version by Ryrir. I think this hack is not known by many people. In fact, I haven't seen any gameplay of it (EDIT:I've just found a gameplay of the hack by raocow). This is a hard hack with good custom music, gimmicks, level design and aesthetics.
Well, I try to get as many coins as possible, apart from getting extra lifes, to unlock certain areas in some levels from some hacks. Also, in some Super SIG World hacks, when you get Dragon/Yoshi coins, you reveal a door to get a secret exit. And, of course, in some hacks there are shops with powerups, improvements or hints. So I think coin collecting is a great idea.
I see. Well, I will follow your advice. Thanks Giftshaven!
Thank you people for the help!
Thanks for the info MarkVD100!
I don't know if this is the suitable forum to post this, because I haven't visited the forums so much, but I have one problem. I made a screenshot from my emulator to show an small overworld, but I don't know how to show it here. I tried pasting the image but it didn't work. Any ideas? Thanks a lot!
Thanks MFG!
Well, I've been messing with the Overworld Editor and made a simple overworld, here is a screenshot (I couldn't make a better one, apologies)


I've seen tutorials and videos, but I still don't understand about the events. Also, the Overworld doesn't display the yellow and red dots for levels, the switch and the castle. Did I missed something or failed during the process? Thanks a lot!
Well, intros are an important part of SMW Hacking, because they show how the game can be. I want to make one but I don't know where I should start. I remember I did some garbage some time ago. How can I make a good intro? Is any tool required? Thanks for your help!
Yeah, I was referring to the title screen. But now that you mention it, editing the intro level would be a good idea, thanks FamilyTeamProductions!
Thanks for your words MFG and Rotten Moustache! I will follow your recommendations!
I've been trying to insert this song:
Romancing Saga - Horrible Shadow by 6646
However there is a problem. AddmusicK can't find sample psg.brr
This would be the txt: (Don't know if putting txts is forbidden)
#amk 2
; Title : Horrible Shadow
; Game : Romancing SaGa
; Composer : Kenji Ito
; Ported by : boldowa(6646)
; Require : AddmusicK
; Size : 0x4f6(1270) bytes
; first version : 2010/07/07 (SPC Only Release, and not optimized)
; Tuned for AMK : 2016/05/18
; This txt is tuned for Overworld.
#path "Horrible Shadow"
#title "Horrible Shadow"
#game "Romancing SaGa / SMW"
#author "Kenji Ito"
#comment "by boldowa(6646)"


"rs/psg.brr" $ff $e0 $00 $04 $04
"rs/strings.brr" $ff $e0 $00 $04 $04
"rs/bass.brr" $ff $eb $00 $04 $04
"rs/oboe.brr" $ff $e0 $00 $04 $04
"rs/c-hihat.brr" $ff $e0 $00 $03 $04
"rs/o-hihat.brr" $ff $e0 $00 $03 $04
"rs/kick.brr" $ff $e0 $00 $05 $04

; Remode codes define
(!996)[v152 $e8$06$b8]
(!997)[v152 $e8$06$b0]
(!998)[v160 $e8$06$c8]
(!999)[v168 $e8$06$d8]

;s0D _4E_4F_50_51_52_53_54_FF

":PSG= @30 h0 "
":Strings= @31 h4"
":Bass= @32 h4"
":Oboe= @33 h0 "
":C_HiHat= @34 h0"
":O_HiHat= @35 h0"
":Kick= @36 h0"

t56 w144
(!996,-1) q7f

(!997,-1) q7f
(51)6 <f8>f8<f8>f8
(52)[<d+8>d+8]3 <d+8>d+8c8>c8<c8>c8<c8>c8<c8>c8
<<(52)4 f8>f8<f8>f8<f8>f8<f8>f8

v194 q7f
:O_HiHat c+16c+16c+16

v221 q7f

I tried moving the folder Horrible Shadow into samples and optimized folders, but it doesn't work. I've inserted other sampled musics and they work fine. Is anything wrong? Thanks for the help!
I will try that. Thanks Ramon!
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