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It doesn't have to be necessarily rejected, I mean, there are hacks with adult content and they are on the site, so I think a hack with a plot like this won't have any problem. Sure it can be controversial, but it's your hack, it's your choice. As you said before, LucasMegaStriker's hack with DomenyX was succesfully submitted without any issue.
Going to put some feedback when playtesting is finished.
EDIT: Finished.

Well, I didn't found any issue, and the levels flow well so no complaints. Great work. Will next version be a new demo or the full game?
Thanks! Though I haven't had that problem since then. Anyway, if something happens, I'll contact you!
No issues were found in the new demo, again I enjoyed the levels. Great work!
It has potential! I found the Orbit level harder than Binary, I couldn't figure out how to use that orb. I think the message for the orb can be put earlier in the level. Also, the new mechanics are great, the only thing that I think it could be improved is the Dash mechanic, as KiloMinimo said, you can shoot while dashing. Also, when getting the blue blocks against
, pressing dash was annoying. I think that's the only thing you could check. Otverall, I like the project so far!

Perilous Platforms, hope I haven't broken any rules.
Just decompress the zip file and patch the bps to an unmodified rom.

EDIT: Update v1.1: A couple of palette changes and a bit of redesigning (obviously I changed the download link). Now in .zip format and it includes the custom music's txt and samples and credits txt.
Music doesn't break in Snes9x v1.60.
However the goal point doesn't work in the first level for some reason, you may want to ckeck that out:
I would like to test the hack too, it looks great from the screenshots! Feel free to send me a PM with the ips.
Going to test this hack! Thought there was going to be a Luigi's Misadventures 4 but I think this sequel could be great.
Pretty much the same as KiloMinimo and Ninja Boy said, a thing I would like to add is that there are almost no powerups in World 4 and found a couple of levels with 4 Dragon Coins. The Pyramid level has a fith Dragon Coin but it's unaccessible. Apart from that it's an interesting good hack.
Finished! It was a great hack with some asm twists and aesthetics that make the levels different. A question: I'm guessing this hack takes place before the events of a new Luigi's Misadventures 4 or is it something different?
Also I found some funny references.
Issues or nipticks found:
The first cutscene uses vanilla music, though I guess that's going to change in future demos:

Also this is a bit anticlimatic, but I guess it's going to change in future demos too:

While Waluigi appears on the top of the screen, in the overworld Mario appears:

Very minor cutoff in Spring Ghost House:

Another minor cutoff in
#3 Greta Thunberg

In Na-Huw Mines and Mole-Biden Rocks you use the same sublevel for their secret exits, and it's possible to swim under the level and mistake the exits, maybe you can use a patch or put something that hurts, don't know:

No softlocks were found.

I like it so far, looking forward to the next demo!
It's pretty impressive for a first hack, quite good with some minor issues.

Mario's House: You just need one message box in that level, apart from the Save Block. Messages kind of mess up:

This message can also be read in Keelhaull Beach 3:

Mushroom Meadows 1: A coin indicator would be a good idea to know that the wall is fake, also, I suggest making the upper part solid, as Mario can go up and can't go through wall on the other side:

I think increasing the timer a bit may be good, just a suggestion.

In the oveworld there isn't a yellow dot for Mushroom Meadows 2:

Mushroom Meadows 3: Cutoff in the sublevel where the secret exit is:

Mushroom Meadows A:
The indicator is there but, the same issue where Mario can go up is still there:

Also, Big Mario can't pass easily between the Munchers and the small pipes:

Mushroom Meadows 4:
The secret passage works great here, keep it in mind for the passages in Mushroom Meadows 1 and Mushroom Meadows A:

The 4th Peach Coin didn't appear on my first run, but it did in the second:

Minor cutoff between the rope and the foreground, also between the lava and foreground, but don't mind about that one:

Mushroom Castle: Cutoff between the castle blocks and the foreground, also a wrong corner tile between the foreground where Mario is standing and the semi-solid ground:

Keelhaul Beach 1: The location of the 2nd Peach Coin is kind of weird, cause there's a blue pipe next to the checkpoint which takes Mario to the underwater sublevel but the coin is kind of far from the checkpoint and you have to return back there after getting it. Apart from that you can skip the underwater section by swimming under the level:

Here it would be a good idea to increase the timer because of that.

Keelhaul Beach 2: It's possible to enter the upper pipe to get the secret exit, apart from the first one:

Also, cutoff between the clouds and the pipe:

K. Koopa's B. Ship: Mario can't get the 5th Peach Coin in a normal way. You have to do a tricky swim under the ship to get it. You might want to change the coin location or shorten one or two tiles that last ship where the pipe is:

Keelhaul Beach 3:
You can swim under the level as a shortcut:

The 5th Peach Coin glitches because it's located in a subscreen boundary and you can farm some lives because of that. You can increase or decrease the coin position by putting it one tile up or lowering the coin 1 tile:

Keelhaul Beach 4:
Big Mario can't get the Fire Flower unless he does a precise duck jump:

Also, there are only 4 Peach Coins.

Keelhaul Tower:
There are some doors that can't be accesed, that one for example:

If you enter the door in the upper part of the screenshot (almost can't be seen), you're supposed to get the 4th Peach Coin, but after entering it, the coin's not there for some reason:

This is the most unfair part of the hack, Mario has to get hurt by the Urchin to get the 5th Peach Coin and have a reserve Mushroom because Mario has to be hurt again to come back:

The battle against Clawgrip uses the SMAS: SMB3 - Castle Music instead of a boss music and the song finishes while fighting against the boss:

Most of the issues are easy to fix. Apart from that, the hack is quite good! Looking forward to a next demo!
Still playing the hack, quite good so far, but I would like to say that I found a kind of major issue. It happens in the overworld for Miracle Mountain 4 (World 3). If you take the secret exit first, the goal will act as if you had gotten a normal exit and Mario will goe to Miracle Mountain 5, but the shop from that world can't be obtained anymore, making the full completion of the hack impossible, unless you do the normal exit first and then the secret exit. In both cases, when crossing the goal tape for the first time (doesn't matter if you cross the cave goal or the main level goal, Mario won't move for a while as he normally does, instead he will stay still until the score adding finishes, obtaining always the path to Miracle Mountain 5). You may want to fix the cave goal or use a key and a keyhole instead.
Been playing the previous version before the one you've submitted in the thread today. The hack is pretty good and challenging. Most of the issues found are minor and are related to some minor cutoffs, a few blind jumps, slowdowns and A Coins and normal coins not appearing (I think the coins issue can be fixed by setting tile memory index to 3). Anyway let's go with the issues:

Friendly Fields 4:
1. Some examples of the semisolid using the wrong tile (sides filled with dirt instead of only the sides):

2. Both of the pipes can be used to access the main cave level:

3. There was supposed to be a hidden block, but an used block appears instead:

Green Switch Trial: A small blind jump there:

Miracle Mountain 1: Cutoff between the water and the pipe, you can use some ground so it can look better:

Miracle Mountain 2: Both pipes can be used to access the sublevel (Mario comes back to the main level with the second one):

Miracle Mountain 4: Glad you fixed the goal and overworld issue! A minor thing is that the semisolid cave tiles (secret exit sublevel) have the same issue as in Friendly Fields 4:

Miracle Mountain 6: Minor cutoff between the semisolid corners and the rocks over them:

Striving Skies 1: Another used block instead of a hidden block:

Striving Skies 2: Cutoff between the pipes and the cloud FG in the bonus area (you can use the square blocks under the pipes):

Striving Skies 3: Cutoff between the Bullet Cannon and the cloud FG (same as in Striving Skies 2). Also, the cannon in the lower part hasn't the tile with the skull. Not bad at all but kinda weird:

Striving Skies 4:

1. A Coin and some regular coins didn't appear at first, but when I replayed the level they were there:

2. The platform can disappear at times, very unlikely but still:

3. Cutoff between the goal and the cloud FG (blocks under the goal will fix that):

Striving Skies 5: Some coins don't appear in the bonus area:

Striving Skies 6: Cutoff between the checkpoint and cloud FG (again blocks help there):

Radical Resort 1: Mainly a bit of slowdown in these areas:

Fun fact: you can farm 1-UPs there:

Radical Resort 3:

1. Wrong tiles in the upper corners, causing a minor cutoff in the underwater sublevel:

2. Both pipes can be used to access the next area:

3. Slowdown:

Wisdom Woods 1: Some wrong corner tiles through the level. Also this the only level where spiders' sprites are glitchy:

Wisdom Woods 3: A Coin doesn't appear at first playthrough:

Wisdom Woods 4: Blind jump:

Wisdom Woods 5: Some players can confuse the decoration with actual cimbing vines. Also these ones are floating:

Wisdom Woods 6: Same as in Wisdom Woods 1:

Gratitude Glacier 1:
1. Glitchy fireballs (piranha stems) are shooted from the cannons:

2. Another A Coin that doesn't appear. Also, this the only level with 6 A Coins:

Gratitude Glacier 2: Some slowdown there:

Gratitude Glacier 3: Wrong corner tiles (down looking right ones):

Gratitude Glacier 4:

1. Some players can confuse the falling splike with a normal one because they use the same palette:

2. Slowdown:

Eternal Empire 1: A Coin not appearing in the second sublevel:

Eternal Empire 3: Another A Coin which doesn't appear at first. Also, there are only 4 A Coins:

Empire Fortress:
1. Lower cannon without the tile with the skull (same as in Striving Skies 3):

2. Slowdown:

Eternal Empire 5: Another A Coin issue:

Ultimate Utopia 6: Wrong corner tiles through the level:

Most of the issues are minor and the hack is a great work!
Memorial Service Tempest is a good hack but at the end it gets unfairly hard and seems unpolished or unfinished, though I understand the hack contains levels made through the years and quality might vary. Also, the description fits with the hack. Apart from that the hack is good.

Lordkronos100 please make videos for this hack as a suggestion :D
Dowloaded the latest demo, Mario dies on the title screen.
Originally posted by admacXx2
I've been invited to a party by a girl I know.

I don't know if I'm going to go.

I want to, but. Anxiety... and stuff.

Go and enjoy! If you lose an opportunity like this, you may regret it. Just think that everything is going to be fine and have fun!

As for myself... probably nothing because of the pandemic, just stay at home doing anything.
Hey there! The hack was preety good, I liked the title screen a lot with the "bloody" title of the hack! Levels were fun, maybe a bit of trial and error, but I think most of kaizo hacks are like this. Anyway, let's go with some issues I found in the levels:

1. Life counter gets weird in the overworld, Mario has B0 lifes. Also I could only find 1 exit in Purple Lake as K.T.B. mentioned:

2. RGB Jungle: same issue as K.T.B said, the second throw block couldn't be obtained at first, guess it could be due to the amount of sprites of screen, maybe you can check the sprite header or use a patch so it doesn't happen:

3. Mole's Passage: Minor, but you used the wrong corner tile in the semisolid ground where Mario is standing:

4. Witch's Woods: You may want to increase the position of the goal posts:

5. Found some cutoff in the overworld, though I know it's a demo:

6. The lava where Mario is next to acts like solid:

Not much else to say now, apart from this issues which are easy to fix, the hack was good!
Originally posted by ForthRightMC
I started testing the full version and encountered the same start/checkpoint issues in Search Wood stages 2 and 6. I'm currently at Freeze Plains, and I can't wait until I reach the end.

Also, because I tested nearly all versions, please include me in beta testing credits.

I remember this was fixed in version 7. I have to check it out.
52nd, not bad! Improving step by step!
Congrats to FrozenQuills for winning and to S.N.N., idol and Agent Q for being in the podium! And congrats to the rest of users who made a level!
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