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Could somebody help me please? I am playing Colossus by levelengine, a great but difficult hack. I can't find the Yellow Switch. Thanks for the help! EDIT: I know how to find it now.
Hi everyone! I hope this will be my first hack. As the thread's title says, is a Halloween themed hack. I am going to show the title screen:
(You can also go to my files and download it from there)
I think it's not the best title screen, but it's not the worst. If you have any opinion or see something that could be improved or fixed, tell me.
As for the overworld and levels, they are unfinished, because I am thinking ideas to get this accepted. I think this will be a 1-level hack, with the normal and secret exits, although it's not 100% sure. I will be posting here for any new progress!
Good hacking! Looking forward to see your feedback!
Sorry Green Jerry, I think I should upload the smc into my files. EDITING this post in a moment.
What a coincidence that my hack has the same title as yours, didn't know that. If you want the title to be changed, tell me.
I will do, thanks Green Jerry!
I see your point Veck. However I will be showing progress later in this thread, but I have organize myself better. Next time, I will follow your advice, thanks! And you will see the level, if I learn to make screenshots, I hope to learn that.

Green Jerry, I've uploaded a bps that you can download if you want from my files. I hope I haven't make a mistake, because I have never make a patch before.

EDIT: As Veck recommended, there are screenshots on my files, these are from first section of the level. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Something like this?

Just showed the screenshots as Adamatrix said.
Just one more thing, where can I ask for beta testers when the hack is finished? I will test it too.
Yeah, but I will finish and polish the overworld. Also I have to change the level name, because is the forest ghost house from the original SMW.
As for the level, I don't know how to correct the palette from those tiles and I agree about the cement block spam, I will change that.
Thanks for the feedback Green Jerry!
Working with custom graphics is not easy, because some of them don't have slopes or any other type of terrain (this FG has slopes), but I have to be more creative, and varying the terrain is a good idea.
About the overworld, I only need the events to show up after finishing the level, because I put the normal and secret exits together, just to check. Mario moves to the next level, but the event doesn't show up.
Thanks for the feedback Adamatrix!
It looks great! The overworld is good and the levels remind me of some Japanese hacks, apart from VIP and Wall series. Looking forward to play this. If you want, I can betatest the hack whenever you want.
Keep up the good work!
I am making a small hack, it's almost finished, but I have two problems. When taking the key to the keyhole in order to find the secret exit. the keyhole doesn't appear in the place I put it, unless I move forward in the level and come back to that place.
The second problem is when you battle Big Boo. Mario is invisible but he can still move, and the Big Boo sprite is a bit glitchy. I made sure there wasn't any cutoff. How can I solve those problems? Thanks!
I will do that, thanks Luigi-San! I downloaded the patch along with Asar v1.50 and I got a sfc, what can I do with that?
I've tried submitting the hack, but it doesnt't appear on the waiting files. Did I make a mistake or I just have to wait? I've made sure the submission followed the submission rules. Thanks!
Are you playing the version that you can find in my files, Fullcannon?
Just a small question. I' ve tried submitting my hack two times, but it doesn´t appear in the waiting files. Did I make a mistake or I just have to wait? I made sure that the hack followed the submission rules. Thanks!
Yeah, the bps you can find in my files has that broken pipe, but I submitted the finished version, with the pipes and doors working correctly, overworld too and I can show new screenshots or even made a video for YouTube or something like that. That's the reason why I don't know why it doesn't appear in the waiting files. EDIT: Submitted. Maybe it was a bug or a mistake made by me.
Well, I will try again, and see what happens. EDIT: I did it, maybe it was a bug, or a mistake made by me, don't know. Thanks!
Yeah, I know it's not Christmas yet,and I also know that contest finished a long time ago, but I wanted to make a hack with some restrictions (if we can call them like that), with different environments. As the title says, this hack will have 12 levels with various themes. I'm going to edit this post to show the screenshots in a moment.
Here is the overworld (not finished, may change), although I'm having problems to make the events.
What do you think at the moment? Yeah, I've just started the project, but feedback helps a lot! Thanks for your time! I will show more progress later.
Well, apart from Kaizo hacks, I've played non-kaizo hacks which were very hard, for example, Luigi's Adventure 3 OSE by Anikiti was hard, specially the last worlds. More recently, I've finished Colossus by levelengine, and Mario End Game by cheat-master 30 (aka CM30).
As for Colossus, it has good level design, but when you advance in the game, it gets insanely hard, levels are very big and long.
As for Mario End Game, the difficulty was for it's not-the-best level design, sprite placement and crazy bosses (some levels and bosses are based on Brutal Mario). Even CM30 admitted the hack was poorly tested, but I don't think it's a very bad hack, just need improvements.
So, feel free to share your opinion about the hardest hacks you've ever played! Maybe we discover an unknown hack!
Thanks for the feedback Adamatrix!
As for the special world symbol, I will change it or remove it, don't know.
About the overworld, my idea was to put the levels in one only world, like in a different dimension. I don't know how to explain it, but you will understand what I mean if you play the hack Collection by Zmann. Maybe I could change the palette or the design a bit.
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