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Well, as a suggestion for Takoyaki Volcano 1, you can keep both keyholes and make the level a 3-exit one instead of 2, maybe you have to modify the overworld paths a bit. I've sent you some more feedback in Discord.
I've been checking the ban/warning log, and it looks like there are more not mentally healthy users that have predatory behaviour towards other users, an user that it seeem it is a pedo and other users which are transphobic... The thing is that every day more depraved users are registering or other users make accounts to evade a ban. What are they thinking about? I can't understand this. If this thread is more appropiate for Reality Corner feel free to move it there. Or if it is not, you can close it or throw it into the trash can. Thank you!
April fools day! There's not any cancellation at all :)
First of all, I must say that the aesthetics in your hack are very gorgeous and I like the way the overworld is made. Music choices for both overworld and levels are very fitting too! As for level design, I like the way you present the powerups and how they are used in the levels. This makes a refreshing experience and a good exploration! Difficulty is well balanced.
Let's talk about some issues that I found through the hack:

The life counter in the overworld is very white, making the number of lifes very hard to see, you may want to change the palette:

World 1: Your typical grassland world, with some new stuff, beautiful graphics and a great level design!.

First of all you start at
1-0 Peach's Castle
where you can find all the powerups in an item shop!
. As you stated in your post, the rooms are incomplete (the one mentioned before for example) and there are doors which takes you to the same rooms as other doors:

I don't know if these doors will use any asm for different entrances, but at the moment, they are like I said previously. Specifically, the middle door will take you to either the
orb room or item shop
. As for the
orb room, I'm not sure if RednGreen's grassland song is suitable there (personal thought), also the numbers from the status bar are very black, you may want to change their palette
1-4 Spring Shrubland: Sometimes, the last Star Coin can have cutoff (not always) right after getting it, don't know if it is caused by the cluster effect but it's very minor (if you move through the level and come back there, the cutoff disappears):

1-A Vine Valley: I found a softlock. Climbing one of the vines allows you to get stuck inside the dirt, and there's no way to escape unless the timer runs out. You could add a ceiling to fix this or use a patch which avoids this:

World 2: A tropical beach world, which is very neat, introducing
new mechanics, enemies and a powerup

Solar Chase
: In the underwater area, when hitting a block with multiple coins, the Layer 3 Fish flickers, not sure what's causing this though. Also you can swim under the level (there is a patch that avoids this):

After coming back to the surface, right after coming out from the pipe, the
Angry Sun
is glitchy. This gets automatically fixed after finishing the pipe animation:

Flooded Fortress
: One of my favourite levels so far. I like the concept used and how it was implemeted into the level! There are a couple of minor issues though:

The second Star Coin
(located in the Frog Suit Room)
sometimes has cutoff after getting it.

For some reason, there was a coin that it wasn't possible to take, it's located where the last Star Coin is.

2-5 Urchin Reef: mostly same issues as in 2-2 (swimming under the level and at the start of the level, while you take some coins Layer 3 Fish flickers):

Also, a silly death that happens you swim with the
Frog Suit
and get too close to the
current pipe

F.L.U.D.D. Tower
: Another level which I liked a lot with a great gimmick. Mainly, my nipticks are related to 1-UP farming, though I think they are not important as getting lifes is important because the hack will get more challenging.

Also, keep in mind that if you
press the Blue Switch, getting the 1-UP will be more challenging. From my point of view I would erase those blue blocks to make it a fairer challenge

World 3: A
city world with its industrial hazards and dirty waters
and introduces a new powerup!. Music choices were really good there and those graphics are cool!

Slimy Sewer System
: This area looks a bit akward. It's like the water has "cutoff" (not really a cutoff per se but looks like the water's level is kinda forced) You can change those dark water tiles with solid foreground and it would look "less forced"

City Square
: Minor cutoff between the webs and the pipes (looks like they are not connected due to how the pipes are originally made):

Polluted Waters
: as in 2-2 and 2-5 you can swim under the level in the underwater subarea:

Explosives Inc.
and 3-8
Toxic Orb Inc. LLC.
: I think you can change Podoboos' palette to fit with
that poison used in both levels

World 4: A sandy desert world, with some
windy and hot stages ,your typical temples and new gimmicks
. It's a great world. As a minor niptick from me, I kind of missed
Angry Sun
in this world, but it's just a personal thought. My favourite level from world 4 is 4-Castle
Locked Castle

4-1 Sumo Sands: A couple of cutoffs, the first one between the sand accumulation (the rest of sand accumulations have no cutoff), the small grass and the terrain; and the second between the goal post and the sand:

Also when you stomp on the Super Koopas in the level, they show hex numbers like this:

4-2 Skyrocket Sunset: Here you can find a new powerup
which allows Mario to fly or flutter for a short period of time as rocket
. There,s a cutoff or weird conection between the pipes and the cloud in the bonus area:

4-3 Mysterious Ruins: Here you find the
first Yoshi in the hack, which has no message
. I think it would be better to make these columns semisolid rather that passable to make it a bit easier.

There's also a cutoff between a couple of pipes and the sand:

Keep in mind that
Mario can take Yoshi with him from level to level, and in levels like 4-5 Quicksand Path and 4-6 Snake Block Pyramid, Yoshi's Tongue becomes glitchy,
as you can see in the next couple of screenshots
(you can use the patch were Yoshi can't be taken from level to level or look for a fix for the tongue)

Haunted Tomb
: I liked the idea of a
"Ghost House" with Quicksand, Flames and Transforming Boos/Cement Blocks
and it was very well made. I only have a complaint with the level:

In this specific mass of quicksand there are insta-kill sand tiles which I didn't expect at all... which can be frustrating if players are exploring the level.

Quicksand Path
I like the exploration in this level. However, I think the time here is a bit short. Maybe you could put in the timer 400 or 450 seconds instead of 300.

World 5: A forest world, leaves falling from the trees
(and berries too!) and new stuff!
. I think that world 5 has a short amount of powerups, finding some of them in the second half of the levels, but this is more of a niptick.

Starting with something in the overworld, the pipe in the screenshot takes Mario to 1-0
Peach's Castle
. Is it intended?

I wonder what happens in the castle after hitting the Switches...

5-5 Cherry River: You can farm 1-UPs in two parts of the level, more of a niptick actually:

5-6 Flaming Forest: An original concept for a level that was executed quite well. The only issue is that near the end of the burning forest area, there are some flames that appear unexpectedly. I would suggest adding a warning sign or something similar so the players are ready.

World 6: A cave world (with some mines and abstract vibes!). It was very great, with some great design and mechanics(specially the
minecart levels)

6-A Magma Passage: You can farm 1-UPs with a climbing rope and Chuck's Footballs:

Also, as S1Z2 has stated before,
the blocks that appear in the message after hitting the Green Switch are glitchy and the Switch becomes two Yoshi Eggs

6-2 Crystalline Lake: Another good level here. Just a cutoff and a couple of instances where you can farm more 1-UPs

Here you can see the first 1-UP farming moment and a cutoff in the corner tile over the Chuck.

The second 1-UP farming moment.

6-3 Underground Falls:

As with the other underwater levels, you can swim under the level.

Another possible silly death involving
current pipes and Frog Suit

After getting the last Star Coin it can get glitchy at times.

6-4 Electric Fortress: Typo in the intro:

You wrote Elecrtic instead of Electric, very minor.

Overall, this was a great hack, a high improvement over the original (which was pretty good too!). Looking forward to the next demo!
In the screenshots from 5-3 the surroundings of the bushes in the background have the wrong palette, in case you didn't notice. Aside from that the hack seems cool and solid! Good overworld too!
A pretty interesting demo. As K.T.B says, the idea of having bosses at the end of each level is a nice addition. These bosses have a reasonable difficulty, without being unfair.
Levels, in general, have an interesting design, not too linear, with some variations in the terrain, being a good example of traditional design (with a sweet twist and some gimmicks).

There are some minor issues in this hack:
First of all, the overworlds have some minor perspective issues and small cutoff, here are some screenshots:

Vandal Ridge: There's only a minor cutoff caused by the door and the trunk:

Not too deep Forest:
1. Throughout the level you can see some decorations which use the same palette as the background, you may want to delete these tiles or at least change their palette (try using other palette rows). In this screenshot there are a couple of floating mushrooms and grass which have the same colour as the background:

2. There's also cutoff between the trunks and the question blocks (similar to the one in Vandal Ridge):

Stoned Isthmus:
1. Floating munchers, just add a foreground under them and it's fixed.

2. That mushroom causes cutoff to the column:

3. The small grammar issue K.T.B. has mentioned earlier.

Pumpkins' Place: There's a minor cutoff in the end. You used the leaf tiles with a small part of the trunk. Just replace them for the ones with no trunk and it's easily fixed:

Mole Sector: Throughout the level there are some examples of wrong corner tiles (that means, using foreground tiles which have their corners filled with dirt so there aren't cutoffs or weird looks):

47 Anonymous Pass: I think the springboard has no use in this level. Well, you can skip that part by going up:

Mad Doctor's Crypt:
1. You can skip a big part of the level by going over the ceiling, you can add more ceiling to that empty space to avoid this:

2. A minor grammar issue: Instead of when you will be, the correct form to express this is when you are:

Apart from that, I enjoyed this hack. Great work on this!
This hack is pretty good, a good example of very hard design. Levels consist of jumping through pipes with munchers and the use of gimmics with an specific sprite, which is an interesting concept. Maybe the pipes with munchers and the spinjump are a bit overused but that's a minor niptick. I like the style of the overworld too.
Talking about the overworld, Ice World (World 3) uses the Special World music from SMW, I think it's not the most fitting song to be honest.
A personal thought: Worlds 3 and 4 felt shorter than Worlds 1 and 2. Maybe they were a bit rushed, but they are still good.

Some issues found in specific levels (some of the things were mentioned earlier by S1Z2)
Alive Pipes: minor cutoff in the first half of the bush/little eyed hills:

Falling Creatures: a minor leftover (a solid tile hidden behind the fire):

Aggresive Statues: there's no boss battle (I guess you had a creator block/lack of ideas, so don't worry, as this is a demo).

Gorgeous Cave: this level disables the Fire Flower, allowing you tu use Super Mushrooms. The only niptick I have is that these level doesn't use a Flowers not allowed sign as a couple of previous levels
(Aerial Fishes and Football in the Sky).

Risk on the Air (I think in fits better instead of on): it's an ice level, though it's not slippery (enabling this makes the level like that). Also a leftover floating muncher:

Fire and Ice: as S1Z2 mentioned previously, the busg of the castle entrance is glitchy. Disabling the castle intro will fix that:

Rising Fire: minor issue which S1Z2 has said before. Vanilla SMW Cave music plays in the goal section.

Rope to Live: a cool level in my opinion, harder than the others levels, but not bad. Here you can perform a glitch: infinite climbing. It worked for me with one of the ropes (specifically the first one in the level):

I don't feel this hack was lazy at all, I can see the effort put into it, I think the lack of ideas harms all of the hack makers at some point and it's normal. Just take a rest and clear your mind :D

Apart from that, I liked the hack, it was not bad at all!
 Anorakun Roberto zampari: I've been checking the South Ghost House level in Lunar Magic and looks like it has these settings in the overworld:
Base event for when level above is passed: 19
Direction to enable when normal exit is used: Left
Direction to enable when secret exit 1 is used: Down

I guess something got messed up in any of the directions. Normally, as seen in SMW, Big Boos are set to trigger secret exit 1 so you may try enabling left direction for secret exit 1 and down direction for normal exit.

EDIT: I just tested this idea in another copy I made for the hack and it worked for me. However, after getting the normal exit the normal path won't get coloured and the secret exit path will trigger instead, but at least Waluigi now goes down as intended when you get the normal exit.

EDIT 2: I just discovered one thing. I used a cheat that instantly triggers a keyhole secret exit when you enter a level (cheat code 00A6E88D in Snes9x) and the path that should work with the normal exit triggers. There must be something weird there.
Placed 36th. I'm satisfied! Congrats to Lazy for winning and to everyone else for the levels and I would also like to thank the judges for their thoughts and the time taken to do a great work!
Screenshots look amazing. I would like to test the hack too.
Good level there! Great ambience and music too! Although I would like to point out some minor stuff I found while playing, in case you need to update your entry. I'll spoiler the screenshots and feedback for those who haven't played the level yet.

At the beginning of the level, I'm wondering why's there an unaccessible text box:

Some of the rooms can be cheesed as the blocks can be easily taken without using the ropes. Just a single jump:

Aside from this, the idea of using
1-screen rooms
is interesting, so good job on that.

EDIT: Oh, by the way, seems that in the video none of these spoilered issues appear, maybe you submitted a previous version?
Good level! The idea is quite interesting, so are the aesthetics. However, I would like to point out some issues that are going to be spoilered for those who haven't played the level yet.

I found this puzzle quite tricky, because shells can behave randomly after hitting these blocks that act like note blocks:

When hitting the switch blocks, some of them may become outlined and passable, while others become a solid brown used block. I couldn't get all Dragon Coins. Also, maybe the timer feels a bit short?:

As I said before, the level is good. Effort can be noticed for sure. Good job.
Now everything works as intended, it was a good level with its little challenges!
No problem!
To be honest, I don't know about any solution for the coliding issue, sorry
I've just played the update and
the little puzzle for the Dragon Coin
has improved! And I finally understand
the block mechanic
Just a last thing, which is more of a niptick, it will be spoilered:

This pipe takes you a bit back in the level, I think it's not necessary (not even as a reset pipe) because there's no puzzle at the end of the area. Maybe it could work as a checkpoint entry after losing a life?

Originally posted by RichardDS90

Same level, guessing I was to eat the Pokeys, due to the aforementioned Yoshi issue, getting to the keyhole is impossible.

RichardDS90 Actually,
you can get the secret exit if you use Koopa Shells
Great stuff here! I'll give the sequel a try as soon as possible.
While Valentine's feedback is helpful, to be honest, her last statement was very harsh, there's no need to say it was low effort or embarrasing because I can tell the effort put in this hack. Anyway, I'll play your hack as soon as possible, it looks interesting!
Neat screenshots. Nice aesthetics for the levels. Looking forward to the next demo.
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