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I will try that. Thanks Rainbow Man!
I agree with you, Vip and Wall Mix series are creative, but insanely difficult.
I know how to insert the graphics, but there is one problem, when I try to put another ExGFX in its folder and use the Super GFX Bypass, it's like it hasn't been inserted. I did everything, extracting and inserting GFX and ExGFX after putting the custom graphics in the ExGFX, but it doesn't appear in the Super GFX Bypass. I don't know what's happening.
If you ask what I'm trying to use, I want to use Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - Cave by Kaeru (FG which uses ExGfxA9bin to change it in the FG3) Thanks for the help!
I will try that, thank you people!
Yeah, I'm figuring out how to change the color because I have chosen special world. It hasn't been a good choice. Maybe I could change it for another overworld.
I haven't beat it without savestates, but I have to try that.
As for VIP I haven't finished playing the hacks, but I will play them again.
Adamatrix, if you like good level design and very challenging hacks, this is a good one. I also recommend Super ASPE World.
That's a good question Sokobansolver.
I agree with you Fullcannon.
TSRP series are very hard, Hooded Edge, specially the fisrt version of TSRP1.
I've tried and it still doesn't work. Something is happening but I don't know what to do.
Will all the levels have custom music? And will some levels have custom graphics, sprites or bosses? EDIT: I hadn't seen the new screenshots, they have custom foreground and background.
Downloaded the zip

Unzipped ang got a folder

Inside the folder, bin has FG3 next to ExGFXA9, don't know if I have to erase that part of the name.

Am I doing it right for now?

Now, should I copy into the ExGFX folder (when copying you make another bin) or move it?
Done (There is another bin which worked correctly)

Now I have to do go into Lunar Magic and click those buttons, isn't it?
I've done and it still doesn't work. Don't know if I missed something or there is a bug.

MFG: Yeah, it is in that folder, and clicked the yellow mushroom, but it didn't work.
Ramon: The icon is a baby Yoshi because it can be opened with LM. About the bin, I'll check that.
Yeah. Adamatrix, you are correct, I had too many roms mixed and all that stuff. I have to start the hack again. But thanks to everyone for the help!
I will make an update in the WIP Thread later this week or month.
Just downloaded the demo, I will play it, and tell you my review when I finish. EDIT: Finished playing your hack, here is my review:
As for the overworlds, they are decent and interesting, just that cutoff in the clouds Cheeyev mentioned before.Besides that, there is nothing much to complain about.
And now, about the levels:
GET ON WITH IT: I think level design here is good for a first level, with its typical stuff, it remebered me of the first level from VIP a bit.
LEAFY PLEASANTRIES: I supposed it should be a forest level, and in fact, it was. It has an athletic inspiration because of the falling platforms and those moving ones. I liked it. As for the secret exit, I suppose it has a normal difficulty because you have to jump over the red flying koopa and do the entire level again (I don't mind repeating the level, more time to play for me haha). Good job here!
FISHY SWITCH PALACE: Here we can see an interesting concept, powerup lose. It is interesting if you want to make levels harder and more challenging. The only thing I would say is that I recommend you putting a message box telling the player how that works. As for the design, nothing much to say here, a labirynth and water. I would point out that in the P-Switch room, there are too many fishes, but that's maybe me.
MUSHROOM ATHLETICS: This one cosists of... mushrooms and bridges. Well , it is a good one, those bridge graphics are interesting. Secret exit is well made too, moreover, you get lots of coins! Yay!
FUN TIMES FORTRESS: EDIT: This is the hardest level from the hack. It needs some improvement though. I think it is possible passing this level without cheats or glitches, but I had to use the P-Switch glitch, with Yoshi eating the switch after pressing it. And another bug:

That door sometimes works as a reset door, and sometimes Mario finds himself trapped in a endless bonus room.
CONCUSSION PROTOCOL: The most vanilla level in the hack. Simple but decent level design.
AN EASY LEVEL: I would call this level as a bonus where you can get 1-UPs. Nothing much to say here.
#1 IGGY'S THWOMPS: Pretty good vanilla level, just those small cutoffs Cheeyev metioned before. And interesting text after defeating Iggy, didn't know he drunk tea haha. Just another thing: That Thwomp can be confusing:

SEASIDE URCHINS: A good beach level, the only thing I would say it's to change the goal point to another place, or for a question mark sphere, because it seems strange that layer 3 water disappears.
THE COST OF LIVING: Not bad, just some doubts about level design, the hidden Piranha Plant behind the bush may be confusing, but that's just me, the Bullet Shooters didn't shot any Bullet Bill during the entire level, and this one: when you exit the pipe, you must go to the left very fast to avoid getting hurt by that Dino.

It's a good idea to put two ways in a level, one for the normal exit and other for the secret one. Cheeyev, as for myself, I could find the secret exit, you don't even need the shell (if you are small Mario, you will need to get it almost at the end of the level and go through a pipe to come back to the start of the two coin arrows zone. If you have the cape feather, you just have to hit that block over the floor ledge, and you get a star. Go through the muncher maze and you will find more stars. If you go through the pipe under the maze (Yellow Switch needed) you get a shell just to start again the maze, which it is not necessary. Finally, you will reach the secret exit.
LOOK OUT BELOW!: Typical level with a ruin theme. Fine level, although those bombs can be unexpected. And that level is supposed to have a secret exit, but I couldn't find it, or I suppose it isn't in this demo.
Well, this a decent hack, although it needs some bug fixes.
Well, here is the small issue:

How can I change the fire palette without changing at the same time part of the background palette? Thanks!
The problem is, that changing BG palette would look weird, and I only want to change the fire palette, but when I change it, BG changes too. Do I need YY-CHR or something like that?
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