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I haven't play Allycia Legends, but I have to do and see it for myself haha. Unfair can be frustrating yeah.
Oh, I understand now. I will do that. Thanks MFG!
EDIT: I've been experimenting a bit with some concepts and palettes and here is a test picture.

What do you think?
I'm back! I started the hack again and discovered new things you can do in LM. I've been experimenting a bit, and this one would be the third level.

What do you think?
Thanks for the review Adamatrix! About that, what can I do to make a less eyesearing palette?
Still experimenting Rainbow Man haha, I'm a newbie with palettes.

I know this one can be eyesearing, but I'm thinking of a better palette. Recommendations are welcomed. Thanks!
MFG: In an abstract world, everything is possible haha, but in this case is weird, I agree. Thanks for you review!
Adamatrix: Yeah, I changed the inside to red again as MFG said, although I think the yellow part I have tried need some improvement from my point of view. Here it is a new version of the fire palette. Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!

In this cave section from the first level, I tried making a palette manually, using the multicolored star symbol in LM, you know what I mean haha. Here it is. Feedback appreciated!
I will try it this week! Cause I'm a bit busy haha.
Something like this?
What do you think about this one? I want it to be a dark sky.
Well, I've been working with palettes and here are the results:

As for the second screenshot, would this background fit for a night sky themed level?
Suggestions are welcomed!
I'm looking for a custom song that fits a night sky themed level, but I don't know which one to use. I'm looking for something unused, or at least the one which fits best. Any suggestion would be appreciated!
I was thinking of doing that for the BG, but wasn't sure. Thanks for the feedback Rainbow Man!
That's true. I'll continue posting there haha.
That song is: Lemon Angel (PC98) - LA07.FMX by Sinc-X. You can find it in the music section.
Which song would you recommend me for the night sky level? Suggestions are welcomed!
Which song would fit best with a night sky themed level? I would like to be sampled but it's fine if you recommend an unsampled song.
Thanks a lot, Brozilla!
Actually, you can enter without any problems, at least for me.
Hyper saga is very difficult for me too haha.
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