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I have problem with me dying and going in correct exit, but level loads upper part which means that im instantly dead. how to fix these exits? i would love to play kaizo hacks with working retry :D, im not hacker so i suck at patches
i only realized that im stupid and i need to add (use separate setting for midway enterances as i did, but i was stupid and didnt change the layer to good one), and thanks for updating this great mod
you smart little roller :)
oh and i remember playing Adrenaline Rush from Soko, but where is 2nd?
Kaizo hacks, i remember how frustrated i was on original Kaizo 2, I've seen on yt some hack named "Mario Must die", and since i didn't know thing about smw deeper mechanics i quickly gave up, until friend said that I suck since I can't beat it. I've beaten that hack using tools and uploaded on youtube, since then i became interested in SMW mechanics and came to like kaizo hacks (even pit to some degree)
Cant wait for them to get SMWCP 2 and rest episodes of Cool or Cruel remake (or is it reboot idk)
Neutral Ed
sokobansolver for getting me into understanding mechanics of SMW by MMD series (like for example simple glitches with duplicated yoshis, block and items dupying etc.) and worldpeace because holy shit his music is awesome, he is great asm hacker, and setting standard of kaizo hard with classic CoC, also he contribiuted to JUMP, wildest smw collab for me (but it is sometimes janky).
I know it's kinda ironic, but first hack I've played was called something else, and this hack was really good, happy to see the creator of this hack in JUMP hacks,
Maybe instead of making a hack, just make level or two if you want, then if you get burned out take a break, then come back to make few levels, making a hack isn't easy, it's a long process, besides because of those breaks, the level may be more unique, making the hack more fun to play
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