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I'm not sure if here are some missunderstandings but why is this Block ( ) simmilar to the framal Blocks.

The first Block has spikes and should only work as a hurt block. It has a smooth animation and fits visually perfect in classic levels

The framal Block has only a block that will pop up and devisible state.
But it's also used as a wall or death block.

Sorry but if i place a small pipe and want to hurt the player, it will look a lot smoother with a spike that will come out of it, instead of a block that will rotate on it.

Sure maybe i could create an ExAnimation and overwrite the block animation, but are there really so many Lunar Magic users who can do this and also create an ExGFX with the different states?
I don't think so.
And specially for the users would it be perfekt, if they will get a new Block, where they have nothing to do, as only to implement this pack
So if i undestand you correctly:
You want the user to do the following steps:
- I start to create a new level, lets go to SMWC an see which cool block ideas are there
- Cool, there is a framal block that the player can get hurt by in a frame range.
- hmmm but these block don't look really nice, lets see if there is an alternative animation in the graphics section
- oh yes, here is a spike animation that I could combine with the framal block.
- so, i download the framal block and the spike animation. Now i will sync both up that it will work for my setup

sounds complicated. Specially that many users don't know how ExAnimations work.
Additional from my side. The graphic section is for me the kategory where i look for FG/BG GFX. Not a section with single graphics to exchange sprite or block mechanics.

Maybe you should rethink your guidlines.
Users don't want to combine feature A + feature B to get the final stuff.
They want to see an idea, implement it and its done
Of course, there are user that would exactly do this, but thats maybe 20-30%?
Most users only known the basics of Lunar Magic and for these users would it be nice to have a lot of different ideas and mechanics combined on SMWC
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