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Originally posted by Reading
I can't fix the glitches in the enemy names without the title screen reading "A0" instead of "100" for the number of goals.

I believe some hacks such as Super Demo World are able to bypass this problem (as shown in the screenshot below), so you should probably look into it.

Also, try a custom sprite Bowser battle. I mean, saving Peach in Bowser's Boiler and again in the Testing Track is too confusing. The story you wrote in the Wiki says nothing about saving Peach in Bowser's Tower, only in the Testing Track.

I'm not trying to insult you, I'm just giving you tips on improving your hacks. That's all. Thank you.

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Originally posted by pikaguy900
And again I'll say, that darned Yoshi in the story who loves clocks and lives in the Clock Tower still needs a name! Give me your ideas!

Since nobody is doing it, I'll come up with one. How about Murtsul (Lustrum spelled backwards)?

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I remember way back when you first showed off Castle Bleck you said that in the story, Dimentio brainwashed O'Chunks and Mimi and Luigi was forced to fight them there. I guess that you had Mimi become a playable character after defeating her, then you made it so that she's playable from the start and thus not a boss, and now she's been reverted to her original role without becoming a playable character, correct?

Oh, and I also remember way back when the hack started production. There was no SPM theme (this was started before SPM was even released), Mario is the central hero I think, and Dr. Wily was still in it and his name was in the title. So in the end, this hack looks nothing like its original concept. And to think that up until now, Wily was in it from the very beginning...

Since SPM had influenced this hack since its original conception, do you think the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Brawl will influence the sequel, with a plot that I predict will involve the return of the Subspace Army and their use of the Koopa Crusier from the M&L series like they do with the Halberd in Brawl?

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For those of you who are interested, I've found a screenshot of an early version of Morton's level:

Note the lack of Super Mario All-Stars graphics, and the miscolored "Mario" in the HUD (fixed in the current version).

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Game: Stranded (Mario demo)
Level: Ichigo Lake 3
Problem: Secret exit

How can you find the key? Don't tell me where the keyhole is; I've already found it.

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As he swoops down toward you, use a Ring Boomerang on him to take a Heart Block from him. Then place it in the exact middle of the ground so that one of his fireballs takes it with it and into Ludwig. He should revert to his original attack pattern at this point.

And how's about helping me find the key to Ichigo Lake 3 in the Mario demo for Stranded?

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Main Menu from WarioWare, Inc.

You can find an MIDI (but a relatively poor one at that) here. I posted a link to Galbadia's MP3, but it's missing the intro.

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I'm up to Donut Volcano now. I love what you did with the Switch Palaces and how to access the Sonic levels (which are MUCH more Sonic-like) this time around.

I've completed the original Second Reality Project (not the SNES version, the much harder version), but I've been holding off the sequel when this one was announced. Comparing the original and the remake side by side, it clearly shows that you've come a long way in SMW hacking, especially in the advancements since 2002.

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I just reached the Flying Fortress, and I was like "HOLY COW!" You really revamped that level! In the original TSRP, the fortress looked like an ordinary grounded fortress, but now the overworld shows it as it should be. I also like the awesome music, the high-tech look of the fortress, and the fact that when you reach the first Bullet Bill area, the clouds in the background started moving as if the fortress started flying through the skies. Well done on improving the Flying Fortress.

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I see that you switched around Cold Ghost Tower and Horror House (now Frozen Fears and Tropical Horror, respectively) and renamed Lava and Ice into Freezeflame Rock (Super Mario Galaxy influence, anyone?). I also noticed that the revealing of the entrance to Bowser's Valley is different (at least it doesn't briefly go back down again as it emerges), so I'm guessing the dramatic effect is saved for something different?

I'll find out soon enough, along with whether or not Bowser's still not at his palace this time around (he's probably still too busy at the Second Reality).

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I found a spelling error; in the message block next to the glitchy Gateway in Crashlanded Castle, the word "address" is spelled "adress".

Also, in addition to the Mole Ruins #2 spacing error, you still have the penultimate Second Reality level titled as "Yoshis Final Flight". I know there's no more room to fit in an apostrophe, but why not edit these tiles instead (since nobody uses them in their hacks except when Yellow Switch Palaces are involved, but yours doesn't have any switch palaces in the overworld anyway)?:

That way, you can have a nice "Yoshi's" to compliment the rest of the level's title.

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Originally posted by FPI
*Warning: The following text might include Spoilers.*

And for Marty Mole: Yes, he survifes. You can see at the ending that he managed to get to the crashlanded Castle again, which makes sense, I mean the Teleporter was in the same room he was in - he sended Mario away to deactivate the power and just went into the gate. If you are going back in that room (and in the gateway) for some unknown reason after leaving him the last time, you'll actually find out that he's already gone and in the crashalnded castle.
-(WARNING: This reply may also contain a spoiler.)-

To back this up, I made screenshots of meeting Marty at the crashlanded Acoustic Castle in the First Reality before you switch off the gateway (the screenshots are linked, to be safe):

How, indeed?

On the fate of Thirdspace.

Marty's farewell.

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Originally posted by Lotica
How do you get the secret exits on the Ice Bomb Bridge and Tropical Horror then? Those are the two exits I'm missing left out of the normal world.

For the Ice Bomb Bridge, when you come to the three pipes with Lakitus in them, go down the middle pipe. Keep playing until you find a row of blocks you need to hit either with a cape or a shield. The rest is self explanatory.

As for Tropical Horror, in the room you access through the P-Switch, destroy the turn block next to the dragon coin at the beginning and traverse through the top of the maze until you reach the keyhole. The key itself is in one of the item blocks.

For the record, here's all of the levels with secret exits/switch palaces:

1. Mole Ruins #1
2. Lakeside Castle
3. Monty Monument
4. Goomba Playground
5. Cave Exploration
6. Iceberg #1
7. Dead Disco
8. Flower Fear
9. Flowerless Fort
10. Bones Labyrinth
11. Urchin's Blockade
12. Lotus Volcano
13. Volcano Castle
14. Ice Bomb Bridge
15. Acoustic Castle
16. Noteworthy Terrain
17. Spiny Woods
18. Magical Trick House
19. Lost Pipeline
20. P-Switched Castle
21. Tropical Horror
22. Rhino's Treasure
23. Nightmare Desert
24. Sandy Shrine
25. Inferno
26. Yoshi's Final Flight
27. Green Hill Zone
28. Marble Zone
29. Spring Yard Zone
30. Labyrinth Zone
31. Starlight Zone
32. Scrap Brain Zone
33. Crashlanded Castle
34. Perplex Rosa
35. Neverfly Fortress

On that note, I notice that of all four levels with colored switches, Mole Ruins #1, Goomba Playground, and Bones Labyrinth have yellow dots, while Scrap Brain Zone has a red one. Is this intentional or a mistake?

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Originally posted by Uhrmacher
Originally posted by FPI
Originally posted by Uhrmacher

How do I get to the level in the space to the left of the fourth-castle portal inside the Third Reality?

Huh? I may be braindamaged but I really don't have a clue what you want to know.

If you zone into the world with the Sonic levels from the teleporter near the Fourth Castle in the normal world, there is an empty level space to your left. Is there a level there?

Sorry for the confusion lol

Ah, I think I know for sure that you are talking about the Spring Yard Zone level, which wasn't in the original Second Reality Project. It's accessed from Lemmy's gate. Oh, and that wasn't the "Third Reality", you're still in the Second Reality.

Anyway, I created a comparison image of the Power Supply Station as seen in TSRPR (bottom), and the same area as seen in TSRP2 (top):

Aside from the obvious graphical differences, I noticed that the pipe was raised a block higher, and the light tiles that were mirrored in TSRP2 are not mirrored anymore. And, of course, the power switch is makred with a "P" rather than an "!". Very interesting to compare the same area in different games.

Also, I did a write-up on Zycloboo on the SMW Wiki, documenting his involvement in the Second Reality Project series (with images to boot). I even created a new category for SMW hack characters to go along with it. I'm sure it would be interesting to write about characters like Boothoven from SNN's Mario's Keytastrophy, or the Zookeeper from Trasher's Ninji Saga.

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The other characters listed in that category are from Mario Lost in Gummyland (by Gummymikaman), and he created those articles long before I created the category. All I did so far was add category links to them. I haven't played the game yet, but when I do, I'm going to rewrite the article (since there's capitalization errors and whatnot) if there is more information on them in it and put in images of the characters. He wrote them for this guide.

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Interesting storyline so far. Just a few things I noticed (mostly errors):

1. The message when you defeat Mozart still makes reference to the old plotline featuring Bowser and Peach with the line "Mario pushes on to find the princess...". The original storyline had Bowser kidnapping Peach, locking Mario away in each area of Melodia, and getting involved with the Lost Composers. Boothoven even said, "King Bowser has ordered you..." in the previous demo, rather than the more straightfoward "You have been ordered..." The new storyline has Mario coming to explore Melodia after it was discovered, with Peach and Bowser no longer involved in the storyline. I suppose you removed this since this plot element has been done so many times. Even FPI dropped the whole kidnapping thing and focused more on Bowser's impending attack on the Mushroom Kingdom when he remade the first Second Reality Project game. Since that is the case, I made a mockup screenshot for something more appropiate, since Mario has been freeing Key Spirits and all:

2. The Jeopardy room in Legato Highlands is labeled as... "Level Name"? Oops.

3. In the "Breached Portal" section at Fin's Corruption, holding the L button down will replace the inventory with this:

What's the deal with it? Is it some gameplay element that has yet to be revealed properly?

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Originally posted by Rameau's Nephew
Spoiler: You go to great pains throughout the game to make sure everyone addresses our heroes say "Mario and Luigi"...except, that is, the natives and Yoshi in the Boiler Secret. Both just say "Mario", even though, coincidentally, it was Luigi who arrived there first both times I played. Now, obviously they're not going to say "Mario and Luigi" when they're directly addressing just one of the brothers, but why do they need to prefix their speech with any name at all? After all, it's pretty obvious who they're talking to...

That reminds me... I haven't played the +- version, but in the original SMI, I encountered very similar situations:

I guess Iggy's not taking Luigi into consideration here (but even if he did, it was really the Sea Spot natives who wrote that)...

Okay, so Bowser's all worried about Mario hitting Magical Symbols, but doesn't care about whatever Luigi does? What?

But did Luigi notice it...?

For once, Mario is subjected to this.

Also, I noticed that at the end of Ludwig's Castle, Ludwig refers to Bowser as just that: Bowser. Considering that Ludwig is his son, shouldn't he call him something more appropiate like "father"? He's obviously not Baby Bart or Baby Lisa, who called thier father Homer no matter what in "Lisa's First Word". But again, considering that the natives wrote the Koopalings' messages, it may be a mistake on their part.

Again, this is just the original version of SMI.

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Originally posted by name128512
When I beat S.S. Sorrowsong, it played a huge event then the screen turned black.

You seem to have an outdated version of the final demo. There's a rerelease that fixes it.

Originally posted by name128512
I went back and beat Lair of Leopold again to see if anything changed in the weird red place, but now I'm stuck in that weird red place. I can't even enter the level.

You can re-enter the level like a castle.

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Here's some Paper Mario Fuzzy sprites if you want better looking giant Fuzzies. They're ripped by this guy, along with every other Paper Mario sprite.

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Incidentally, this was the last post he had made, which was almost a year ago. I'll try to e-mail him and see if he responds.

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