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yeaah... i need help i have been looking for the rom for days, and still cant find it. but yesterday, i found one called Super Mario World 2-yoshi's island (U) (v1.0) [!].smc and i tried running it with eggvine and it says i need a 1.0 version but that is a 1.0 version!! is it the eggvine or the rom? please help asap =/
k thnx still cant find one are they like an endangered animal or something?

EDIT: found it but new problem =/ i started hacking yoshi's island today (finally found it after 6 days) and today as i was hacking i tried making my yoshi's island open everytime with zsnesw by right clicking then pressing properties then the thing that says opens with: then press change and now all of my smc files look like this http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc263/chingy95/10-30-08_2024.jpg and when i open it with eggvine then hack it and try to play it, as soon as the first stage comes out the it only shows yoshi with mario on his back moving back and forth it never did this before i did that and when i try downloading another yoshi's island rom, when i download it, it looks like that also. does anybody know how to make it look normal again? normal as in http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc263/chingy95/10-30-08_2032.jpg please im getting desperate now i was happy when i cuold hack yoshi island now im mad at myself =(
but golden yoshi im digging your smw2+2
chingy loves the rpg action in this soon to be hack that will be in my ''best hacks'' folder (when i talk in third person its because something really suprised me or i really liked it) BTW, did paper mario help encourage these ideas of this hack? i loved paper mario so imma love this also ;) instead of paper mario, how about 8-bit mario? lol
wait i thought it was rom-hacking dot net without the dash? im pretty sure im correct because im on it right now =/
when you said a smw pokemon hack, i thought you meant like the game is based off of smw like you just add the pokemon in as custom sprites or something and you'll be in a mario level then articuno pops out and it takes 10 jumps to kill him XD but this sounds as good as what i thought it was going to be
it looks really really great! but yeah maybe the sand should be less solid? so it wont look like sandpaper boxes =P but i like how you add seashells into the sand to make it feel more like you are in the beach! keep it up and this will be a hack that will be remembered
i dont really get the bouncer doesnt brush his teeth thing
lol i hate these kaizo games, but for some reason i still play them like if i like to torture myself, kaizo games make little kids quaver in the corner 0_o
woo nice work and dont you feel special =D but its real nice i think ill be working this if you complete it
i may be pretty new here, but wow i already know that staffs stop the spamming and help in the site and if you didn't get picked being staff isn't that great if you think they just boss people around and do nothing.
We all know wannabe moderators (backseat) are annoying but i think suck-ups are just as annoying you wont get nothing out of making yourself look pathetic in front of a mod so whats the point.
where do i go to participate? i have been looking eveywhere
what do you mean logging on?
oh ok now i knwo what you mean can you send me a log since i was not able to go i would appreciate it thank you
yeah they look kind of flat maybe fix that and it will look better and they yoshi gray color is weird looking but besides that its good and with a lot of practice you can be making some real nice gfx then you'll see people using them in hacks (of course with permission)
thats pretty cool! sucks that there isn't a way to find how to change the colors of mario's palette
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