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You don't need to answer all of them.
1. How do I use "Sprite Commands"?
2. Can I change the pallet on Koopaling rooms & Bowser room?
3. Can I access Kooplaling rooms & Bowser room?#lm{ow}
4. Certain Sprites are only usable in certain levels, I notice. How do I change the list of sprites I can add?
6. What does "Layer 2 editing" do?#lm{l2}
Originally posted by Deeke
1. Most sprite commands can be used by placing them on the very top of the screen. Some of them can be placed lower and have different effects, but they likely won't work if they read "MAY GLITCH!" You should put them in screen 0 if they do things like make layer 2 scroll up and down, but autoscrollers can work just fine wherever they are.

4. The game can only have so many different kinds of sprites in one level - there is a tileset dedicated to 'common' enemies like Koopas and Piranha Plants that is used in every level, but the rest of the enemies need to be loaded in with special tilesets. You can change those in #lm{gfxby}

6. If your level has Layer 2 as a level instead of a background, you can click on that button to edit it. You can go into #lm{MARIO69} and change if the level has layer 2 or not (Change "Layer 2: BG" into "Level." Changing "Layer 2 Interact" to yes is a good idea)

Thanks! #smw{:D}
In the palette editor, you can see flashing colors on some tiles (used in yoshi coins, coins, and bowser's castle). How can I change these colors and/or use them in other sprites/objects?
1. where is the intro level (the one behind the title screen) and the one you see when you first start the game (princess peach is captured in dinosaur land)?
2. How can I edit Mario's physics (I see it in rom hacks)
3. Other objects (not 16x16 editor). Edit: custom blocks
4. How do I edit the border on the overworld map(the one you see when playing).
5. Can I edit Mario's texture (not pallet)
6. Custom music, can you?
7. How to enable "vertical screen entrance"?
I need help.
Edit: 8: Custom Sprites (koopas,goombas,etc.)
Originally posted by Luigi-San
3. Yep. Level numbers are as follows:

Iggy: 1F6
Morton: E5
Lemmy: 1F2
Ludwig: D9
Roy: CC
Wendy: D3
Larry: 1EB
Bowser: 1C7
Reznor (Vanilla Fortress): DF
Reznor (Forest Fortress): D5
Reznor (Chocolate Fortress): E2
Reznor (Valley Fortress): 1DE
Big Boo: E4

Iggy, Morton, Ludwig, Roy, Larry, Bowser, and Reznor's rooms use Mode 7, so they're a but trickier to edit. Lemmy, Wendy, and Big Boo's don't, and they can be edited like any other level.

How do I insert them (insert key on keyboard windows 7).
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Originally posted by thecentralbus
How do I insert them (insert key on keyboard windows 7).

Care to elaborate? What do you want to do exactly?

What Luigi-San gave you is a list of levels. You can open them in LM by clicking #lm{level} and entering their number, and you can edit and save them like any other level. (Levels that appear only as a red background, like the Iggy battle, are infeasible to edit with LM).

Didn't read the level numbers part, oops, never mind.
Asar is quaranteed by my antivitus when I run asar.exe.
I tried the program "flip" (I believe, it included that word), and I'm trying to add tis patch: But I can't figure out how to add it to my ROM, help?

How do I add patches to my rom without asar, my computer's antivirus doesn't like it.

Edit: Also, is there a patch that makes you lose some coins when hurt?
Asar gives problems when I use it, because of my antivirus.
Is there any alternatives? Additionally, How do I add the Patch? The one I'm trying to add uses a .asm file.

Also, is there a patch that makes Mario lose coins when he takes damage, and one that makes an infinate coin counter? You don't need to answer this one.
People say that to make .asm patches compatible, is to add ;@xkas to the top, but what does that mean, "the top"? Is the patch i'm trying to add.
Edit: I'm adding the patch. but the following event occur:
The Rom title "looks like garbage" (it does) but the rigt rom is selected.
My rom is a .sfc
My Rom only has a palette and a texture change for mario.
When I start up the rom (0% save file), When I start the level, a second later the screen only shows random tiles in a pallete, and a sound effect (Bowser boss theme, secret exit sound, etc.).
This happens on single player, Snes9x.
Edit: Doing any imput but jumping causes the screen, the title screen and overworld are fine.
Tried just now. still has bad effects.
Edit: it was my rom, its working now with a fresh one.
is there a patch that:
Increases the coin counter?
Adds a Wario-like dash?
Makes mario jump lower?
Edit: Never Mind, they're working for me now (except wario dash one, but i'll find a replacement).
How can I make turn blocks break and question mark blocks activate by sliding?
Blockreator doesn't do this, I can't find a tool or patch for it.
Ground Pound
Pick Luigi
Seperate Luigi Graphics
When Pick Luigi and Seperate Luigi graphics are added, ground pounding doesn't work. When I re-patch ground pounding, luigi looks like Mario.
Can I get these patches to NOT clash?
Assume that xkas patches don't work for me.
Heres some ideas, I don't know how to do this stuff so I will give you all the work:
-Blocks destroyable via sliding.
-Kicking/punching/dashing/attacking without power-ups.
-Luigi has different physics (compatible with other hacks)
-Universal overrall yoshi coin counter.
-Yoshi can climb like Mario.
-More Fireballs on screen.
-Feather Cape OR entirely new powerups act like Yoshi wings.
-Big Mario has destructive landing like a Yellow yoshi with a thing in it's mouth.
--May add more If I think of any--
--If you use any of these ideas and credit me Let me know here, I will be ethrilled, so will others.--
I know my questions are getting irritating, but this is an easy one,
which place in the pallete does bullet bill derive it's coloration from? It's a global sprite so I am willing to bet it's consistant.
Are there any other sprites that use the same colors in the pallete?
I'm adding a custom sprite to my rom,it the graphic of a different sprite. This sprite, the one with the graphic, is not global (not a koopa or goomba or bullet bill).
Can I set up an ExGfx for the sprite so I don't have to replace anything?
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