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Ooooooooo. Okay, doing the thing!
Do we specifically have to make a port, or an original, or does it not matter? Didn't quite get that yet.
Didn't get the chance to participate due to priorities and stress, but I'll have a go with voting instead!

ffmqbattle || Straight off, the mixing is top notch, and the sample selection is very good. The tonal information is very rich, and the bends are very colorful, which is very pleasant in this harder mix. One point of critique is that right before the loop, #4 and #5 suddenly gain volume and play the 16th notes; I feel like they were gone too abruptly.

nutshack remix || Nice. Liking the small, minimal vibe; the bass works really well like this, love it! Volume balance is a bit off, some things are too soft. Very nice use of detune doubling! Nice instrumentation too, though some of the synths could use some echo I think.

sonic2sms_-_skyhigh || Nice groove! Instrumentation is really cool (except for the snare, pretty jarring), love the usage of that e.piano and square wave (oldschool flava on the square haha, excellent). Could've had a more full stereo balance imo, and I miss low-end from the bass, but overall really solid.

honnou || That intro made me incredibly excited! It has great stereo and awesome instrumentation. The entire General MIDI-like section following it was really flat and disappointing in instrumentation... Really needs more panning/surround too. Good chords/melody though.

gimmick_happy_birthday || Sounds nice and small. Neat stereo. A few of the samples, most notably the e.piano used, are a bit of a bad fit, but they're not off-putting by any means. The trumpet fill ends pretty abruptly.

Blast Hornet || I'm not a big fan of the ADSR on the slap bass, it's hard to get true tonal information out of it like this; it's mostly the pulse of it that I hear. Arrangement is very nice though, nice echo and panning too. Do take another look to the white noise FX, they're really off-putting, not fitting in nicely. The lead in the main part, on #2, has a really grating loop, would've been good to use another sample or fix it (or make it less striking with good FX usage) somehow.

9party || I really like the chords and their sample! I don't really get the bass, would've liked that an octave lower. The kick and snare are 100% side and 0% mid, which is really off-putting; for the best 'surround' effect, you could've done well to mix this surround kick/snare with a normal mono kick/snare, you'll suddenly have proper stereo! This does miss something though; instrumentation, but also better volume balance (the mix is very soft).

drwily3 || There's not much wrong with what's in here; it's mostly what's not here that could've been better. The noise is maybe a little bit unfitting with the rest (mostly the shaker), volume balance is too soft, and this just suffers from a general lack of body. Great base to build from though! For what it's worth, the stereo balance is quite nice (maybe a bit too much on the right?)

1989 || The fill in the intro (and wherever it returns) has too fast notes, I feel like they could've been better off being l24 instead of l32. Even though the bass should be the vocal center of the tune, I feel like the background soft pads are too quiet; the volume balance is a slight bit off in general. I also think there could've been a better sample selection; I don't know what to do with those plappy percussions.

sor2_expander || I can hear what could've been really nice sounds; there's some cool panning, potential of a nice arp, and I like the chords, but this port suffers from bad samples, bad volume balance, and a very off-putting lead notation. There's potential, but a lot of work left to do.
Sooooooo... I was preparing a sample from the Addictive Drums pack that I want to use in BRR Player, getting the ADSR and tuning right, then I find out in AMK and C700 that the sample has an invalid length and is unusable unless I decode and re-encode it. If I do that, will it still be accepted?
This is such a great resource to have. Can't wait for the making of BRR sample packs to catch on and seeing more people release samples :P I especially thank you for the effort put into the categorization of samples; you have no idea how much of a headache that work gives me hahaha
Insane quality ports man. This very much inspires me to keep going at it, if results like these are possible!
Pretty chuffed with the results! I don't get one thing though. Was my correct guess of the Homebrew Channel theme not counted because I thought it to be the impostor?

On that, you defined "impostor" as "not actually from a video game!" Not "no ties to video games" :O

But yeah, besides the Homebrew Channel, I was right on all guesses that I was sure of! All the others I've literally never gotten close to due to never playing (or hearing of) those games, so I'm pleased!
Unless you already have someone, I'd like to say that I'd love to compose the Dreamer battle theme. The thematics and the demand for a climactic sensation rather inspire me.

I might also like to write out some feedback for all songs at some point, just putting it out there for now.
Yoooooo! Super chuffed with the results!

I didn’t expect to get far with my Pokémon D/P/Pt tune haha, it’s downsampled to a ridiculous degree (and I gotta further maim the samples if I want to be able to insert this into SMW, bah).

Medals was a tune that I started porting a few days before the deadline and it was super fun to write! Obviously it’s not as awesome as the original due to its engine being so much better than AMK’s, but I’m still crazy proud of the result! Little bit of work and I’ll be able to get it inserted and I’ll submit :) also super okay with having lost to mitotic dance, that was easily the best cover haha!

But while my Medals port might be my most complex song so far, I’m most proud of May Dust Settle, a microtonal (15-EDO) original that I wrote for the challenge category! The challenge really inspired me, hope it returns even in spite of the lack of participation in the challenge. Really happy with how it turned out. I’ll need to do some creative sample switching (or downsampling, but rather not) to make it insertable, but that’s for later.

Originally posted by Falconpunch
I wanna hear what was made! Especially Exodust's entries, they seem promising.

Ahahahaha, figured I’d drop in here to mention that I hope to post a nice and big guide for AMK microtonality sometime in the hopefully-not-too-distant future. I’ve been helping Darkslayer get the hang of it already and I hope to help more people :P

Funny he posted Desert Island Rain as example song, as that’s exactly the song I wanna use for the included tutorial!
Since I haven't seen anyone talk about it yet, might as well share what I do. You can rip instrument data from Genesis games.

First, find an instrument you want to rip, namely on which channel it plays. Now, I use a modified version of Genesis emulator Gens, called Gens KMod, to rip instruments (I'll note, I haven't gotten it to work on the most recent versions; I specifically use v0.7c, hope that helps). Go in the game to the song you want to rip from. Then go to CPU > Debug > Genesis > Sound - YM2612, and when the instrument plays, go the corresponding channel and Dump Channel, which gives you a .y12 file.

You can open these in VGM Music Maker. Open that, go to the Instruments tab, open the instrument file, and you can play with the exact instrument. This allows for easier sampling and editing, if necessary.

Hope that helps! Obviously a somewhat tedious process, due to having to precisely time the channel dumping, but I think it's preferable over having to pry instruments out of full isolated channels.
Welp. This exists apparently.

That takes a lot of the hassle out of getting Genesis instrument data.
But of course, I will get started on "Things" right away!

EDIT - I came up with a question after posting and I can't double-post aaaaa please read
Okay so, does this particular challenge require the port to be as faithful as possible to the original, or can there be slight (or heavy?) rearranging?

EDIT2 - yes hi, me again! What if a game is released on "November 1990"? Is it eligible?
skyshark1 || Yes. Yes. Absolutely ridiculous use of SMW instruments, pitch modulation, panning, arpeggiators, really cool song. I do think the open hi-hat noise could've been at a lower volume, and while I very much appreciate what you've tried to do to make the snare stereo, I think it needs a bit of tuning to sound right. Awesome work, exactly what I hoped to hear.

flash || Yeah that hits the spot. Could've upped the echo volume a bit in the breakdown, it really makes the lead there shine! Still really appreciate it regardless of that though.

spaceharrier || The hi-hats annoy me a bit, but this gets a high spot on my list purely because of the combination of stereo image, echo and ADSR. Stellar.

Batman - Stage 2 (Chemistry For Beginners) || Sweet! Nice rich instrumentation, rich stereo image, really funky!

Doki Doki Panic - Ending 2 || I'll say first of all that there's a really jarring off-key note at 0:44 on #6. Outside of that though, smashing! A very bright and imaginative interpretation of the original song.

mm2_wind || Not bad! A few off notes in the bass and chords here and there, and the lead is a little bit jarring here and there (contrast at sudden volume changes), but otherwise not bad. Really nice echo.

Mega Man 3 - Wily Stage 1 (16-bit) || The pitch-bends and panning make this song. Drums are a bit flat, and instrumentation/ADSR isn't that impressive, but those details still make it a nice listen.

Let Me Know The Truth || I'm really curious what game this song is originally from! I really like the composition. I think the loop isn't as clean as it could've been, and you could've probably done more to enrich the stereo image of this song, but besides that this is a nice little ditty.

zantkntttata || Really unimaginative stereo, and that bongo annoys the heck out of me, but cheers for the slapp!

72hoSPC || First of all, not bad use of @17! Could've done more to make it sound better though. For clean SMW instrumentation, I think this is a rather interesting song.

004_mus || Definitely doesn't make any mistakes, but it by no means jumps out. Nice song I suppose, but it could've used some more depth.

steel || I'll give you this, you positively surprised me. But this truly needs to be less muddy, and have either harmonic content or a more enforced melody to get much praise out of me.

Castlevania - Stage 2 || This one fell a bit flat on its face. (Most of) the notes are there, it's just that there's no meat to this song. Stereo image is nice, but it doesn't save the dreadfully dull use of instrumentation in this arrangement.

Shadow Man || Not a fan. Instrumentation, mixing, ADSR, all of it isn't working in this song's favour. Needs some TLC, but would be cool if it could be improved upon.


Yeah uh, I only had two days for my song due to life trying to mess me up, didn't manage to get it finished in time. I wonder why.

Will definitely be revisiting this song to finish it, and to put in not-crappy instrumentation hahaha.
You bet your butts I'm participating in this.

Jean-Jacques Perrey & Gilbert Sigrist - Dynamoog
Yousuke Yasui (安井 洋介) - Nova Prospect
Dolores Catherino - Temporal Parallax
Battle 1
Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go
(I often forget that Oakenfold started out with breakbeat, knowing him primarily for his hardtrance. Not the best breakbeat, but definitely enjoyable. Easy win as I’m not into Pretty Boy; shoutouts to the leslie speaker on the organ though.)

Battle 2
Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Radio Edit)
(Though I appreciate the nod to rave in the German tune with the landlord stab, Smooth Criminal takes the win. Hate the snare, and I don’t like the vocal performance in it too much (especially enunciation), but composition and production (can’t go wrong with Quincy) are solid gold.)

Battle 3
Dream Theater - Pull Me Under
(I thoroughly enjoyed the humour and utter Britishness of “lods of emone”, and it has hilarious production quality too. In the end though, I would rather invite Dream Theater into my house. Grew up with Opeth and Metallica, never stopped lovin’ it, so the pick is easy.)

Battle 4
Laura Pausini - Celeste
(I don’t have anything against Beethoven, but this pieve of his didn’t particularly speak to me. I’m not a big fan of these kinds of vocals. I was impressed by Laura’s voice, and the choices made in the production and composition of the song. Not something I’d listen to normally, but I like having heard this.)


Question: can we vote on a battle that includes a song we submitted ourselves?
Thanks for the votes, even if they landed me naught but the slightest of egoboo.

No I love you more. No you hang up the phone first!
Battle 1
Songs: Ohia - Farewell Transmission
(I can really appreciate Blow Away, it has some good authentic vibe to it, and it has some standout elements in its production that I like, but Farewell Transmission has something truly unique to it that I can't quite pinpoint. It took me by surprise, but I like this song.)

Battle 2
Tigran Hamasyan - Entertain Me
(No contest. Even though it's definitely not my favourite work of Tigran's, it's still incredible. ELO can't top that.)

Battle 3
Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (2012 Remaster)
(Not surprised about this result. I barely know nor care about Led Zeppelin, but I can't stand Marshmello. I found the phaser on the drum track of Kashmir cute, I'll say that haha. Improper credit was given to the Marshmello track btw; it's featuring Bastille.)

Battle 4
Caravan Palace - Leena
(I actually really like that Ground Zero song, sans the vocals! it just lacked cohesion I feel. And I gotta say that I remember Caravan Palace to be less commercially-viable clean, which I detest, but it still has amazing production nonetheless. Not a huge fan of the composition though, but micro-arrangement like this, with the cutting to and fro synths and samples like that, yes please.)
I realize it’s been 3 months, but I figure you’d like to know about this regardless. Have you checked out the list of Awesome lists? It’s a collection of lists that contain essential resources for learning about, and/or practicing all kinds of stuff. Programming languages, including webdev stuff, are all at the top, as that’s where the project started, so I highly recommend looking here!

One comment on the W3Schools thing. I’ve heard people complain about W3S before, and there are also plenty of people who still use it regardless, though I can’t personally vouch for any side, as I just don’t know enough about this situation specifically. But I do want to mention that I don’t think any comments about W3S should hold you back to learn there. Speaking from personal experience, people telling me that what I’m doing, or where I’m learning from, is not optimal, unsafe, dodgy, etc. to their experienced standards, without offering counter-advice that matches my level of expertise, typically doesn’t make me learn, but rather stop learning altogether. I appreciate getting corrected, as it’s the cornerstone of moving up in a skill, but I struggle hard to see the point of trying to achieve what I want to if I don’t see how to improve, but I do get told that I need to. I know that that’s a personal thing, but I figured that it might still offer some insight.
I'm aware this is a fair bit of necro going on, but I feel that my contribution makes it worth the bump. I have quite the selection of freeware VST's and VSTi's:

  • Variety of Sound (if downloads are down, look it up on
    These are the best plugins I got. All of them. Amazing compressors, chorus echo, reverb, tape simulators, saturators, exciter, have it all. No-bullshit, super powerful, mostly CPU-efficient, what more do you want.

  • Shuttleplugs
    Usage samples included! Oriented towards the rough edges of krautrock and experimental shit (the plugins are not bug-free), but applicable to everything.

  • Xoxos
    If you want to get crazy creative and/or scientific. Linking to the WayBack Machine, because while the site is still up, I've not yet found downloads of the VST(i)'s on it, and the site has generally become impossible to browse, and all VST(i)'s are available on the WBM so. No clue what the author's intentions were. But yeah, highly recommend checking this out!

  • DeLaMancha
    Rugged yet solid plugins that offer a lot of convenience and fun creativity. Some very neat experimental effects (like a "FSU" (fuck-shit-up) that "mind melts" audio based on text input) and some very efficient synths (like the tiniest GUI I've ever seen that produces simple sub basses or kicks).

  • Antti (Smartelectronix)
    Usage samples included! Small collection, but very powerful and simple.

  • Magnus (Smartelectronix)
    Honestly I have only ever tried the Ambience plugin, but it is reason enough for this to be included, as it's the best reverb plugin in my possession, together with Variety of Sound's. I think that's enough said.

  • mda (Smartelectronix)
    The most straight-forward, simple, basic and not-so-basic plugin package imaginable. Works really well. Also open-source!

  • DestroyFX (Smartelectronix)
    Usage samples included! The things these plugins can do, you just don't see them anywhere else. Very impressive.

  • DarkWare
    Be aware that DarkWare's quite a big name in the freeware plugin world, and it's been dead for a while. That's why the link is to the WayBack Machine archive of it, which fortunately includes all plugins' downloads. Anyways, highly experimental plugs, not bug-free, but occasionally very effective, especially if you want to get messy. I love THE BENDS, and GlitchGirl occasionally works really well at the beginning of an FX chain mixed in on a very low percentage (on anything really). DarkWare, when it stopped, continued under the name NOVUZEIT with commercialware, but that too got discontinued and disappeared completely, so sadly, that collection's become pirate-only.

  • Xen-Arts (original site went down when the dev lost interest dangit)
    There's a lot wrong with these plugins, mostly in terms of intuitiveness, but for freeware, they're a magnificent option if you want to get your feet wet with microtonality! Some even let you reconfigure the entire harmonic series that's used to generate sound!

  • mdsp (Smartelectronix)
    Very confusing site, but if you bear with that, some really useful tools come up. Some simple things that you don't see every day that could come in extremely handy!

  • CFA-Sound SUPER-7
    No-bullshit supersaw synthing. The best of its kind.

  • SB-Audio Retro Boy
    Stupidly simple and nicely modifiable 8-bit sounds.

  • I hope they'll be of use for someone!