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Here is what my VLDC level currently looks like:

This level is all about jumping on enemies to get over cliffs, with reset doors to save time.

The bottom two areas have a door linking them together, until halfway through where it becomes linear.

The First area also leads to both other areas, allowing them to choose their path.

Download Here:
I highly suggest to give me any constructive criticism or comments you have about it.
*Level now playable
Originally posted by Gloomy
Originally posted by Digital Entertainment
with reset doors to save time.

Hopefully you're not resetting the timer with those doors, that's against the contest rules.

Thanks for the advice. All of the doors keep the time and never reset.#smw{^_^}
So, I'm not sure how often this will happen, but when I beat World 2's Boss, One of his Beach Balls pushed me into the wall.
(Also I love the graphics and music you've used)
World 5-2
The secret exit reveals level 5-4 after the event
I'm not sure if this is intentional, but

cutoff on the bridge

Is Mario okay here?!


That Piranha Plant is in the air
Here is my entry
I had lots of fun making this map
Good luck to everyone!

.Fixed cave entrance so you couldn't softlock
.Changed some names just to be safe
.Edited Special World Pallete
Originally posted by Hayashi Neru

How did you do different music on the main map?
*The Commets at the bottom were for a different issue
Thanks for the help on the last problem, but now I need to fix something about the overworld. Whenever a level is revealed, this happens,

Any Ideas on how to fix that?
I think it has something to do with the sprite tiles, but I can't figure out what that would be.

Another problem I have is simple. Does anyone know how to get Ladida's Minimalist's status bar to be compatable with lX5's custom powerups?
Originally posted by The Hacking Yoshi
Change the boss clear music in AddmusicK.

Can you go into a little more detail?
Originally posted by The Hacking Yoshi
Forget what I said at the top,

Change this in the asm file:
	LDA #$0B                ; \ set ending music
	STA $1DFB|!Base2        ; /

	LDA #$03                ; \ set ending music
	STA $1DFB|!Base2        ; /

That did the trick!
Thank you!:P
For some reason, whenever a level appears during a event, this happens:

How do you fix this?
Originally posted by Thomas
Did you edit GFX10.bin at all, specifically these tiles?

If so, those are the tiles used for the flash, so you need to change them back.
Alternatively, under #lm{sgfxby} for that submap, did you change the SP1 file at all? That's the slot that should stay set to GFX10 for the flash.

That didn't seem to have changed anything, nor did I change those graphcs, however I have edited that file, those graphics I haven't changed. I have was able to kinda fix it by changing lakitu into the flash, but I know that's not gonna be pernament.
This issue has been resolved!
When I'm using Ladida's Minimalist's status bar with Lx5's custom powerups, Instead of showing the proper graphics, it does this:

*the symbol for the boomerang was replaced by an B
Anyone know how to fix this? I contacted tob because he managed to do it and even gave me the graphics he used, but he doesn't remember having the same problem as me. This is the last thing I need to fix before C3, so the sooner the better!#smw{O_O!}
I have fixed some bugs so if you have already played, you might want to redownload and just change the name of your save state.

A brand new demo of a brand new choconill hack! This demo contains the entirety of World 1, Golden Plains!
Here is a showcase of the hack:

The Map for World 1

The tutorial found in Mario's Cabin

The first level in the hack

A hidden forest level

Mario flying over an athletic level
There are more levels in this hack as well!
Click here to play right now!

Have a good Summer!
*Fixed the Cabin so that it played the right level,
Fixed the Level names to make Golden Garden level 1-6,
Fixed the clouds in the sub area of 1-2
Thanks to RussianMan for pointing those out
When you say that you can only use 10 ExGFX Files, do you mean we can only pick 10 of the ExGFX files in the Baserom + any edited ones, or do you mean we can create up to 10 ExGFX files for our edited graphics?
I just realized an issue with custom Map16 for the Background. Because of the way the files work, if you didn't make a new background and just wanted to add like, clouds for example, you would have to copy all of the graphics associated with the background, and have to reconstruct it.
I think it could look nice if we added some moving decorations, like in SMB3, ex: Having Moving Palmtrees on the beach and desert map. Another thing for the Carnival Map, maybe we could add some balloons, that could really liven up that map. I did have one idea for the Fire/Ice map. We could try to add a gradient sky
that uses shades of red and black. That could really set a tone for the map.
I really liked how they made this contenst!
This level took a lot of effort to make, so I hope you like It!

This is a Time Travel level, so each screenshot is from a different time. The First One's Present, The Middle is Future, And the Last is the Past. Additionally, Each Time has a Power-up exclusive to them. These help you in other times.

Fixed problems found by Darkslayer. This switch is actually part of a secret.

Download The latest version!

*Version 1.3

If I made any mistakes or accidentally broke a rule, please send me a reply!
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Digital Entertainment's Profile - Posts by Digital Entertainment

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