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I'm new to this site, so please excuse me if I'm posting in the wrong forum.

This is my first hack. It's probably not going to blow you away, but feedback would be very much appreciated. It took a couple weeks, but I've managed to get used to Lunar Magic. #smw{^_^;}
(Edit: This easy hack contains 8 levels.)

Here are some screenshots:

And the patch itself:
Thanks so much pineapple for the playthrough! I've started to update some fixes into the hack as well as creating an original level for the secret fortress exit (you'll see what I mean if you find it!).

Anyways, I can't promise that I'll continue this project (mostly because of school), but I do appreciate the help, even if it's just logistics.

I have a question regarding hack submissions; namely, joke hacks.

If I've made a simple GFX edit on Mario, should I submit the hack through the Hacks page, or should I submit the graphics through the Graphics one? I'm asking because even though it's a joke (Mario dabbing, what a concept), many people want to try it.

Alternatively, should I create an original hack that uses the GFX?

Hey guys, this is my first contest entry on this site!
Currently under construction; however, it should (hopefully) be completed soon enough.
Custom music by tcdw

Part of the first section.

I'm currently working on a level for BLDC, and I was wondering what "merge tiles" meant.
Are we allowed to use the 8x8 editor to make slopes/decorations/etc.?
Thanks for the help.
Originally posted by Darkslayer
Super gorgeous fall palette and the level design looks good. Nice use of the scrolling pipes. I'd play it!

Thanks for the compliment! I'm trying to find a balance between form and function.
Here's an update on the level. At this point, it's about 55% done.

Early section.

Later section.

If there's time, I might add one or two subareas as well.
Hi all.
I've been looking into fixing bugs in my level; namely, I've been trying to get upside-down slopes working (so the player doesn't glitch through ground).

This is what I mean.

The text file for blocks says "350-355 : Slope Fix Blocks." Are they used only for regular slopes?
If so, how can I fix upside-down slopes?
Here's an unfinished demo.
I didn't realize how busy I'd be this month, but at least I can show some sort of progress.
Hello everyone. I wanted to show off the progress I've made so far with my first full hack!
It's a tribute for all things Windows, for better or for worse...

* 3 playable levels.
* One completed overworld (now in True 16-bit color).
* You will actually feel like you're Bill Gates (results may vary).

This hack is inspired by both BetaMaster64 for his Windows Mario World as well as SpaceOmega5000 for his unique level.

Feedback is appreciated. I've always wanted to make a hack like this, and I can't wait to see where it goes.
Full credits in the final version (patches/music).
Here's the hack that no one wanted.
Inspired by BetaMaster64 & SpaceOmega5000.

[Edit] Things to note:
-Only "completed" levels are in World 1. Haven't started on the rest.
-Still trying to figure out how OW paths work, so some may be broken for now.

[Edit 2] Thanks for the feedback! As a gift, here's a preview (?) of what's to come.
When will The White Album be released in .spc?
Originally posted by FPzero
Okay, normally when we see Windows tileset stuff our eyes roll but I gotta hand it to you here for committing to the aesthetic. This is pretty funny to me.

Glad the hack got a chuckle out of you.

Originally posted by Sariel
Usually windows-themed hacks turn out to be total trash.

While i haven't played yours so far, only judging the screenshots it looks kinda chaotic, but actually relatively good.

Thanks! The biggest challenge is consistency, so I might have to adjust the difficulty on the vertical level.

Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
I wonder if I was the one to start the Windows graphics trend way back in the day. (that or the idea is just strangely common. #tb{''})

This is definitely the best execution of the idea that I've seen so far, so good job on that!

I was thinking about using an old Windows-themed tileset I found in an archive, but it didn't look right, so I made this one from screenshots.

Thank you!
I'm uncertain if this is appropriate, but here we are.
(was 125 x 160)

Introducing the next generation from Tahixham.
Created especially for the Central Creativity Convention. It's...
A bit more exciting. A bit more challenging.
A bit more graphic.
A bit more colorful. A bit more realistic.
A bit more levels? A bit more secrets.
A bit more enemies. A bit more friends.
A bit more sound.
A bit hotter. A bit cooler.
A bit weirder.
A bit more revolutionary.
A bit more MARIO.
A bit more of what you want. It's 16-bit.
Now you're hacking with power. SUPER POWER.
Originally posted by 7 up
1) A muncher Met.
2) Ogórki playing a game of Uno with Papryka.
3) Magnet Man but it's a :thinking: emoji.

This is my attempt at a muncher Met.
Hope you like it!
Originally posted by zacmario
You forgot ICQ instant messenger. Looks cool though.

I'm not familiar with ICQ, but I think I can implement it somewhere.

Originally posted by kamekku14
there's a mario in my pc

there's a snake when i boot

Funny you should ask...
Edit: A solution from the competition.

Originally posted by levelengine
Even still, it feels awkward to see the Windows foreground tilesets mashed up together with recolored backgrounds from the original SMW. But as far as Windows hacks go (and why do people even do this in the first place I still don't understand), this one easily feels like more effort and creativity was put into it than other Windows hacks from the past like one I played almost 7 years ago. For example, we now even got to see a custom overworld that fits the OS theme.

I'm learning how to use ExGFX, so I used the vanilla BG as placeholders before submitting. #smw{^_^;}
Personally, I've always liked how Windows Classic themes looked, so I figured I'd put that passion into a hack.
I created the OW and maps before the actual levels themselves to keep some sort of consistency.
Thanks for the feedback!
I don't know much about Super Paper Mario, but this is a pretty unique tileset.

Looks like a house of some kind. Has the right block priority.

Some arrows and floating platforms.

I noticed you have other tilesets stored in the level. I'm not sure if that's intended.

Personally, I'd love to see more screenshots as a guide to determine which tileset is which.
(Though, I'm new to ExGFX, so take my advice with a grain of salt.)
Other than that, good on you my guy. #smw{:TUP:}
I loved the demo. The theme is what caught my eye originally (I'm a sucker for pastel colors), but I stayed for the rest. The level design is not too difficult yet challenging enough to keep me engaged (as the levels slowly increased in difficulty).

I did notice a few bugs here and there.
boss fight, sometimes he stops spawning balls, forcing a restart from the checkpoint.
I'm not sure whether this is because of a timer issue (<100 seconds) or because I failed to defeat him quickly.

Also, for some reason, when playing 2-1 for the first time, the
Hill Top
theme played in 2x speed.

One more thing: in 2-4's bonus room, if the player fails to carry the P-switch with them, they can get softlocked by entering the door.

Other than that, I enjoyed playing through TMW, and I would love to see this finished. #smrpg{y}
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TickTockClock's Profile - Posts by TickTockClock

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