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Tip: If you give a Muncher tile custom graphics, it will still act like a coin when a silver P-switch is active, whether it looks like a coin or not. ExAnimation solves this problem.
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Technicolor Mario World - Demo 2 for its creativity and challenge.
Kudos to the winners of C3. You guys are the true gamers. #smw{:TUP:}

But seriously, this was an enjoyable experience. I wasn't expecting to receive anything for my passion project, but it looks like you guys enjoy seeing weird concepts in motion.

See you in the future!
4am [fixed]

Major Fix:
-level warps properly now

Minor Fixes:
-sprite buoyancy on
-layout consistencies (e.g., preventing player from getting stuck on ceiling; you'll see what I mean)
Originally posted by Tips
Tip: can someone tell me who mario is

Out of all the tips, why did I laugh at this one?
Originally posted by bebn legg
#55: 4 in the morning by TickTockClock

This is not an epic gamer moment. 😔

In all seriousness, what a fun contest. Loved playing with the palettes/gimmick of the level.
Fun fact: before submission, I realized the level design looked similar to something found in SMB3. Not surprising, considering I played through it the day before.

Congrats to everyone who participated, especially the top 4!
Waaay back in 2009, I wanted to play Platform Racing 2 over on Kongregate. At the time, all of my screen names were stuff that I picked out from my room, and this time was no different. What I did was take a good look at the wall next to me and said, "yeah, that works." I was (and still am!) theclock on PR2.

Up until recently, I've had names with a variation of "clock" in the name. I just thought the concept of time was really cool.

As for the image, parts of Windows is eye catching to me. The MSN butterfly is just an example of that. I don't change my profile pics very often, but I tend to promote something that I appreciate.

Edit: Great, now I had the urge to change my pic. Go figure :P
Considering that feathers have never appeared in their regular form in a mainline Mario game, Dinosaur Island has great potential in becoming a successful tourist venture.

Think about it: the only time we've seen anyone tour the island were the Mario brothers and Princess Peach. That was one hot air balloon. What if we expanded that offer to people outside the Mushroom Kingdom? Delfino Isle has people, right? Why not the Beanbean Kingdom? Aliens? The possibilities are endless!

So, this is my plan proposal:
Step 1: Bring people into the island via hot air balloons.
Step 2: Pop the balloons.
Step 3: Sell cape feathers like crazy.

We'll rack up more coins faster than NSMB2's total lifetime sales.

Oh, and about the tourists? I'm sure they'll get used to flying. It's not like it's impossible on your first try. . .
1) Granted. A Mario Paint-esque porting program is created. It becomes so popular, the music section gets flooded with meme & low-quality ports, crashing the site.
2) Granted. The Super Gooigi Bros. series of games takes off worldwide, dethroning Mario as the face of Nintendo.
3) Granted. SMWC is now explicitly a forum game site, and everything related to romhacking vanishes.

1. I wish we got the Mario World 1989 beta.
2. I wish some of Nintendo's less popular series got new games.
3. I wish forums were popular again.
You wish to travel the world.
^ Calculus...
< Always wanted to become an artist but life got in the way.
v Works on small, fun projects in their spare time.
Originally posted by FailSandwich
1. I wish we got the actual SMW beta ROM with the leaks.
2. I wish iTunes was still on newer versions of Mac OS.
3. I wish Apple didn't keep switching to different CPU architectures all the time.

1) Granted. The leaker encrypted the file, requesting Bitcoin for the password.
2) Granted. Due to licensing, HP iPod owners are given 5 more years of support.
3) Granted. Google creates the first 128-bit processor for PCs, taking over Apple as the leader in technology.

1. I wish the sun rose from the west to the east.
2. I wish the Wii Phone was real.
3. I wish that Bill Gates never left Microsoft.
Friendship ended with Gooey :)
Now emoticons are my best friends :​D ^​o​^ :​-P
Use a theme patching program and customize the heck out of the OS.
On second thought, I'll just keep the classic theme on.

Longhorn will forever be one of the most interesting developmental periods of Windows GUI-wise. So many different themes were implemented but never used: Plex, Jade, Slate. Personally, I really love Plex's bold but simple design, keeping with XP's user friendly approach to UX.

Aero was the result of Longhorn: a fresh UX for the then-modern era that shows how far we've come in personal computing technology (to have literal windows displayed on our desktops, for example). It was one of the last popular uses of skeuomorphic designs before minimalism took over the 2010s.

However, nothing will compare to the classic UI found on Windows 95/98. Sure, it's a bit clunky by today's standards (having so many menus and unnecessary options). However, it was easy to pick up and learn how to use a PC without much effort. Where do I want to go today? When do I start?
(plus the icons were just really cool ok)

Now v1.5! (Hopefully the final update.)
Feedback is always appreciated!

If you don't mind long levels, be my guest #smw{:peace:}

Coin Heaven on Earth
Here you go!
Illusive Dreams v1.5
Thank you both all for your messages #smw{:peace:}
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